Sports recreation

Sports tourism from Russia

As part of the study of the section "Sports recreation" you may be interested in the following materials:

Heading "Types of active recreation"

Which expands the worldview and introduces you to the following articles:

  • “Ilya DarWIN - Street Sports” - video, photo and audio motivation for doing street sports.
  • "Cyclist in winter: special care" - safety precautions for cycling in winter. Nuances that many amateurs do not know about.
  • Sandboarding - desert snowboarding becomes a reality! Conquering sand waves with sandboarding.
  • "Telemark - original and extreme" is an interesting kind of skiing that will attract many extreme sportsmen.
  • "Canyoning is an interesting outdoor activity" is an interesting sport that includes swimming, rock climbing and many other extreme components for outdoor activities.
  • "Climbing Technique" - we learn rock climbing, we delve into the subtleties of sports, we learn to climb the rocks safely.
  • "Climbing. Videos, photos, advantages ”- find out what rock climbing is with the help of colorful videos and photos.
  • Climbing for Beginners - Find out where to climb, what equipment to choose, and how to make climbing a safe pastime.
  • "Zorbing - a new kind of outdoor activities" - learn about a new, but already very popular form of outdoor activities in a large ball.
  • "Technical diving - serious recreation" - what is technical diving and how to do it correctly - this article will tell you.
  • "Paragliding is a rest that allows you to soar like a bird" - paragliding proves: a person can fly. You will learn about the alternative to skydiving in this article.
  • Learning to Skate - instructional instruction and skating video for beginners.
  • “Ice skating. Benefits for body and soul ”- the benefits of ice skating that you did not know about.
  • "Road jumping - a holiday for those who like to fly" - the history of road jumping. Features of road jumping that everyone should know about.
  • "Muscle recovery after training" - we talk about methods of muscle recovery after any physical training. Special treatments for muscle recovery.
  • "Climbing for kids" - is it worth teaching kids how to climb? Valuable advice for parents, we choose the most comfortable equipment.
  • "PBC. Active sober rest "- we learn to rest in body and mind without alcohol!

    Heading "Outdoor activities"

    In which you will learn how to combine travel to beautiful places with sports. We recommend the following articles:

    • "Extreme rest: security measures" - we talk about who is contraindicated for extreme rest, and what needs to be done in order not to lose your health on extreme entertainment.
    • “Where to surf? The Best Places ”- an overview of the best countries for surfers.
    • "Sports activities at sea" - an article for those who need physical activity even under the scorching sun. Find out how to relax on the sea in the "sport" style in this article.
    • "Rafting on the Chusovaya River" - an overview of rafting on the Chusovaya River, colorful photos, travel impressions.
    • "Rafting on mountain rivers (rafting)" - an overview of one of the types of sports recreation.
    • "Rafting on the rivers of Siberia" - an overview of places for rafting on the rivers of Siberia. Photos and recommendations for travelers.
    • “Rafting on the Ay river. An amazing and unforgettable trip ”- an overview of the trip along the Ay river. Prices and impressions of the rest.
    • "Rafting on the rivers of Bashkiria" - an overview of the rivers along which you can travel in Bashkiria.
    • "Rafting on the rivers of Karelia" - popular routes for water travel in Karelia.
    • "Rafting on the rivers of the Urals" - an overview of popular river routes in the Urals. Recommendations for tourists.
    • "Scuba diving opens the door to an amazing new world" - colorful photos of scuba diving, an overview of this type of sports recreation.
    • "Sports holidays in Thailand with children and the whole family" - a detailed video review of holidays in Thailand. Informative video for those who are going to spend a vacation in Thailand.
    • "How to celebrate the New Year in a fun and bright way?" - an alternative way to celebrate the new year without a hangover and extra pounds. Just try this! So you've never met the New Year!
    • Rafting on the River Kwai - we tell you about a trip along one of the most picturesque rivers in Thailand.
    • "Rafting on the river" - we talk about how to properly sail on a raft on the river. What obstacles travelers can expect, and what emotions should be counted on.
    • "Rafting on the Belaya River" - a story about rafting on a historical river. Photo of the Belaya River, a story about the impressions that travelers will get from rafting.

      Heading "Active rest and entertainment"

      In which we will talk about popular sports games. Check out the following materials:

      • “Hardball. Weapons, equipment and features of the game ”- a detailed review of an exciting game that has become especially popular in Russia.
      • "Sports game Laser tag" - a review of the best alternative to airsoft and paintball, which will interest even readers uninterested in such entertainment!
      • "Laser tag. Photo games ”- a photo game that is used to train soldiers by many states.
      • Paintball. Pictures on the theme of the game "- a large selection of colorful pictures that will interest paintball fans.
      • Indoor paintball. Features of such a game ”- recommendations for players who decide to play indoor paintball. Indoor game photo.
      • "Airsoft. Photo games ”- a large selection of photos that will interest not only beginners, but also experienced fans of airsoft.
      • "Airsoft in winter. Features and Recommendations ”- valuable advice for men and women who decide to play airsoft in winter.
      • "Children's paintball - educational and exciting recreation" - find out why children's paintball is better than computer games. How can paintball benefit our children?
      • “Laser paintball is an amazing experience. Photo, video ”- Photo and video of laser paintball, which will make many people fall in love with this game at first sight.
      • "Airsoft. What it is?" - one of the best game "war games" in Russia. The history of the emergence of airsoft, an overview of sports recreation.
      • "Hardball is serious" - we talk about a war simulator, which is the closest to reality. Do you want to feel the atmosphere of a real battle as close as possible? Then hardball is just for you.
      • "Laser tag. Videos and videos about the game ”- a popular war simulator. A new generation war game without any health risks.
      • "Laser tag for children" - can children play war games? What is the use of such games? We tell parents about the advantages and disadvantages of laser tag for children.
      • "Airsoft. Video and history of the game ”- one of the most popular military in the CIS. How and under what conditions did airsoft develop?
      • "Airsoft is a game gaining mass popularity" - a photo, video of airsoft, as well as a story about its features.
      • "Airsoft stalker. The original version of the game "- a story about airsoft options, which will significantly increase the reader's interest in this entertainment.
      • "Tactical paintball and its features" - a photo of paintball, a story about tactical paintball, as a separate type of military simulators.
      • "Paintball in winter" - it is believed that paintball can be played only in the warm season. But this is not the case! These photos and videos prove the value of winter paintball.
      • Paintball markers - what paintball markers are and where you can get them.

      Sports recreation is used to achieve two goals:

      • Improving health and getting positive emotions within the framework of active recreation.
      • Recovering from hard training.

      Sports recreation

      Tours to Maldives, Bili, Thailand, Portugal, Cyprus, Tunisia, India and Asia

      Sports tourism from Russia: sports tourism from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities

      The tendency to improve the quality of life in the modern world is naturally reflected in the attention to one's own health and beauty of the body. However, the rhythm of life in big cities often does not give oneself to the achievement of the result in full. We understand this in the best possible way and offer an alternative to the traditional free pastime - sports and recreation in the Maldives, Bili, Thailand, Portugal, Cyprus, Tunisia, India and Asia.

      Sports tourism - what is it

      To understand what this destination is, which is becoming more popular every year, you should evaluate your own lifestyle and traditional recreation, where the priority is bliss on sun loungers and swimming in the sea. There is nothing wrong with a trivial journey, but it is unlikely that it contributes to receiving new emotions and strength for productivity and quality of life. Tour operator Pro Trip (our official website for sports tourism ) has long noted this fact, therefore it offers to those who wish a new format of tourism - active and sports travel. For example:

      • Fitness, yoga, surfing or dance tours in the most beautiful corners of the planet. The result in an environment conducive to the desire to improve, in the company of like-minded people - will not keep you waiting long. Professional trainers will accurately calculate the necessary loads, rest and even nutrition. You will want to continue on your arrival home.
      • Author's tours. The program is thought out to the smallest detail and taking into account technical details. On such a trip, it is easy to lose weight (dancing, yoga), acquire the desired forms (fitness), learn new things (surf schools), learn more about the country and get a positive charge, especially necessary for a metropolitan resident.
      • Educational schools and camps for participants in special directions. This makes sense - the tourist is completely immersed in the atmosphere of his own interest in the destination. Communicates with like-minded people, has access to special zones for the same enthusiastic people. Individual lessons are conducted with him, which sharpens the skill, body and corresponding spirit. For example, such a result is possible in the case of choosing a tour to a surf camp. Year-round operation will allow you not to adjust your own schedule to profitable booking, but to come when you want.

      Our operators will select a tour for you at will. Combining a pleasant and active pastime with friends with benefits for your own health is the goal of our work for you.

      Sports and health tourism

      If you are pursuing the goal of not only becoming more enduring, gaining new knowledge and friends, but also improving your health with existing problems, you have come to the right place. You need sports tourism from Moscow and other cities of Russia. Our team is not only professional trainers of various directions, but also cooperation with well-known health resorts in the country and abroad. The professionalism of doctors, a new climate, acute impressions and emotions can work wonders! Call our operators, voice the problem, and we will solve it! If you have already chosen the desired tour, it is easy to leave an application - click on the offer, fill out the application form and our specialist will call you back in a few minutes to clarify the details of the upcoming trip. With him you will discuss all the points - from cost to items of the entertainment program. And you will also find out the necessary information about travel insurance and the rules of rest in a foreign country. All that remains is to pack your bags and anticipate unexplored impressions that will not let you go all your life!

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