Sochi, resort

The best places to stay in Sochi for tourists

Sochi is a very special resort, a place where endless sea blue, stone breakers of the Caucasus Mountains and hot subtropics meet, filling the coast with sun and the scent of Mediterranean flora. At 145 km from Tuapse to Abkhazia, the coast of Greater Sochi stretches along a series of pebble beaches, uniting the famous resorts of Loo, Lazarevskoye, Matsesta, Khosta and Adler. 40 km from the sun-drenched beaches, on the slopes of the Main Caucasian ridge, there is another Sochi resort - Krasnaya Polyana.

"Caucasian Riviera" and "Resort Capital of Russia" are just a few of the unofficial titles of Greater Sochi. The resort owes such love to the breathtaking natural landscapes, the gentle sea, the healing mineral springs of Matsesta and Chvizhepse gushing out from under the ground, and the unique appearance that has developed thanks to the original architecture framed by palm trees, plane trees and thuja. As befits the main resort of the country, Sochi hosts major cultural events, music festivals and pampers guests with a huge amount of entertainment.

Sochi is located in the southwestern part of the Krasnodar Territory, 1362 km from Moscow and 300 km from Krasnodar. The resort stretches for 145 along the Black Sea coast in a narrow strip, bounded on the one side by the slopes of the Main Caucasian ridge, and on the other - by sea waters.

The relief of Greater Sochi is a series of mountain spurs and terraces descending in tiers to the sea. Ridges and ridges are cut by river valleys, rocky gorges, gullies and ravines. As you move away from the sea, the lowland covered with Mediterranean flora is replaced by sloping ridges, and high mountains with snow-capped peaks, plateaus covered with meadow grasses, and glacial lakes. In the south of Sochi, 40 km from the coast, there are the peaks of the Main Caucasian ridge - the Aibga and Psekhako mountains, reaching heights of 2500-3000 m.

The coastline of Greater Sochi is relatively flat, practically not indented by bays, bays and capes protruding into the sea. Only in the Khosta region there is a small bay, bounded from the north by the rocky outcropping of Cape Vidny.

The flora of Greater Sochi is Mediterranean flora, Caucasian forests and relict trees. The streets of the resorts are decorated with palm, cypress, thuja and sycamore trees, rhododendrons and violets. The mountain slopes are covered with deciduous forests, in which oak and beech, hornbeam and chestnut grow. In Sochi, the remains of relict forests have survived - in the Khosta region there is a yew-boxwood grove, the territory of the resort covers a part of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.

The climate of Sochi is humid, subtropical. The weather conditions are strongly influenced by the relief of the resort. The ridge of the Caucasus Mountains protects the city and villages from cold air masses from the continent.

The resort has only three seasons: long, sunny and warm autumn, early and short spring, hot and long summer. The average temperature in Sochi in July is + 23.2 ° C, the average January temperature is + 6.1 ° C.

Average annual rainfall - 1700 mm per year. Most of them occur in the period from October to February.

The swimming season in Sochi lasts from late May to mid-October. The water temperature during this period ranges from + 17-25 ° C.

Sochi, resort

Sochi offers tourists a range of entertainment for every taste all year round, including extreme ones. In the city (districts of Adler, Dagomys, Khosta, Krasnaya Polyana), in the mountains and on the sea, there are many objects of adventure tourism. Those who wish can ride a racing sports car and armored personnel carrier, overcome mountain passes, ride amazing attractions, visit a high-mountain amusement park, fly in a hot air balloon, etc. Increased attention is paid to safety, subject to the rules, accidents are excluded.


The most modern track in Eastern Europe has been built at the Sochi Autodrome, which hosts the Royal Races and the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The long third turn is the longest in the Formula 1 stages. A negative slope roadway runs through the Olympic Park. Visitors can race around the track in a sports car (driven by a professional instructor) and visit the racing behind the scenes. Workshops are available in which visitors get behind the wheel of a selected car. There is a drift school, an auto photography school and a motorcycle school. The museum exhibits 50 racing and rare cars.

Solohaul Park

A tourist cluster with amazing nature offers travelers:

- tethered and free hot air balloon flights (with a certificate with altitude and range marks);

- walks along the mountain ranges in an APC-convertible;

- zipline over a gorge, forest and 1 km road (the longest in the Russian Federation);

- canopy tour (slow movement on ropes between equipped sites).

After active rest, you can soak up the hammock, swim in the Shakhe mountain river, sunbathe, visit the landscape park.

Rosa Khutor Wake Park

The multisport complex offers water and beach activities (from May to November): wakeboard (with curly jumps for beginners and professionals), wake foil, beach tennis and volleyball, frisbee, sup board. Equipment rental is available. Beginners will be put on the board by coaches. In cool weather, a wetsuit is provided, and a sauna is available.

Sky Park

Rest in Sochi from the National Tour Operator Alean. Special offers for booking hotels, inns, boarding houses and sanatoriums for treatment in sochi in 2020. Some of the best prices for vacation packages at sea.

Today, under conditions of quarantine and sanctions, the city of Sochi is becoming almost the only haven for the rest of Russians who love rest in the south of Russia. In the Russian Federation, the resort town of Sochi is an object of mass summer and winter tourism. There is also a category of Russians who think that vacation abroad is scary and expensive, but a trip to Sochi with accommodation in a comfortable hotel costs the price of a vacation in Spain or Italy.

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  • Top 50 places to visit in summer in Krasnaya Polyana

Preparing for the trip to Sochi

Did you know that Sochi is the second largest city in the world? In Sochi, you can drive 100 kilometers along the Black Sea coast through all areas of the city. The city of Sochi stretches from the Lazarevsky district to the Adlerovsky district, which is simply called Adler.

The people of Sochi call it the central region. The rest of the districts are called by their names. If you choose housing, then immediately specify which area you were offered.

Summer holidays in Sochi are not for everyone. The sea is not distinguished by a pleasant coastline or sandy beaches. Instead, pebbles, concrete fences and breakwaters can be seen along the coast. There are several pleasant beaches and that's it.

Important nuances about holidays in Sochi in the year

All over the world, the holiday summer season 2020 has turned out to be the season of domestic tourism. In Russia, the resort areas are the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory. Sochi has the largest number of tourists, because the service and the number of recreation areas in this Russian resort is the highest among other recreation areas in Russia.

The wild congestion of the beaches turns vacation into a struggle for a good place in the sun. A very successful format in such a situation will be a change in the situation in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana. We have written a useful article on what to do in the summer in Krasnaya Polyana.

In such a high season, prices in hotels and restaurants are definitely overpriced. Maybe you should wait for the decline in activity in the south, but for now, relax in nature near your city and not fight for a sacred piece of sand by the sea.

If the vacation fell on the winter months, then this is a great opportunity to visit the most unusual excursions in Sochi! To visit a resort city in January or February means without unnecessary fuss to see magnificent architectural objects and modern parks, enjoy the beauty of snow-capped mountains and blue sea, take the opportunity to combine measured rest with treatment. Only in Sochi you can get from the green subtropics to the Arctic atmosphere of Krasnaya Polyana in 40 minutes!

Book your vacation in advance! This is a guarantee of low prices and availability of recreation.

Recommended services:

Also, look for many interesting and unusual excursions around Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana and Krasnodar Territory on Tripster. u or Tezeks.

Excursions in Sochi in January

Winter excursion programs in Sochi attract fans of outdoor activities, connoisseurs of ski entertainment, fans of quiet walks along the cozy streets of a beautiful city, free from the invasion of tourists. A separate and unforgettable pleasure is to celebrate the New Year in Sochi! What are the most unusual excursions that can be booked in January?

New Year's quest with the Snow Maiden

An interesting walking tour will appeal not only to adults, but also to children. A dynamic and informative walk around the city begins at the main Christmas tree, where an appointment with the Snow Maiden is scheduled. She got a bag of Santa Claus with New Year's symbols, without which the New Year's holiday will not take place in different countries. New Year's adventures in Sochi for the whole family begin!

Together with the guide, and also Snegurochka, it is necessary to save the holiday by looking for clues in the most unusual places of the city, starting from the Garden of Eden, Sochi stars and ending with the chimes, where you can learn a lot about German, Greek, Armenian , Georgian and other Santa Clauses.

Who wants to receive a gift hidden at the final point of an informative and exciting winter quest, sign up for a tour here!

Jeep tour to the Land of Soul Abkhazia

Sochi is one of those places on our planet where there is no off-season. Only a few regions are famous for the fact that after swimming in the blue sea, the next day you can start skiing on the slopes of the mountains.

Nature takes an active part in the life of Sochi, as there are three seasons here: lush and velvet autumn, mild and gentle spring, long and hot summer, the duration of which is limited to May and October. That is why tours to this city remain relevant even in the middle of our cold autumn.

Resort region of Krasnodar Territory

Krasnodar Territory is one of the most popular resort regions of the country. This is directly related to the fact that the most popular "summer" cities in Russia are located in the Kuban. Moreover, there are 420 sanatoriums on the territory of this region, which are especially popular with citizens all year round.

Where is

Kuban is located in the southern part of the European Region of the Russian Federation, on the southwestern side of the North Caucasus. Administratively, the Krasnodar Territory is part of the Southern Federal District. The popularity of the region as a resort is due to the fact that its territory is washed by the Black and Azov Seas. Sochi is recognized as the best resort by the sea, in terms of its climatic indicators, for off-season vacations. This is due to the fact that the city is located in the foothill zone of humid subtropics, which makes the climate very pleasant and mild for tourists. Located 270 km from Krasnodar, the resort occupies the Black Sea coastal zone of the Kuban.

Sochi is considered one of the longest cities in Europe. Its length is 145 km.

Map of Sochi

How to get there

Krasnodar Region has an excellent transport interchange. In particular, you can get there by bus from Moscow, Stavropol, Voronezh, Makhachkala, Baku, etc.

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