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Where to go in October

October is mid-autumn. Someone thinks that this is not a suitable season for a vacation, but someone, on the contrary, loves this particular time and feels comfortable while traveling without heat and heat. This month is no exception in the calendar year, and many people have their annual and long-awaited vacation in October.

In modern realities dictated by this year, the question arises - where to spend your October vacation? It is difficult to fly to warm countries by the sea, and many do not even want to risk their own health, and it is already cold on the coasts in our country - it is hardly possible to enjoy a sea vacation 100%.

I have compiled a selection of places in Russia where it will be interesting to visit in the fall. they are great for spending your fall 2020 vacation. This list is my vision, or rather the places where I would love to go if my vacation was in October. I hope this information will be useful to someone.


Agree, a non-standard approach to choosing a place, not a trivial and familiar direction. But this region is really rich in interesting places and is ready to welcome tourists from all over the country.

It's still warm here in the middle of autumn, the weather is mild and comfortable. Of course, rain is not excluded, but most of the days are warm and sunny. The temperature is kept within the range of +8 - +18 degrees Celsius (this is in Maikop), but it is important to understand that the higher you go to the mountains, the colder the weather will be. High in the mountains, in the second half of October, snow and rain or the first snow may fall, but this does not spoil the impressions of the rest.

This region is rich in mineral springs, so here it is quite possible to combine relaxation with treatment or recovery. One of the most famous and popular local attractions is the Lago-Naki plateau, so beloved by supporters of mountain tourism. There are many different hiking trails and routes, trekking is developed, the “thirty” route, known since the "Union times", is very popular among tourists. It begins in Kamennomostsky and passes through the Lago-Naki plateau, going out at the Black Sea coast - near the village of Dagomys. passing along this route, tourists cross the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, which offers gorgeous views of nature and local attractions.

On the way there are numerous caves, dolmens, waterfalls and places with gorgeous panoramic views. It is also popular for outdoor activities such as horse riding, mountain climbing, quad biking, jeep tours, etc.

It is safe to say that Yalta is one of the warmest resorts in Russia. after all, even in the first half of October it is quite warm and comfortable here, although in the second half of the month the weather can worsen significantly - it will rain, it will become damp and cool.

Nevertheless, in Yalta in October a special and unique atmosphere reigns in its own way. and if for swimming the sea may already seem cool to someone (the water warms up to + 17 + 18 degrees on average), then other recreation options are still relevant. The city has many interesting objects and attractions, not to mention the fact that you can go on excursions to other cities and villages of the peninsula.

Do you know where to spend your 2020 vacation in October without leaving the country?

October is one of the most beautiful months in almost any country. Trips to the mountains are especially picturesque: the sky acquires some amazing deep shade, and the forests are covered with variegated red and yellow foliage.

Countries open to Russian tourists in October

To keep track of all changes with the opening and closing of borders, regularly update the page "Open Countries: Tourism and Entry Rules during the COVID-19 Coronavirus".

Vienna Weekend October

If autumn is already in full swing in central Russia in October - it can be cold, dirty and damp, then in Austria and its capital you will most likely find a real and truly wonderful golden autumn. It is at this time that it is especially pleasant to be in Vienna - a city of museums, palaces, parks, classical music and excellent winemaking.

Escaping to stunning Vienna for a weekend with family, friends and even alone is a great gift for everyone who embarks on this journey! This fall there is a special rate: "2 nights in a 4 * hotel in Vienna for 4033 rubles per person." The Vienna Card will also help you save on vacation. We'll tell you what to do in Vienna in October.

Beach Resorts

October is perfect for a beach holiday in warm countries, a trip to which will help prolong the summer mood. Fans of a beach holiday, as well as a combination of hot sun and pleasant sea, should consider a trip to Egypt, where in October the air warms up to + 30 ° C, and the water - up to + 26 ° C. Good weather during this period is guaranteed - and will not bring unexpected surprises. Egypt in October is a great vacation spot for parents with children, as the temperature of the water and air is ideal for bathing babies.

In the UAE, October is considered the best month for rest, when the air warms up to + 35 ° C. When choosing the UAE as a holiday destination, it should be borne in mind that the holy month of Ramadan usually falls in October. During this period, all sorts of festivities and celebrations, musical and entertainment performances are canceled, alcohol is removed from some restaurants and bars, a shorter working day is introduced, and some other social restrictions are established. However, the restrictions do not apply to the hotel room. Dubai is the most democratic resort in the UAE, and many restrictions do not apply to the tourist area.

Nice warm weather remains in Tunisia in October; air warms up to + 30 ° C, and water - up to + 24-26 ° C. However, the weather can prepare surprises in the form of local short-term rains or even gloomy days. Therefore, when traveling to Tunisia, it is worth taking care of warm clothes in case of unexpected rain. As for the country's resorts, nightlife lovers should go to Sousse, a large city on the Mediterranean coast. There are discos and casinos here, the city is famous for its comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches. For a lively social life, Hammamet is also suitable - the most visited resort in Tunisia, where, in addition to entertainment, tourists will find thalassotherapy centers and comfortable beaches. For a quiet, relaxing holiday, it is worth recommending Monastir and Mahdia with quiet streets, many cozy bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. Film fans will be interested in that every odd year in October, Tunisia hosts the Carthage International Film Festival (festival of films from the Middle East and African countries).

October - mid autumn. Someone thinks that this is not a suitable season for a vacation, but someone, on the contrary, loves this particular time and feels comfortable while traveling without heat and heat. This month is no exception in the calendar year, and many people have their annual and long-awaited vacation in October. In modern realities dictated by this year, the question arises - where is

October is already quite cold and you often want to extend summer days. Going to the sea in October will be the right decision for an autumn vacation.

You can spend a couple of days under the warm sun both abroad and in Russia. When choosing a place to stay, keep in mind that some countries require visas.

This is additional time for paperwork and money to pay consular fees. Already now you need to decide where you will spend your time.

You also need to buy plane tickets in advance. This gives a guarantee that they will definitely be. In addition, pre-purchase will save you a couple of hundred dollars or euros.

Where can you go to the seaside in October, and what budget is it worth? First, decide whether you will fly to a country with a visa-free or visa regime? Are you going to rest abroad or spend your vacation in Russia?

October holidays at sea where to go

Having decided on this, it will be easier to choose a place to stay. What are the options?

Holidays in visa-free countries for Russians

Traveling to visa-free countries is attractive because you can find a hot tour. Such vouchers are very cheap and it is quite possible to fly on vacation for 15 thousand rubles, including food and travel. There is no need to bother with paperwork, and it is really possible to collect things for rest in a day.

Consider the following visa-free travel destinations and get to the sea pretty quickly.


You do not need a visa to travel to Tunisia. An African country will greet you with a bright sun, warm Mediterranean Sea and informal communication. Here is a different mentality, different religion and traditions. In Russia, you will not see even half of what the locals live in.

In the dock era, this place had a cool selection of countries where you can have a cool vacation in October. However, the uncertainty with closed borders and the timing of their opening, quarantines, vaccines, tests have made their significant adjustments.

We rewrote everything anew, taking into account the current situation. The article will be adjusted depending on how direct flights are resumed and quarantine restrictions are lifted. We will tell you about all the countries where you can book tickets and tours right now, as well as how to get there if there are no direct flights.

Where to go by sea in October


Yes, this is the only direction with a warm sea in October, where you can easily get from Russia - there are direct regular flights and charters to Turkey.

October in Turkish resorts is the velvet season. Last year, in October, the average air temperature in Antalya was +26, water +24, only 3 rainy days for the whole month. No sweltering heat, cool, refreshing breeze in the evening. There are much fewer people.

Hello everyone! I would like to tell you briefly about my vacation in Belek. Our rest fell on the first half of October. The agency advised us to Belek, and we immediately took the vouchers. The month of October at this resort, as it turned out, is the velvet season. During our entire vacation there was not a single rain, and the weather was pleasing throughout the entire time, but, of course, there was no such heat as in the middle of summer. It even played to our advantage. It was so nice to walk in the Kaprulu Canyon coniferous park without sweating from the heat. I played golf for the first time in my life, to be honest, I still don't understand this activity. The beach of the resort is clean, the water in the sea is pleasant. The hotel is good, the service is excellent, almost all the staff speaks Russian. Animation lit every evening, well done guys! They returned home charged with energy for the whole year, - from the reviews of tourists.

We went to Kemer in October with my family. We like to relax, if possible, in the velvet season. Kemer in October is perfect for the climate. It was a pleasure to spend time on the beach, the water in the sea was still very warm, and the sun was warming with gentle rays. But in the evening it was cool, and we stocked up with warm sweaters in advance. Another plus is that there were already few tourists at the resort, and we managed to spend our vacation in a calm, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It rained only once, mostly sunny weather.

Where else to relax in Turkey:

  • Bodrum is the most elite resort on the Aegean coast. Stunning nature - Pamukkale thermal springs just 3 hours away, ancient attractions, magnificent sea.
  • Dalaman is very well located: there is an airport nearby and in addition, you can go to other resorts yourself - Fethiye, Oludeniz, Marmaris.
  • Antalya is a large resort, hotels mainly within the city. The cost of vouchers is lower than in Marmaris, Fethiye and Bodrum.
  • Alanya is the most popular resort among Russians this year. The reason is the lowest prices for accommodation.

Recommends ...

In the middle of autumn, you want to spend as much time as possible at home, under a warm blanket. But there is also an alternative - to go on a beach vacation. If your vacation is in October 2021, don't despair - just check out the list of countries below to have a great time. Below we will talk about the climate in a particular country and possible entertainment.

Where can I find tours?

The tourist season is slowly coming to an end in September. But even in October, many resort countries are happy to welcome tourists. The sea is warm, the weather is great. The prices are much lower. So if you want to have a good rest on the beach, saving your budget - the middle of the month is the right time.

I recommend looking for profitable tours on aggregator sites. It is as convenient as possible. Since the service automatically selects the best deals from different travel operators and gives out the best deals. I use:

Working with them is as simple as possible - enter the dates you need. Set the required parameters in the filters. Compare prices and choose the right offer.

the best places to stay in October by the sea

Below I have compiled a list of countries where you can enjoy a beach holiday in the middle of autumn. The choice of resorts is large enough. Each of them is attractive in its own way.


Holidays in Turkey in October will appeal to everyone who is going to have a great rest on the beach. At the same time saving the budget. Tours to the country in mid-autumn are relatively inexpensive. Prices are falling due to a decrease in the number of tourists. The weather is excellent. But don't go to the Aegean Sea. It is not suitable for swimming in October. At the same time, Alania, Antalya, Side, Belek and Kemer remain popular.

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