Siberian health resort: we study the tourist product of the Tyumen region at "Know Our: Summer 2019"

Year-round rest in the Tyumen region: where to go and what to do

Hot springs and medical tourism, gastronomic festivals and the "Imperial route", "To Siberia at will" - read about the tourist product of the Tyumen region!

Tyumen region is a find on the tourist map of Russia. Every year the region more and more confidently declares itself: hot springs, which have already become a brand, one of the most technologically advanced embankments, a majestic drama theater, a large-scale water park. But other discoveries await your tourists. Some of them can be done by going on the "Imperial Route". You can learn more about the region's tourism products at the webinar as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2019 online exhibition.

This year, you will find all the most relevant information about summer vacations in Russia at the ninth All-Russian online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry "Know Ours: Summer 2019", where representatives of host companies, tour operators, tourism development centers, hotels will present a new Russian tourist product and announce plans for the summer season.

As part of the online exhibition "Know Ours: Summer 2019" experts of the Agency for Tourism and Promotion of the Tyumen Region will hold a webinar:

Topic: "We are studying the tourism potential of the Tyumen region: thermal springs and sanatoriums, accommodation facilities - from hostels to world-class hotels, the most interesting cities and routes."

When: April 2, at 10:00 (Moscow time).

Moderators: Andrey Panteleev, Director of the Department of Consumer Market and Tourism of the Tyumen Region; Maria Trofimova, director of the Tourism and Promotion Agency of the Tyumen Region; Marieta Matevosyan, Assistant Director of the Department of Consumer Market and Tourism of the Tyumen Region.

How to get to Tyumen?

You can get to the capital of the Tyumen region by regional airlines or by train on the Trans-Siberian Railway. In the first case, tourists will be greeted by the international airport Roshchino, named after the great scientist Dmitry Mendeleev, who was born in the city of Tobolsk, and in the second, by an equally functional station located not far from the city center. From there you can start exploring the region.

Making a route for a tourist

Ten minutes of walking in Tyumen, and tourists will find themselves on Tsvetnoy Boulevard with a Ferris wheel, attractions, Tyumen ice cream and cotton candy. It is cozy and fun here at any time of the year. It is also worth visiting the Siberian Cats Square, the Zatyumensky Ecopark and the Gilevskaya Grove.

The next item is the spiritual capital of the Tyumen region - the city of Tobolsk. Its white-stone Kremlin has been attracting tourists for over 200 years. In June, the festival of classical music "Summer in the Tobolsk Kremlin" and the gastronomic event "Ukha-Tsaritsa" are held under its vaults.

The Museum of the Family of Emperor Nicholas II is located in the historical part of the city. The Romanovs lived in this building for several months before they were sent to the Urals. At the ancient shrine of Siberia - the Znamensky Monastery - at the Abalak tourist complex, the Abalak Field reconstruction festival is being held.

Siberian health resort: we study the tourist product of the Tyumen region at

Fall in love with “the best city on Earth”, taste Siberian delicacies, improve your health at thermal springs, go trophy hunting or fishing, and also re-read “The Captain's Daughter” and “The Little Humpbacked Horse”. This and much more will be inspired by a trip to the Tyumen region. The main reasons to come here - in our review.


The flight from Moscow to Tyumen is less than to the capitals and resorts of Europe: just over 2 hours. Air travel from Moscow to Sochi takes so much time. From St. Petersburg to Tyumen it will take a little longer to fly (3 hours), from Kazan the route will be even shorter (1 hour 40 minutes).

It will take less than 4 hours to get to the city of oil workers from Simferopol. So, if you want to escape from a metropolis or a noisy resort, it will take only a few hours to “recharge the batteries” and find Siberian tranquility.

The international airport "Roshchino" named after D. I. Mendeleev operates in Tyumen. Direct flights from it are operated by 6 airlines to more than 50 destinations. The flights are operated by almost all major carriers: Yamal, UTair, Aeroflot, Rusline, S7 and Pobeda.

You can also get there by train: the Trans-Siberian Railway runs through the Tyumen Region.



Tyumen residents themselves speak of their city as "the best city on Earth." For several years in a row Tyumen has been recognized as the most comfortable city for living in Russia with a high "happiness index".

To understand why the townspeople talk about Tyumen with such love, it is worth getting to know the most popular places and objects of the city: such a "immersion" in Tyumen will help to fall in love with the city and its guests.

To find out how and how it all began, you must definitely visit the Museum of Local Lore "City Duma".

Siberian health resort: we study the tourist product of the Tyumen region at

3 days in Tyumen is enough time to get to know the first city of Siberia from different sides. You will have time to relax at the famous hot springs, plunge into the atmosphere of the merchants of the past centuries, see wooden carvings and churches in the Siberian Baroque style, as well as spend time in picturesque parks.

First day

Tyumen, which emerged in the 16th century, is now known for its oil and gas fields. But the city has preserved many architectural monuments from different times. A walk through the historic center will delight lovers of charming platbands on wooden houses and churches with the spirit of antiquity. For those who like a leisurely promenade by the water, there is a landscaped embankment along the Tura River with a romantic bridge.

Start exploring the city from Tsvetnoy Boulevard with attractions, sculptures and the beautiful Four Seasons fountain. Walk through the small Siberian Cats Square with gold-painted cat sculptures and see art objects in the Sun Square. Further, the route goes along the old street of the Republic and parallel to the Lenin street. Here you will see many merchant mansions, stone and wooden architectural monuments. Pay attention to the Savior Church in the Siberian Baroque style on the street. Lenin - it was founded in 1796 on the site where a wooden church stood in the 16th century.

Another significant religious landmark is the Cathedral of the Sign, which was built for almost 1.5 centuries since 1768. To see it, from the street. Republic needs to turn onto st. Semakov. The graceful and elegant look of the snow-white cathedral is emphasized by blue details. On the opposite side of the street. Semakov - the former building of the women's gymnasium and recognized as one of the most beautiful in the city the Churalovs' mansion with richly decorated carved platbands.

Continuing the walk along the street. Republic, see the Kolokolnikov estate-museum built in 1804. The building is prized for its well-preserved exterior with intricate carvings and decorative elements in the Baroque and Neoclassical styles. But most of all, its history attracts - in this house in 1837 the Tsarevich, the future Emperor Alexander II, stayed. You can find out more about this event and the owners of the estate in the museum located inside. The exposition is also open in a neighboring house, which was built for the store by one of the owners of the building. If you walk from the estate to Lenin Street, you can see another museum in the former estate - "Masharov's House", and next to it - the old church of the Archangel Michael.

At the beginning of Respublika Street there is a former guest house of the middle of the 19th century, and at the beginning of Lenin Street there is a monument of constructivism "round bath", before it - the Church of Joseph the Betrothed from the beginning of the last century. Both streets will lead you to the Historic Square - the place where the city was founded. Here you can see the monuments and monuments, as well as the building of the Museum "City Council". If you wish, go inside to see the largest mammoth skeleton in Russia.

Continue past the Holy Cross Church, founded in the 18th century. Next to it you will see the Tyumen University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. It appeared on the site of the Yamskaya Sloboda, founded at the request of the coachmen in 1605. On the street Communist exit to the Holy Trinity Monastery, located on a picturesque promontory. The monastery was created in the 17th century, but stone buildings appeared in the 18th century. at the request of the Metropolitan of Siberia and Tobolsk Philofei Leshchinsky. Now his relics are kept within the walls of the Trinity Cathedral.

What to see in Tyumen in 3 days? The program includes a unique embankment of the Tura River, made on 4 levels. It is pleasant to stroll around the landscaped area, examining the monuments installed here. You can walk along the Lovers' pedestrian bridge to the other side and see the Ascension-George Church of the 18th century built.

After walking along the embankment to the Chelyuskintsev bridge, go up the street. Maslovsky Vzvoz. Here you will see a 19th century water pumping station, a water intake well and a shipping company office. On the street, a wooden staircase and a fragment of a cobblestone pavement have also been restored according to historical data. Walk to the Ilyinsky Bogorodichno-Rozhdestvensky Convent. A church on this place existed as early as the 16th century, then a monastery appeared, a stone structure began to be built in 1833. In the courtyard of the monastery there is an observation deck overlooking the river and a monument to the family of Nicholas II. Next to the monastery is the estate of the merchant Kolmakov with an outbuilding. You can walk along Pristanskaya Street to the Tsarskaya Pier Museum. It was opened in the place where the family of Emperor Nicholas II got on a steamer to continue on their way to exile in Tobolsk.

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