September vacation: where to meet golden autumn

Holidays in the mountains in autumn

Autumn is the time of the velvet season. And each of us wants to enjoy the last notes of warmth. Tourists are always looking forward to it, as there are fewer vacationers, prices are much more pleasant and the weather still pleases with its warmth.

Haven't decided where to go in the fall yet? "Let's go with us"! We offer the best destinations where your vacation will be truly unforgettable.

Beach Vacation

Sophisticated Bali, Indonesia

September is perfect for a holiday in Bali. It is at this time that there are significantly fewer tourists on this stunning island, prices are falling, and the weather remains sunny and comfortable. It's time to explore the most beautiful beaches, ancient temples, rainforests and volcanoes.

The nature of Bali will not leave anyone indifferent! Also, everyone can choose a beach to their liking here - for swimming, for surfing, a beach with white sand, etc. The abundance of beaches attracts tourists from all over the world.

Weather: dry, comfortable. 30-34 degrees.

Budget: $ 1500 per person, as well as tours for the VIP segment.

Exotic Sri Lanka

In September, you can easily go to Sri Lanka. This is a great alternative to Thailand and Vietnam.

Sri Lanka is a small island that attracts tourists with its beaches, tea plantations and Buddha temples. In the past, Sri Lanka was called Ceylon.

Where to go to rest in the fall

Where is the best place to organize a vacation in the mountains in autumn. Of course, the Caucasus would be an ideal place for this. This is one of the most amazing and beautiful places for an autumn holiday. The locals are very hospitable, rich in culture, beautiful nature. Having visited the Caucasus once, you will certainly want to come back here again.

You can spend your vacation in this beautiful area in three directions: actively, with a therapeutic purpose, and get acquainted with its history. You can also combine them and get to know this territory from all sides.

Outdoor activities

This vacation should be enjoyed in the Caucasus Mountains. You can climb mountains, descend into deep gorges and swim along fast mountain rivers.

To see the virgin nature, untouched by man, you must visit parks and reserves. Rare animals can also be found there.

Fans of extreme sports can hike up Mount Elbrus. It is located above sea level at an altitude of 5500 kilometers. Everyone who can conquer it feels like a hero.

You can actively spend your vacation in Krasnaya Polyana and Dombai. Here you can go horse riding, snowmobiling and skiing. At the same time, get a lot of pleasure and a positive charge.

Historical Recreation

Fans of a quiet and cultural holiday should visit places related to the history of the visited place.

You should go to the resort towns, see their sights and architectural structures. It is imperative to see the Museum. Lermontov. This is an architectural structure that has been preserved in its original form.

In Anapa there are cultural buildings with elements of ancient culture. Rare varieties of trees and shrubs grow in the Atazhukinsky Garden park.

There are also magnificent Chegem waterfalls here. Over the centuries, they have made the rocky ridge very thin. If it is near this waterfall, then it emits a very strong roar, which interferes with talking with the interlocutor. There is a beautiful legend about him. They say that once far away, girls who did not want to become slaves jumped off the rocks of the Chegem gorge. And during their jump, the hair caught on the rocks and waterfall streams formed.

Where better to go on vacation this fall? 9 popular places for active and beach holidays in the fall of 2021. Prices, weather and features of the holiday

There are different types of tourism, which primarily depend on the time of year and place. If in summer everyone loves to sunbathe on the sea and swim, then in winter it is usually skis, snowboards and other ski equipment. Thanks to the big vacation during this period, we get a kind of second vacation. So why not spend it profitably instead of sitting at home and watching TV?

What does winter tourism offer?

As mentioned above, winter tourism is primarily about skiing. Going to a European or Russian resort, you get the opportunity not only to cheer up, but also to breathe in the fresh mountain air. And if you don't know how to snowboard or ski, then use the services of a coach who will quickly teach you everything you need. Also at such resorts there is a small skating rink where everyone can go ice skating. And if you want something more emotional, then rent a sled and choose the right slope. By the way, you can ride your children on them, who will be delighted with what is happening.

If you have more money and want to get quality service, then go to the Carpathians or to the European resorts. France, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other famous countries offer excellent tracks. It is interesting to note that Germany has the cheapest European resort, but here the tracks are not the longest either. This place is best suited for beginners.

What else to do in winter?

If you have children then you should visit Lapland. Finland has a harsh climate and winters are one of the most fabulous here. According to legend, Santa Claus lives in Lapland and every year thousands of families from all over the world come here to celebrate the New Year. A large number of draws, fairs, concerts and other events will not leave you indifferent.

Tourism in Europe, of course, offers more entertainment than the post-Soviet space, however, the cost of recreation is much higher. With a well-designed entertainment program, you can have a good time in your home country. The main thing is to decide what you want to get from the New Year or winter holidays and then you will definitely find a place to your liking.

Where to go in September

Click on the option that most resembles your ideal September getaway:

Sea tour in September

September is great to have a rest at many resorts. We have selected eleven countries where you can easily get a visa and fly inexpensively. To save more, look for flights all over the month at once and book your accommodation in advance. And to bring warm impressions from your September vacation, read the Skyscanner's guide for the selected country.

Where to go to the sea in September

Where to relax with children at sea in September. If you are going on vacation with a child, choose the resorts of Abkhazia or Krasnodar Territory. Also, excellent conditions for family recreation are created on the Turkish beaches of Alanya, Side and the resort of Fethiye, which is nicknamed "children's paradise". In Tunisia with children, it is best to go to the island of Djerba: here you can enjoy the warm gentle sea in September, water slides, a zoo, and even a ranch where kids ride on horseback.

One of the best surfing spots in early fall is Portugal. The Algarve coast, Peniche and Praia do Amado beaches on Costa Vicentina are ideal for professionals. It is convenient to learn to conquer the elements at a surf school right in Lisbon. If you don't feel like applying for a visa, go surfing in Morocco: it is best to ride the ocean wave off the coast of Agadir and Tangazut.

The most romantic destinations in September are fabulous Mallorca, the Greek islands of Santorini and Rhodes and the Bay of Aphrodite in Cyprus. An autumn honeymoon is great to spend on the beaches of Dubrovnik, which played the role of King's Landing in Game of Thrones. And you can also relax in a cinematic way in Batumi, where "Love and Doves" was filmed. You won't have to swim at +14 ° C, as Gurchenko and Mikhailov did in November 1984: until the end of September, the water temperature at the Georgian seaside resorts is kept at + 23-24 ° C.

Read also:

Where to improve your health in September

Early autumn is a great time to rest and heal: summer stuffiness is over - all that remains is to enjoy the warm fresh air, ripe fruits and healing procedures. There is nothing old-fashioned about relaxing with health benefits. Mineral waters, salt baths and mud wraps have worked wonders with a person at all times, and the service in many modern boarding houses will still give odds to another expensive hotel.

We have compiled a list of good sanatoriums, health resorts and spa hotels in Russia and abroad, where you can combine an inexpensive September vacation and medical tourism.


Hiking in the fall: what to take with you?


Autumn and the onset of cold weather are not a reason to stay at home and deny yourself active rest. People who are fond of tourism go hiking at any time of the year and know well: there is no bad weather for a hike, there is bad equipment. With quality clothes, shoes, a sleeping bag and a tent, you can successfully go to the autumn and winter mountains, and such a trip will become one of the brightest memories for many years.

In addition, autumn is the most photogenic time of the year, and many of us go to nature to capture vivid, amazingly beautiful landscapes that you don't always see even in summer. It is still warm and sunny during the day, and this farewell surge of warmth can warm the soul a hundred times more than a hot July afternoon.

Of course, we cannot always afford a long trip, but it is quite possible to get out of the city for the weekend with an overnight stay. The so-called PVD (weekend hike) is a great compromise for those who cannot leave home for more than 2 days. Well, this may be quite enough: a weekend in nature will help to overcome the accumulated stress and recharge you for the whole week.

So, what is the most important thing in preparing for the autumn hike? We will consider relatively easy trekking, without taking into account the difficult mountain hikes at rather high altitudes, which require special training and equipment.

- When packing, it is necessary to take into account when and in which region the hike is carried out, what temperature is expected at night (affects the choice of a sleeping bag and the amount of warm clothes). Of course, it is recommended to look at the weather forecast 1-2 days before departure, but here there is an important clarification: no matter how favorable it may be, the presence of warm and waterproof clothing is a must! The off-season is characterized by a sharp change in temperature, and even if it is sunny and warm during the day, it will be much colder at night.

This is especially true for trekking in mountainous areas, where the weather changes very quickly and often snows already in September-October. Even quite experienced tourists are caught in a lack of foresight in a situation when in the autumn hike along the middle mountains (up to 2500-3000 meters) they expect the same favorable weather as on the plain. This is a mistake: even in the case of simple autumn trekking in highlands at low altitudes, it is better to be prepared for real winter weather and be able to warm yourself accordingly.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to fill your backpack with all the down jackets, fleece jackets and all kinds of sweaters available at home, but in your arsenal you should have one really warm thing for every part of the body, including from cold and wind should be protected hands, head and face.

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