Sights of the Southern Urals: TOP-10 of the most interesting places

From Yamantau to Zyuratkul: march along the peaks of the Southern Urals

Horse riding is the most environmentally friendly type of tourism, which gives you the opportunity to visit inaccessible corners of nature and enjoy the picturesque nature of the South Urals. The tour takes place in the very heart of the South Urals. Here you can climb one of the highest mountains of Bashkiria, get used to the murmur of the purest mountain streams, and vast fields filled with the aromas of herbs. The tour is designed both for people without horse riding experience and for skilled riders, combining the optimal number of horse crossings and day trips with radial walks. Experienced instructors will share horse communication skills and riding basics. For a more comfortable tour along the route, an automobile support is provided, transporting equipment and backpacks.

What will we do on the tour

We will visit the architectural monument - St. Nicholas Church.

We will conduct an excursion “History of the village. Kaga and the Ural ironworks ".

Let's get acquainted with the boundaries of the Bashkir State Reserve, the ridges of the middle and southern Krak with pine, pine-birch and larch forests on a horse trip; with the Bolshoi Log stream and the Ashkar mountains.

We will visit the Zolotarsky Key (old gold mines)

We will climb the Bolshoi Shatak mountain range (1271 m), Bash-tau ridge

Let's climb Mount Grace



Active tourism and recreation in Poland

Chelyabinsk, November 13 - AiF-Chelyabinsk. We will tell you about the most common types of extreme recreation that South Urals residents can try on themselves.


Now this type of leisure is very popular. Practically any person can make a jump, if there is a certain amount and a normal state of health. In order to jump, a South Ural resident must prepare a comfortable sports uniform in advance.

In addition, the parachutist undergoes a mandatory medical examination before boarding the plane. People in alcoholic intoxication, with heart disease, as well as pregnant women are not allowed to jump. In addition, every beginner hears instruction on how to behave in the sky.

In the Chelyabinsk region, you can jump in Kalachevo (cost - up to 3 thousand rubles for a single jump), at the Ustinovo airfield (up to 3 thousand).

Fire show

Every year this movement is replenished with more and more participants - poysters.

Fire show is the ability to rotate burning torches on long ropes, and create a real show with this rotation. But before turning the lighted torches, you need to practice on special balls. As the professionals say, the most important thing is to keep the trajectory of the plane. And after a month of persistent studies, you can proceed to practice on fiery torches. But always under the guidance of an experienced poister. Important! You cannot use gasoline for the fire show, only low-octane kerosene.

In the region, holiday agencies organize such leisure for you. Cost - from 2 thousand rubles.

Wind tunnel flights

As with any extreme attraction, anyone who wants to experience free flight will need to be instructed. Then you will be dressed in a special suit and given a little workout. And only after that they will launch it into the wind tunnel. The air speed there reaches more than 200 km/h.

In our region, similar services are offered by local travel agencies and companies dealing with unusual gifts. The cost for two is a little more than 4 thousand in 4 minutes.

»Active tourism and recreation in Poland | Description of extreme kinds of sports.

Local resorts offer a wide variety of types of winter recreation for those who have long mastered alpine skiing, and for beginners, and just for those who want to relax away from the city.

Programs, services and prices of the South Ural ski resorts - in a brief overview from "AiF-Chelyabinsk".

GLK "Adjigardak"

Where is located

Not far from the Ufa - Chelyabinsk highway, one kilometer from Asha.

14 slopes with a total length of more than 20 km, the height difference is 400 m. The largest area in the region for freeriding, a snow park with various extreme jumps, tracks of increased difficulty and for beginners.


Hotel complex, skating rink (hockey equipment and skates are available for rent), billiards, tavern with karaoke, Russian bath and Finnish sauna.

Prices for skiing for tourists depend on the time of day and day (weekdays or weekends): from 500 rubles. (for two hours on a weekday) up to 1,000 rubles. on the weekend. Discounts are provided for those living in the hotel complex. Prices for the services of the bath complex - from 2,000 to 4,000 rubles. An oak broom costs 120 rubles, a birch broom - 100 rubles.

GLTs "Ryder"

Where is located

Probably everyone has heard about the beautiful Ural Mountains, but perhaps not everyone knows how many interesting sights there are in these places. Somehow we decided to take a car, a navigator and go independently to explore the region of the South Urals.

Magnificent mountains, lakes, endless forests and amazing places will impress nature lovers. However, in the Urals there is something that makes a double impression, which we will certainly tell you about in this article.


Yekaterinburg was our starting point. The city can rightfully be called the main city of the Ural Mountains, and many even consider it the third capital of Russia. Yekaterinburg is a very cozy and compact city, despite the population and its size. One gets the impression that everything here can be bypassed on foot.

To see all the main attractions and feel the spirit of the city, you should spend at least two days here, as there are many interesting museums and places here. You can climb to the observation deck of the Vysotsky business center and see the city from above, walk along the Central Alley of Yekaterinburg or follow the special pedestrian tourist route Red Line and see all 35 main sights of the city.

Taganay National Park

This is one of the main natural attractions of the Southern Urals, for the sake of which we generally started a trip here! A great place for hiking with tents for one or several days. There are many routes here, and at the entrance they give out a map where the main attractions are marked, so it is almost impossible to get lost here. The territory of the Taganay park covers an area of ​​56.8 thousand hectares - it is really very large and it is worthwhile to think over the route in advance where it is worth going.

The reserve is home to a large number of animals, many of which are listed in the Red Book, and there are also especially valuable natural and unique geographical objects. Among them are the mountain ranges Bolshoi, Sredniy and Maly Taganai, Dolgy Cape, Dvuklavaya Sopka and many others. We were most impressed by the Bolshaya Kamennaya River 6 km long and up to 700 m wide. Something similar exists only in India.

Lake Talkov Stone

The lake “Talkov Kamen”, suitable for swimming, is located in the Natural Park “Bazhovskie mesto” in the Sverdlovsk region. It is curious that this beauty was created by human hands. Once upon a time, talc was mined here, moreover, by hand, and reached the groundwater, because of which the quarry was flooded, and a picturesque forest lake with unusual shores was formed. The depth of the lake reaches 32 meters, and the water here is cool even in the middle of summer.

Kaolin quarry or Ural Bali

The flooded quarry near the village of Kaolin is famous for its sky-blue water and white sandy shores. It is because of this that he was nicknamed Ural Bali. Here, white clay was mined, and then the quarry was flooded and such an interesting attraction arose.

You shouldn't swim here. Firstly, there is a city landfill nearby, through which groundwater flows and enters the quarry. And secondly, near the city of Kyshtym, where Ural Bali is located, raw kaolin is mined, in which you can find harmful chemical compounds. But for a photo, this place is just perfect!

On July 7 this year, the Ufa extreme traveler Oleg Chegodaev turned 35. In recent years, he has been making himself unusual gifts for his birthdays. “This is a long, difficult, intensive route to kill to the end and feel the delights of life,” says Oleg.

It happened this time too. He walked many kilometers along the highest wild part of the Southern Urals and "took" 30 mountain peaks over 1000 meters high.

Dates of the final "thousandth" campaign: July 6-12.

Conventionally, the route ran from Yamantau to Zyuratkul.

20 kilograms is the weight of the standard equipment and food for a lone hiker. In his backpack:

1. Tent, sleeping bag and foam.

2. Canon camera, two lenses and other electronics.

3. "Strategic" three-liter water supply.

4. Dry foods, cereals, freeze-dried meat and lard (700-800 grams).

5. Sweets at the rate of 12 pieces per day.

Wildlife: unwanted and dangerous encounters

· One bear. Chegodaev: “Fortunately, we managed to break up with him in an amicable way. That is, I had with me handfires and a special gas cylinder against bears, but a shout was enough for the 'master of the forest' to go his own way. "

Elk. "I ran into them about 30 times in the woods."

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