Ski resorts in Germany in the Bavarian Alps and other regions

Thale, Germany: interesting sights, outdoor activities

Tale: places of interest and outdoor activities

Thale is a small town in the Saxony-Anhalt region, located in the north-east of the steep slopes of the Harz Mountains. Since 2004, the valley has been a nationally recognized resort. Tourists are attracted by the picturesque landscapes of rocky mountains and the equally delightful valley of the Bode River.

As the center of pagan worship in Germany, it is now a great place for walking and relaxation. The Bode River cuts through the Harz Mountains, and right outside the Thale, it flows through an impressive series of rapids and clear pools. This is another area very much loved by German poets. Goethe, Heine, Herder, Klopstock and Fontane walked these paths, which inspired some of their compositions. The Tourist Information Office is located just behind the small train station. This is a good place to book a hotel, get a city map and walking routes, and pick up brochures about local attractions and events.

The Harzelbeexpresses train on platform 1 of the main station in Thale, Germany (Photo © Marcus Bleil/commons.ikimedia.rg/License CC-BY-SA-2.)

What needs to be done in Tal?

Almost all classes in Thale start from the parkland just above the bridge to the west of the tourist office and train station. The most famous sights are two rocks at the top of the valley. Hexentanzplatz and Rosstrappe. In ancient times there was a Celtic fortress, centuries later occult rituals were carried out in these places by Germanic tribes. Every year on April 30, postmodern pagans gather at the rocks to celebrate Walpurgis Night. The main attractions of Thale:

  • Hexentanzplatz. The most popular among tourists is the rocky cliff in the valley (454 meters above sea level). It is easy and fun to get to it by cable car. There is an observation deck at the top. Round-trip cable car ticket: 5. 0 euros.
  • Rosstrappe. The name of the rock is associated with the myths of Brunhild, namely with the horse's hoof print. Brunhilde on horseback jumped over a dangerous gorge, since she did not want to marry the giant Bodo. Hiking trails and a chair lift lead to the top. The trail up the hill from the central station is full of signs, so it will be difficult to get lost. Round-trip lift ticket: 3. 0 euros.
  • Thale Hut Museum (Hüttenmuseum Thale). Created in 1986 for the 300th anniversary of the metallurgical plant. It shows the development of iron production and iron processing over the centuries in the region. The museum is located three minutes from the main station.

Activities in Tala

The Seilbahnen entertainment world in Thale is the main destination for visitors with children. This is a big fun park where you can take the cable cars to Hexentanzplatz and Rosstrappe. You can also play mini golf or let the kids play in the park with carousels, catapults, trampolines and many other fun attractions.

At the top of the Hexentanzplatz you will find a zoo, playground and open-air theater. One of the main attractions is the Harzbob, a toboggan race with a thousand-meter track with sharp turns. In some places, the speed reaches 40 km/h. It is open all year round regardless of the weather. Tale is also a starting point for sports tourists - there is an excellent mountain bike path that can be reached by a crescent lift.

Thale Zoo, Germany (Photo © JJ Harrison/en.ikipedia.rg/License CC-BY-SA-3.)

Snowy slopes of varying heights in ski resorts in Germany attract professional and novice riders. Tourists here find the opportunity to combine recreation with children and active skiing.

Five reasons to go to a ski resort in Germany

The great advantage of German ski resorts is the reasonable cost in comparison with the rest in Switzerland and Austria.

Winter holidays in Germany are suitable for lovers of active entertainment and alpine skiing, riders with different levels of training for the following reasons:

  • The resorts have a well-developed infrastructure. On well-prepared slopes, a network of lifts is thought out. There are restaurants and cafes. Hotels with high quality service have been built for a comfortable stay. There is an opportunity to relax after an active day in the thermal spring or go to the museum. With a high level of service and a variety of entertainment, the pricing policy is democratic.
  • A large number of simple slopes and small ski areas create conditions for families with children and beginner skiers. There are chairlift and drag-type lifts. At the same time, they are not united into a single network, which reduces the time spent on ascent.
  • The bases have prepared many kilometers of trails for practicing flat skiing and hiking trails. They are laid in picturesque places that allow you to admire the surrounding landscapes.
  • It is possible to combine active recreation and receive high-level medical services.
  • There are a large number of tourist centers in Germany. It is possible to select a place for rest in that part of the country that meets individual needs.

The tourist season for German ski resorts runs from December to April. The level of service at all bases is of high quality.

How to choose the right ski resort in Germany?

At ski resorts, the difficulty level of the slopes may differ. Some of them may not be suitable for beginners.

Features of popular resorts, taking into account the complexity of the routes:

  • Berchtesgaden. Slopes of different levels of difficulty are provided, zones for beginners are prepared. The highest point is at 1170 m.
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is characterized by a large number of interesting and challenging routes in the red and blue zones. Experienced riders will also be interested in expert-level zones. The maximum altitude is 2 km.
  • Schliersee and Legris. Leisure activities for vacationers of any age are thought out here, trails of all levels are laid. The highest point is 1449 m.
  • Oberstdorf. It is difficult for beginners to find an easy route to this resort. There are red and blue zones here, as well as intermediate and expert slopes. The maximum point is 1117 m.
  • Feldberg (Black Forest). The bases are intended for recreation with the whole family and for riders of all skill levels. The maximum height is about 1.5 km.
  • Reit-im-Winkl. There is 1 expert-level zone, the rest are red and blue. The level of the maximum point is 1110 m.

The subscription price per person per day ranges from 30 to 50 euros. The cost of hotels differs depending on the star rating. Ski resorts are distinguished by the range of services and entertainment offered.

Ski resorts in the Bavarian Alps

The largest number of German resorts are located in Bavaria. There are Olympic-level bases here. The status has been consolidated since 1936, when international competitions were held in the region. Bavaria has a rich culture and magnificent landscapes. Beginners and experienced skiers can find a holiday destination with suitable routes.

The hot season of vacations has come and, as usual, the most urgent is the rest of the reservoirs. There are many beautiful lakes in Germany, surrounded by forests or mountains, where you can soak up the sun on a sandy beach, splash in warm water and admire incredible landscapes.

Travelbook portal. e polled Facebook and Instagram users who shared their opinions on the best lakes to relax in.

Lake Constance, Baden-Württemberg

Lake Constance, located in southern Germany, on the border with Austria and Switzerland, is the most popular holiday destination. 769 users voted for it.

The area of ​​Lake Constance occupies 536 square meters; on the coastal territory, tourists are offered a lot of entertainment: attractions work here, you can ride a boat or take a walk along one of the tourist routes.

Tegernsee, Bavaria

The 900 square meter lake located south of Munich was ranked second.

In addition to swimming in the warm lake water, vacationers can also spend time actively, going in for tourism, diving, boating or motorboating, there is also the possibility of paragliding or hot air ballooning.

Walchensee, Bavaria

Walchensee is located in the south of Germany and covers about 16 square kilometers. A distinctive feature of this place is its amazing nature.

Mountains and lush forests are reflected in the incredible turquoise water of a calm, majestic lake.

Chiemsee, Bavaria

Another lake in the south of Bavaria, located in the alpine foothills. Chiemsee covers 80 square kilometers, making it the third largest of all lakes in Germany.

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