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Smal I

Polissya is one of the fewest kuchkіv of Ukraine that tourists have seen. Allegedly, the nature and the richness of the traditions of guilt will definitely lure you in. So, there are a lot of monumental monuments of architecture, including great resort centers. The land has become deaf and very accessible, and people have saved their way of life for an hour of weariness. The season is a factor that will attract these dull mandrakes.

Scho take Polisya

Under the word "Polisya" there is a natural zone, surrounded by thick forests and swamps, with a great number of lakes and a small river. Loan of Ukraine from Volyn to Sumy region, on the occasion of Bilorus and to enter the territory of Poland and Russia.

Polissya is also an ethnographic zone, where polischuk live. Tse understand meaningfully vuzhche, nіzh those "Polisya", about yak yaschisya, and more often than not to be stuck to the pool of the river Prip'yat. The heart of the Ukrainian Polissya is cleverly possible to call the territory on the road from Kiev to Warsaw and right up to the cordon from Bilorus.

Vidpochinok near recreation areas

One of the most popular direct tourist destinations in Polissia is a recreational holiday.

Baggage is tied to the edge with unique nature. Here, there are hundreds of lakes, a majestic array of lisiv and painful, numerous wilderness in the distance of the village. People practically never set foot in the little kutkas of Polissya. In order to save the decline for the future generations, there is a great number of national parks, natural reserves and reserves.

One of the most popular people, after becoming the Shatsky reserve of that one lake, is where thousands of people live. Kryshtalevo is the clear water of the Polish lakes to drive people from all over the country.

Polisya has become one of the centers of active development. There is a great number of rivers and waters, so there is a possibility to engage in water species here, including kayaking, rafting, etc. In some places in the region, cycling tourism will become the most beautiful way to see the remote villages and farms, the road to them is practically impossible.

Not mensh tsіkaviy, however, malovіdomy ob' рекkt for a recreational destination is located in the Rivnenskiy region - Lake Bile. Here you will not be able to accommodate all kinds of tourists, as it is often possible to trample on the Shatsk lakes, and the prices will please you. It is ideal to go for quiet, who fall in love with a quiet spring in the middle of pristine nature on the birch trees of a quiet and clean lake.

Active postings on Polissi

Polisya prikhovuє for mandates without opportunities for active tourism. It will remain for an hour to increase the popularity of rafting with small rafts - along Prip'yat, Sluch, Stir, Gorin, Teterov, Desn and Inhikh. The versatility allows you to combine routes in a practical way, so you can choose the option that suits you best.

For especially established mandarin-extremals and cikavi options for hiking in the swamps. The right is not for weak nerves. The swamps can be pretty good in the edge, because of them they are just shakes that will tighten in themselves. Often, such hikes are organized to organize tourist spirits, you know the stitches well and you can pass them on, so you can feel them in a safe way.

Rozdil Resources of Tourist Regions in the World

Resources of the European Tourist Region

Azerbaijan - Bilorus - Bulgaria - Ukraine - Georgia - Estonia - Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Latvia - Lithuania - Moldova - Poland - Russia - Rumunia - Slovakia - Tajikistan - Turkmenistan - Ugorskaya - Uzbekistan - Ukraine - Czechia <

The Central European Tourist Region is located in the regions due to the development of social and economic development and in dissimilar cultures, as inhabited by peoples due to the different mentalities. On one pole are Czechia, Poland, Ugorshchyna, Slovakia, Rumunia, the Baltic region and in. - the powers that have not equally successfully moved from the command-administrative to the regulated market economy and have become members of the European Union. On the main battlefield - Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan - typical Asian powers from the rudimentary economies and authoritarian political systems. A special place and in the region, and in the entire world, the Russian Federation with claims to the geopolitical blame and economic role in Europe and society. Specific cultural and economic middle ground to form the republics of Transcaucasia. The same line is typical for the resource security and tourism industry and the specifics of development in the surrounding states.

Poland Republic (area - 312.7 km 2; population - 38.5 million people) є one of the largest regions of Europe. Vona roztashovana in the Baltic Sea at winter, Carpathians and Sudetes at winter.

The geotourism position of Poland has been assessed as supervised for a number of reasons:

- the territory of the land has been expanded in the zone of seasonally comfortable and subcomfortable weather and climate minds; - the land can go to the Uzbek coast of the Baltic Sea, which allows the promotion of beach and bathing services to the market of tourist services; - for the territory, characteristic є landscape development - from mountainous to rural and boggy landscapes, from uninhabited natural landscapes to urban and rural areas; - Richkova and lacustrine hemispheres are rounded; - Poles are written with a rich history and culture, as they have polished hard material and spiritual decline, but have become the basis for the development of cultural tourism; - the land was opened at the center of a large tourist market.

In the mountains, which are rooted in the territory of Poland, and in the Carpathians and the Sudetenland, they practice horse-riding tours, which are apparently cheap, but not in the more expensive for tourists lands - Austria, France, Switzerland.

On the occasion of the trip to Poland, the residents of the Ukrainian Republic of Ukraine and the European Union, many of whom take part in the ecological tours of the Polish provinces, deserve their own functions, are welcomed. Especially popular are kinny tours, ribalenia, and cycling tourism.

Nearly 500 km of peasant beaches on the Uzbek coast of the Baltic Sea are close to the services of tourists, and there are no resort centers: Darluvko, Dzvvyzyno, Kolobrzeg, Krynica Morska, Leba, Mendzizdroє, Nehozheka, Ustyujtsec, Beach-bathing season (water temperature - ponad +18 0 С), three times from ear of worm to ear of heather (Fig. 2.16).

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