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Tourism in the Komi Republic


The composition of the student government council for the 2017-2018 academic year was re-elected. od. (meeting minutes here):

Chairman - Roman Sidorov Responsible for external relations - vacancy is open Media - Ivan Bely Responsible for sports. component part - Lyubov Pozdeeva Responsible for cultural events - Anastasia Belolipetskikh

Responsible for mat. Asti, access to the warehouse - Damir Damirovich Gazizov, equipment acceptance on Monday, delivery on Friday.

We also publish the UMC Work Plan for 2018. Please familiarize yourself and, if you have any suggestions, voice them.

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We hand over the names and passwords :) Links to tourist and near-tourist resources of the Komi Republic

We decided to make a list, and now publish it here. Tourist and near-tourist resources of the Komi Republic:

Syktyvkar, Turkclub at UIA "Youth Center of Syktyvkar" . om/club53121551

Syktyvkar, Mountaineering in the Urals, Mountain volunteers . om/club15201888

Tourism in the Komi Republic

Report on the foot-and-water trip ks, Altai Republic

Dates: from 24. 7. 2 to 10. 8. 2 Region: Gorny Altai Type of tourism: water Category of difficulty: 4 Detailed route: Rafting on the river. Koksa from the village of Tyuguryuk - rafting. Katun to the village of Tungur. Walking part: the village of Tungur - r. Akkem - lake. ... Akkemskoe. - the village of Tungur Rafting on the river. Katun from the village of Tungur to the village of Manzherok. Group composition: 6 people. Rafting facilities: catamarans (one cat-4 and one cat-2) Total length of the route: 442 km, of which the walking part is 46 km and the water part is 396 km Water level: r. oksa-average, r Katun - above average-high Total number of days: 24 days Number of days on the route: 17 days including: slipway - 1 day, rafting down the Koksa river and r. Katun to the village of Tungur - 2 days, walking part - 5 days (with one day). rafting on the Katun river from the village of Tungur to the village of Manzherok - 9 days (with two days) Photo and video materials: S. Nelinov, P. Anorov, V.A. Sobkevich, A. Avramova

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Report on the III ks water trip along the Okhta River

Type of tourism: water Trek category: third Trekking area: North Karelia Trekking time: from July 29, 2011. to August 16, 2011 Way of travel: rafting on catamarans Rafting facilities: 4-seater tourist catamaran, 2-seater tourist catamaran Duration of the trip: 11 days, of which active part 10, days 1 Water level: below average Number of participants: 5 Route line: yktyvkar - Art. Mikun-st. onosha1- - Belomorsk - b. Okhta (Lake Uyezero - Lake Leozero - Lake Lozero - Lake Ezhevo - Por. Ebozersky - Lake Oronie - Por.Icheporog - Por. Inegaine - Por.Ounaporog - Por.Emeg - Por.Kiviristi - Por.Echka - por.yuterin (drift) - por.khtaporog) - p. em - Poduzhemskaya hydroelectric power station - Kem - port Rabocheostrovsk - about. Tins - the port of Rabocheostrovsk - the city of Em - the city of Vologda1 - the city of Syktyvkar

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Hiking in the summer season: water hike of the IV category of difficulty

Water trip of the 4th category of complexity along the river. Oke (Eastern Sayan). Approximate dates: from August 1 to August 25, 2011. Leader: S. Nelinov. t. 551401, e-mail: nelsv @ mail. u

Mandatory requirements for participants:

The Komi Republic is a harsh northern region. A significant part of its territory is covered with taiga and swamps, and many corners can only be reached on foot or by helicopter. Often, it is the inaccessibility that makes the sights of the Komi Republic attractive, which will be discussed in our review.

Apartments for rent:

Yugyd Va National Park (Light Water)

Park Yugyd va, located in the southeast of Komi, was founded in 1994. It is the largest national park in Russia and occupies the territories of the Northern and Subpolar Urals. The name Yugyd va is translated from the Komi language as "light water". There is no economic activity in the park area, so here natural landscapes with a huge area of ​​virgin northern taiga have been preserved in their original form.

Conditions for recreation and tourism are created in the Yugyd VA National Park, but fishing and hunting are prohibited on its territory. You can visit the park as part of an excursion group or on your own after receiving permission from the administration. Travel agencies offer guided tours of the park, mountain trekking and ethnographic trips. Their program includes acquaintance with the life of reindeer herders, walking on the tundra and reindeer sledding.

Address: Yugyd va National Park, Komi Republic, Russia.

Virgin Komi forests

On the western slopes of the Northern and Subpolar Urals, there are virgin Komi forests - the largest untouched forest in Europe. The Pechora-Ilychsky nature reserve and the Yugyd va national park are located on this territory. In 1995, the unique virgin forests of Komi were the first of Russian sites to be included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List.

The protected area is a corner of wild nature, where an expressive canvas of relict tundra, the majestic northern taiga, the purest rivers and streams are woven into an intricate mosaic. The eco-system in these places functions practically without human intervention, preserving the pristine beauty of nature. Tourism is developed here and several hiking routes have been laid.

Address: Pechora-Ilychsky Nature Reserve, Komi Republic, Russia.

Manpupuner (Mansi dummies)

This amazing natural landmark of Komi is officially recognized as one of the seven wonders of Russia. The geological monument is located on the territory of the Pechora-Ilych nature reserve and consists of seven gigantic stone pillars from 30 to 42 meters high, towering on the Manpupuner plateau. Giant outliers, which are also called idols or Mansi blockheads, have been cult objects for the Mansi people for a long time.

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