The best clothing brands from the USA: from luxury to budget

Outdoor clothing, basic characteristics

* Review of the best according to the editorial staff of Zuzako. om. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Now sportswear is popular not only among athletes and those who like to squeeze a cell phone from the first comer, but also among ordinary citizens. After all, such outfits look fashionable under any circumstances. Especially if it is an original product, and not an "abibas" bought in the market from "Uncle Vasya". The Zuzako editors present a ranking of the best brands of sportswear and footwear for men and women for 2020.

Which one would you prefer?

This company entered the market in 1964, and at that time it was engaged in the import of inexpensive clothing from Japan to America. The firm gave the poor people in the United States the opportunity to wear quality shoes. In the early 70s, Nike opened the production of its own clothing line and received this very logo in the form of a tick, which, by the way, symbolizes the goddess of victory, Nika. Now this company is the most popular, it has captured more than half of the sportswear market and not only. The company is engaged in the production of quality footwear and various sports accessories. Nike has partnered with many outstanding athletes. They have a whole list of Michael Jordan sneaker models.

  • The start-up capital of the firm was only $ 1200.
  • The original brand name was Blue Ribbon Sports
  • The sole of Nike's first pair of sneakers was made with a waffle iron design.
  • The logo designer received only $ 35 for the job.
  • Michael Jordan will receive a portion of Nike's income for the rest of his life.


This well-known company dates back to the early 19th century. She became the first to enter the production of sports shoes. Its founder was Adolf Dessler. His grandchildren inherited the firm and split it into two separate factories. One was named Puma and the other was named Adidas. At the moment, Adidas is in second place in the production of sportswear after Nike. The brand produces clothes and shoes for different segments of the population: there are models for both the poor and the rich. Now more than 300 factories of this company operate, and only 2 of them are located in Europe. Brand stores are spread all over the world, there are more than 700 of them.

Interesting facts about Adidas:

  • The founder of the company dreamed of becoming a baker.
  • Initially the company had the name “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory”.
  • The brothers quarreled so much after the separation of the company that they asked to be buried in different cemeteries.
  • After the war, the manufacturer paid workers with firewood.
  • Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin entered the field wearing Adidas shoes.

As mentioned above, Puma was born out of a quarrel between the Dassler brothers, who split Gebrüder Dassle into two separate ones. But it was thanks to constant rivalry that they achieved such colossal success. All things from the Puma are very high quality and have a unique design that sets it apart from competitors. The factory produces equipment for racers, football players, tennis players and sailors. There are also many models for non-sports people. Suits from Puma are very comfortable and look really stylish. There are models for both men and women.

  • The famous sprinter Linford Christie used lenses with the Puma logo in the competition.
  • Puma produces fireproof clothing for BMW William.
  • The company is the official supplier of footwear for the great racer Michael Schumacher.
  • The fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt, wears Puma shoes.
  • The company's products are used in more than 120 countries around the world.


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Hiking and outdoor clothing is a special type of equipment. It differs from everyday clothing in convenience, reliable protection from the weather, and durability. Also, it should be impervious to water, not blown through, warm and at the same time light, it should not hinder movement.

Specialized factories using advanced technologies have put on stream the sewing of men's and women's clothing for hiking and outdoor activities.

Instead of outdated heavy canvas fabrics, modern breathable fabrics are used, so it is comfortable and light in it, it does not hinder movement. It is also able to reliably protect against insect bites, heat, rain, cold and wind. Professional workwear is safe and very carefully thought out.

T-shirts and T-shirts designed for outdoor activities and are used for exercising in the gym and on the street, therefore, in the manufacture of these products, a special cooling fabric is used that is capable of removing moisture well, tightly fitting the body and not restricting movement.

Sleeveless jackets and vests are widely used for outdoor activities in cool weather, the purpose of which is to protect a person from the wind. They are manufactured in a way that does not create a greenhouse effect and do an excellent job of regulating heat transfer.

They are sewn with breathable polyester with mesh inserts on the back for ventilation. Reflective stripes are sewn on them for safe movement in the dark.

Features of special clothing for different latitudes

A person can only enjoy active rest when he feels comfortable and comfortable. After you decide on the place of rest, carefully think over your equipment, according to the weather conditions of the area chosen for the rest.

  • For subtropical latitudes, be sure to stock up on clothing with long sleeves and trousers, because in these latitudes there are many all kinds of blood-sucking insects. A raincoat in the subtropics will also be useful - this is a very frequent occurrence.
  • Resting in the steppe and desert regions also requires a careful approach to the choice of clothing. In these places, the sun is especially annoying, so a headdress is needed that can cover the face and neck. A wide-brimmed, blown-out hat is best. Sunglasses with dark lenses are also indispensable. Clothes must be long and comfortable. Do not forget that in the deserts and steppes there are very cold nights, so you need to stock up on a set of warm underwear and be sure to take a waterproof jacket.
  • For any region, clothes for tourism should be chosen with an abundance of pockets, in which all the necessary little things will be very conveniently located. A jacket with a detachable lining will help you out during your holidays and can be used for everyday wear. The hood will protect against sudden gusts of wind.

Footwear requirements

Especially carefully and scrupulously you need to choose footwear for outdoor activities. The comfort and protection of your feet is the most important prerequisite for the success of outdoor activities, because if you wet your feet or rub a corn, you are guaranteed to ruin your holiday.

Be sure to pay attention to the material used for sewing the shoes you like - for the summer, leather shoes will be an excellent solution, for the autumn-spring period - a rubberized top, and for the cold season, warm synthetics with a membrane are ideal.

American clothing brands are successful in Europe, but only a few of them made it to Russia. We will tell you which stores are really worth paying attention to. We will also list American firms whose products are not available in Russia. It doesn't matter where you go: to the USA, Europe or even Latin America. The products of these popular manufacturers will be easy to find in large shopping centers in Western countries. We have collected all the most interesting in one place so that a list of the best American clothing brands is at hand in case of active shopping.

Premium class

American "luxury" clothing in the United States is much cheaper than in Russia. So, for example, in outlets or on sales days, a jumper from Donna Karan or CK is quite realistic to find for 3-4 thousand rubles. It is difficult to imagine such prices in Russian stores. Another vivid example is accessories from Tiffany & Co or Ray Ban glasses: prices in Russia and the USA differ by 1.5-2 times.

Boutiques of the most famous American designers, which are worth visiting in the States, at least for the sake of profit:

  • Michael Kors;
  • Ralph Lauren;
  • Alexander Wang;
  • Calvin Klein;
  • DKNY;
  • Marc Jacobs;
  • Thom Browne.

Top 5 brands that are not very common in Russia, but highly valued in America and the West in general:

  • Fabiana Filippi. There are boutiques of the "luxury" American brand in Russia only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Schott NYC. One of the favorite brands of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
  • Brooks Brothers. One of the oldest brands of menswear in the United States.
  • Gitman Bros. Timeless classics: a garment factory producing men's shirts and ties.
  • Derek Lam. Popular in the United States and Europe, an American women's clothing company that has conquered fashion catwalks. Simple lines, clear cut, calm colors - classics in a beautiful design.

Mid-price and budget clothing

Clothing of some American brands in Russia belongs to the "luxury" or at least to the segment above the average. However, it is considered affordable in the US. A striking example is Guess, GAP, Banana Republic, Esprit - some of the favorite brands of American youth. The same can be said about the famous Herschel backpacks: in the US, they are sold for half the price. All of these things in the States belong to the middle market.

In Moscow, in the Afimall shopping and entertainment center, several stores of famous American manufacturers have already opened, which are not found in other shopping centers in Russia. Among them, for example, Forever 21.

Brands from the USA that are not available in shopping centers in Russia:

  • Urban Outfitters. Youth clothing that embodies true American style. Inexpensive, bright, non-standard - adolescents and "rebels" should pay attention.
  • Free People. Bohemian-inspired clothing that is especially loved by the youngsters of New York.
  • Ann Taylor. Mid-price segment, most of the collections are clothes for business women.
  • Athleta. Women's clothing brand owned by GAP. I like very much modern American women leading an active lifestyle.
  • American Apparel. One of the most popular natural fabric clothing manufacturers in the USA: trousers, T-shirts, shirts, even vintage items. The prices are pleasant.
  • Walmart. First of all, of course, Walmart is associated with a hypermarket chain. However, the company has its own clothing line that ordinary Americans are very fond of. Yes, not trendy, but cheap, and therefore very popular.
  • Aeropostale. Inexpensive quality casual clothing.
  • New York & Company. Stylish women's clothing: from casual and office to sports and evening wear.
  • Ed Hardy. Slightly bully, very stylish clothes from the legendary tattoo artist that captivated the American youth (and Britney Spears).
  • Ecko Unltd. A prominent representative of American street fashion. Produces clothes for men and women.

Sporting goods stores offer consumers a wide variety of sports and outdoor clothing, gear, exercise equipment and fitness equipment. Whether you need gear for your soccer team or your tents, sleeping bags and backpacks for a hike, online sporting goods stores let you shop for popular brands all in one place.

High-quality sports accessories or equipment are usually inexpensive, so it is advisable to read user reviews, ensure the return policy, check the promotions and discounts available in the online store. Sales of sporting goods in retail stores in 5 years grew by 40%, and on the Internet by 160%.

This means less traffic to sporting goods stores, especially when people start to choose popular online stores. Sportswear companies are also investing in their online presence. For example, Nike has the Nike + mobile app, while Under Armor has an app that recommends sports products based on data gathered from connected fitness apps.


Reebok is an American company that produces quality sportswear under its own brand. Their online store has modern models for both genders, as well as fitness lines, clothing (hats, socks, backpacks) and sneakers from the Outlet section. Your workouts with Reebok apparel will be much more productive and longer.

Their goal is to offer cheap sportswear that matches streetwear that will appeal to the people around them. Women's models for crossfit, martial arts and dancing cost from 9,000 rubles. The catalog contains options that can only be found exclusively in the online store.

Each product has high quality images, a size chart (XS, S, M, L, XL), detailed descriptions and reviews from real consumers. You can find the right size for sportswear and shoes by knowing your foot length and height. Online seller Reebok was ranked 8th in the list of the best stores in Russia.


The adidas store website features sneakers for sports and everyday life. This is a good place to shop if you are looking for quality designer sportswear for women, including suits, t-shirts, shorts and weightlifting shoes for men, as well as the Nite Jogger, Ozweego ranges, yoga mats and fitness bags. Pre-order for new collections of sporting goods is open in the release calendar.

If you are looking for an opportunity to save money, there are thousands of Adidas branded items in Outlet with discounts up to 55%. There is a loyalty program in the online outfit store, when when you buy more than 30,000 rubles, you get an additional 20% discount. The order status can be tracked in your personal account after registration.

Advantages and disadvantages of popular brands.

Good afternoon, dear friends! Thermal underwear is not ordinary clothing. It has significant differences from the usual base layer. And the main ones are special materials and special weaving of fabric. If you are interested in the topic, then read how thermal underwear works and how to wear it correctly.

In practice, it often turns out that the undergarment does not live up to expectations. This happens when a simple undercoat is proudly called “thermal underwear”. In order not to get into such a situation, it is worth choosing a quality product. Today I have compiled for you a rating of the best thermal underwear brands that you can trust.

Here you will find brands that produce clothes for any purpose and for any budget: from premium to economy class. But as you know, there is no ideal, so we will try to find not only advantages, but also disadvantages of all participants.


A Swiss brand that has become one of the leaders in the production of functional clothing for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Such underwear is worn by famous athletes and members of the Olympic teams.

Many unique technologies are used: today the company has 788 registered patents. When developing, the company focuses on understanding biological processes and uses natural analogs. For example, the fur of fennec foxes, which reflects sunlight during the day and protects from the cold at night, inspired the creation of a metallized fiber with the same properties.

  • proprietary technology;
  • precise fit;
  • compression hosiery available;
  • bright futuristic design;
  • long service life.

  • very high price;
  • no children's costumes.


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