Sports tourism in Poland; why is it so interesting

Tourism development in Poland; and here's the most interesting thing

Experienced tourists who have visited this beautiful country appreciate it for its warm hospitality. Holidays in Poland are many different routes of the country.

In the northern part of the country there are beach and health resorts, in the south there are ski resorts. Of course, Polish ski resorts do not have huge heights or difficult slopes, but they can boast of a very developed infrastructure and interesting entertainment for children and adults, as well as quality service and delicious cuisine. Ski resorts: Zakopane, Szczyrk, Szklarska Poręba and others are always open for tourists.

The Polish Baltic coast is nestled among tall, fluffy pines, sand dunes and close proximity to attractions. Local beaches: Debki, Nechozhe, Sopot, Kolobrzeg, Krynica Morska, Hel, Ustka, Leba and others, offer interesting and comfortable rest, hotels with comfortable rooms, swimming pools, bike trails and all sorts of entertainment. The health resorts boast modern medical equipment, salt baths, healing mud and mineral waters. The course of treatment and nutrition are selected individually by the best specialists. The most popular resorts: Augustow, Dlugopole-Zdroj, Busko-Zdroj, Inowroclaw, Kostancin, Krynica, Muszyna and others invite you to relax and heal.

The most expensive accommodation in Krakow and Warsaw, but even here they can make a discount and in a 2 * hotel you can have excellent service and free breakfast. Apartments are open even in some medieval castles, but this is for the most discerning guests. For those who only need to spend the night another night, hostels with a bed are open.

What to see and visit in Poland? If you are with children, the Wroclaw and Krakow water parks, the Wroclaw Zoo, the water center, Marienburg Castle, the Tatra Mountains, Wilanow Palace, Wroclaw Cathedral, Zakopane, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Lazienki Park and many other attractions invite guests to visit.

Poles respect their customs and holidays very much, the most important holidays of the Poles: Christmas, New Year, Andrzejki, God's body, St. Nicholas Day, Easter, green holidays, the holiday of the Three Kings, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, happy holidays they celebrate cheerfully and hospitably; they visit churches.

The national Polish cuisine is quite tasty, satisfying and high in calories, its peculiarity is meat dishes that are prepared in a special way: sausages, bigos, holombki, meat pie, carrot, duck with apples, chernin - goose blood soup. Other dishes: baked salmon, trout in cognac, carp in jelly with raisins, dumplings, buckwheat. Desserts: makovets, donuts, charlotte, cheesecake. Poles love strong drinks, the most famous vodka "Zubrovka", with a stem of grass Zubrovka in a bottle also respect beer and fruit and berry liqueurs. Poles are hospitable and welcoming people. Welcome to Poland!

Active tourism and recreation in Poland

In recent years, interest in conventional excursion programs, beach vacations and other types of passive leisure activities has somewhat subsided. They were replaced by sports tourism.

And if a few years ago it was organized completely independently, regardless of the direction and location of the vacation, today it is quite enough for an athlete to simply choose an interesting geographic location suitable for his type of activity and go there.

What are the features of such a vacation, and what you need to know about such a pastime for those who are going to conduct their first sports tour in Poland, you need to consider in as much detail as possible.

What is sports tourism

Sports tourism is the most active, often even extreme type of travel. Often it is associated with overcoming the natural landscape with the use of various equipment and without it. Currently, this is one of the broadest categories, uniting more than a hundred types of recreation. There are two types of sports tourism:

  • Active, implies direct engagement in any kind of sport;
  • Passive, limited only by interest in sports, observation.

Sports tourism is a traditional type of recreation. Recently, due to the appearance in it of a number of new directions, interest in such pastime has increased significantly. Today, vacationers of all fear choose for themselves the following types of such a vacation:

  • Hunting and fishing. Traditional form of recreation in many countries. This type, in contrast to other areas of sports tourism, provides for a special license for such activities. Safari is one of the most popular forms of this sport in recent years.
  • Water sports. This category covers dozens of different activities, including yachting, windsurfing, surfing, SUP, diving, jet skiing and many more. Almost all types in this direction require the use of expensive equipment, and often long training before the first independent rest.
  • Hiking. Provides for overcoming a certain route over rough terrain. Designed for people of various backgrounds.
  • Cycling and motorcycle tourism. It also provides a choice of routes of various difficulty levels. Usually, this type of trismus is dealt with in groups, less often - along an individual route.

Also, the category of sports tourism includes many types of extreme tourism, in particular, mountaineering, rock climbing, various kayaking on rivers and much more. The list of these types of activities is constantly updated, because, in fact, every sport can form the basis of such a pastime.

Sports tourism, contrary to popular belief, is available not only for athletes, but also for amateurs and beginners. The latter are advised, however, not to do it on their own, but to contact special bases that organize this type of recreation. Here they will be provided with everything they need, in particular, the help of instructors, equipment, and the necessary provisions.

There are even a number of organizations in each country that provide complete preparation of tourists for such a vacation. They also guarantee the person the necessary medical care and can provide accommodation for travelers.

»Active tourism and recreation in Poland | Description of extreme kinds of sports.

If you are tired of the standard beach holidays, as well as excursions, albeit in the most beautiful cities, you should try water tourism for yourself. This is a kind of extreme, and today it is developing in almost all countries. There are up to a dozen types of water tourism, providing for the use of various equipment during rafting.

Let's take a closer look at it so that you can find the best analogue for your next vacation.

Water tourism in Poland - general information

Poland does not have a personal outlet to the sea, therefore water tourism is developing here on numerous rivers.

In most cases, this is organized by special schools that provide visitors with the necessary equipment, conduct training for people, and also select groups to go on the route. In part, they are also responsible for the lives of vacationers.

Tours to such locations are organized in Poland directly during the warm season, that is, from mid-April to November.

Almost everyone, including foreign tourists, has the opportunity to take part in such programs. They also have the option of bringing in inventory for one person inexpensively.

Water tourism in such a country is organized in many places. In particular, you can do it both on remote rivers and lakes, and near the crowded Zakopane and even Krakow, where a special canal for rafting is organized.

The entry of travelers who are interested in water tourism in the territory of the Republic of Poland is carried out on a standard tourist visa. The only thing that you need to pay attention to is the registration of insurance. It must take into account the risks involved in extreme sports.

If you cannot provide one, you may even be denied entry.

River Rafting

This water tourism involves overcoming routes using a rowing or sailing vessel. As a rule, for this they choose rivers with the most difficult landscape, often with rapids.

Tourism in Poland immediately after 1990 has received unprecedented development in previous periods. Since then, travel to this particular country has been characterized as the most interesting, comfortable, well-provided. Is this really so, and what prospects the tourism of this country will have in the very next few years, we will try to understand this material.

The main stages of tourism development in Poland

Poland has gone through several stages in the development of the tourism industry. In particular, they can be roughly divided into the following:

  • The first - from the early 90s to the middle of the decade. It is characterized by poor infrastructure development, development and evaluation of the first experience for the regions in receiving guests from other countries. In the same period, the country is busy studying other people's experience and looking for ways to implement it already on its own territory.
  • The second is, respectively, the second half of the 90s. in this period, the initial modernization of farms and complexes is being carried out, the development of the first routes is being completed, and the optimization of the existing infrastructure is being completed. Services are being modernized in almost all areas. Individual farms are beginning to unite into unions, the development of tourism is accelerating.
  • Third - early 2000s. This period was marked by the launch of such an important project for Poland as the Polish Tourism Organization. The division of tourism spheres is coming to an end. In addition, it is in this period that strict control over the quality of the services provided is established. At this time, Poland is among the countries most interesting from a tourist point of view for both visitors from the European Union and CIS travelers.
  • The fourth is our days. The most important position of this particular period is the launch of a program of development strategies for individual territories. The quality of the services provided is rapidly improving, and many new farms appear, aimed at tourism. The final formation of the tourism industry is taking place as the leading one for a huge number of separate regions.

Having gone through just such a development, Poland itself was able in a short time to turn from a beginner in the tourism field into one of the leading countries that actually have no competition in the center of Europe.

Of course, the process of its formation has not yet been fully completed, but its main stages have been passed. It is thanks to them that today the state takes first places in all kinds of ratings for travelers.

Factors of tourism development in Poland

The current state of the tourism industry in Poland, which will continue in 2018 and next year, has led to several factors. Among them it should be noted:

  • Physical and geographical. The development of tourism, especially in the early years, was inextricably linked with the unique, largely healing mountain climate of local mountains, as well as lakes in the north of the country. It was these factors that provoked the development of medical, environmental, extreme tourism - the leading industries in this country to this day.
  • Economic and geographical. Here Poland played into the hands of its location in the very center of Europe.
  • Socio-economic. It was the rapid change in the country's economic life that made it possible to ensure the development of entire areas of tourism, as well as to attract here a whole class of travelers who could not have chosen the more expensive countries of the European Union. Until 2018, many tourists choose Poland precisely for this indicator. The good development of the country's infrastructure, which made it primarily convenient for visitors, turned out to be many important factors of this type.
  • Historical and cultural. Many cities in Poland have preserved not only their original architecture and other cultural values, but also their special spirit. In each of them, the historical center has remained practically untouched. In addition, ethnic festivals are often held in the country, which always remain open to almost all tourists.
  • Geopolitical. Despite the fact that recent years have become a real test for Europe, Poland has largely managed to remain one of the most stable countries. Thanks to this, she managed to maintain the flow of tourists, with which, for example, Greece, Germany and some other states could not cope.

Also, the development of tourism here has provoked the country's internal need for this particular industry. This is how the villages rose here and quickly adopted rural tourism as a new direction. And there are many such examples.

In recent years, Poland has become one of the most popular countries for both CIS tourists and holidaymakers from Western Europe. And this is not surprising, because the range of services in this area here can satisfy any visitor. In this article, we will consider what tours to Poland are available to travelers today, and how to choose a trip that suits them according to all criteria.

About tourism in Poland

In Poland, due to its favorable economic and geographical location, tourism has become one of the most developed spheres of the economy. Today, all of its popular destinations are represented here, most of the complexes operate year-round, guaranteeing customers a warm welcome and European-level service.

Tours to Poland - general information

Tours to Poland within the framework of various holiday destinations are usually short and last from 3 to 7 days. These are mainly organized bus trips, which may include visits to one or more large cities, or thematic excursions, holiday tours (for example, timed to coincide with Christmas).

As a rule, tours to Poland are organized on a turnkey basis, providing not only an entertainment program for visitors, but also accommodation, less often food. The organization of such trips is undertaken by both tour operators and small groups of travelers who organize the trip on their own.

Tour types

Currently, both specialized companies and the tourists themselves organize various tours to Poland. Among them are the most popular such tours:

  • Sightseeing tours. They can be dedicated to both the beautiful castles of this country and the sights of large old cities - Krakow, Warsaw, Lublin, Wroclaw.
  • Pilgrimage tours.
  • Extreme tours to Poland, including kayaking, skydiving and other similar entertainment.
  • Adventure tours in Poland.
  • Wellness trips to sanatoriums and local health resorts.
  • Eco-tours or country holidays to large agricultural centers of the country.
  • Sports trips both to special camps and as part of unauthorized tours for the purpose of hiking in the territory of natural complexes or skiing.

Travelers also have the opportunity to buy tours to Poland for weekends or holidays, or find trips dedicated to local festivals for themselves. Such tours to Poland can be purchased as group tours (as a rule, such tours already have a pre-developed route and program of stay), and individual ones, which the staff of your agency can easily adapt to your wishes.

Most Popular Tour Destinations

In addition to Warsaw, as well as Krakow, where fans of various excursion programs go first of all, there are several resorts in Poland that are popular both among experienced travelers and among local residents. These are Kolobrzeg with its beautiful sandy beaches and developed infrastructure, Cieszyn County with a large number of historical monuments, Zakopane and nearby bases, which are today the core of extreme tourism in Poland itself.

Also, high-quality tourism in Poland can be provided to you in the Novosondetsky district, where most of the healing springs, sanatoriums, as well as mountain trails, loved by extreme tourists, are located. Another very popular destination is the south of Poland, namely Lower Silesia. Here, excellent tours for themselves can be organized by fans of hiking, as well as adherents of a popular destination in recent years - eco-tourism in Poland.

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