Sports tourism

Sports tourism

Lovers of hiking and outdoor activities in general do not even always know that they are engaged in one of the most interesting sports, called sports tourism, what it is, what kinds of sports we are now and will consider.

What kind of sport

For a better understanding of what kind of sport tourism is, it is worth looking into the electronic resource Wikipedia.

It says here that:

sports tourism means a whole range of events that take place along specially designed routes.

Moreover, the routes themselves have their own category of difficulty and are intended from beginners to high-level professionals.

Accordingly, athletes who managed to overcome certain obstacles receive the corresponding sports categories.

Features of sports tourism

It should be said that there are no singles in sports. So sports tourism for the most part is a collective or team sport. He teaches to work in a team, while he will develop a sense of mutual assistance and mutual assistance. Like any sport, tourism is primarily a strict discipline. Experienced sports tourists are sure to share their knowledge and experience with beginners. Which is very important for all beginners and for children.

Another feature of sports tourism is the relatively cheap equipment, which makes it particularly attractive. Depending on the type of equipment chosen, the cost of equipment will be different.

What is sports tourism? What kind of sport

What is sports tourism?

The peculiarity of sports tourism lies in the fact that all classes or trainings take place in the natural environment. This, for example, meditating on the seashore or conquering mountain peaks, swimming in the seas of the Mediterranean or rafting down the river in Indonesia. The direction is actively developing. Since 1949, it has been included in the Unified All-Union Classification, and a little later - in the All-Russian Register. sports.

Individuals involved in sports tourism find themselves in an atmosphere that charges them for improvement and achievement of results. ProTrip offers its citizens dozens of tours in various directions. Since 2008, we have improved the lives of thousands of people. Let's tell you a little more about what sports tourism is.

Types of tours

Sports tourism is classified according to several criteria:

  • range of services provided (planned/individually selected set);
  • place of travel;
  • duration of stay;
  • age of tourists;
  • season.

In terms of the range of services provided, sports tours can be individual and group. The first group includes a pre-designed complex for a specific social class or type of recreation. There are no changes to the composition of the trip. An individual tour assumes the availability of services included in the package at the request of the traveler. A feature of personal travel is the ability to create a unique route and visit anywhere in the world.

According to the place of residence, tourism is divided into domestic and international. In the first case, trips take place within the country of residence, in the second - outside its borders in accordance with international treaties and customs.

The duration of stay is the time that a tourist spends on living in a place or country. So, travels are:

  • one-day (3 or more hours, no overnight stays);
  • overnight (1-3, 4-7, 8-15, 16-28 nights, etc.);
  • weekend trips (this includes business and holiday travel).

The age scale defines such groups of tourists as schoolchildren, children traveling with their parents (usually up to 12 years old), youth (15-24 years old), adults (25-55 years old), middle-aged people (up to 65 years) pensioners (over 65 years old). Some directions are developed taking into account the age and physiological characteristics of the human body.

According to the season, sports tourism is summer and winter. The active demand for services is called the “tourist season”, the recession is called the “off-season”. The tourist seasons are not the same in different regions.

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