Search and selection of a tour - active or passive rest

Active tourism: product specificity

As soon as you look back, it's summer again ... I don't even think about work too much, because all colleagues are actively discussing where to go on vacation, what to take with them, what is the best way to save money, etc.

A good option for your vacation to be remembered for a long time is to search for and select a tour that suits your preferred type of vacation: active or passive. For example, a quiet vacation on the seaside or a tour of Europe or even the unexplored corners of your native country.

Passive vacation: sea and beaches

Many people traditionally prefer the sea. In this case, the choice of offers will be simply huge, and the variety of prices will allow you to find something suitable for yourself.

Some tourists prefer not to travel outside their homeland for various reasons: someone does not want to bother with obtaining a passport, someone thinks that such a vacation is safer, and someone is afraid of the language barrier or difficulties acclimatization. However, for those who want to visit new places, the last minute tour will be a great opportunity to visit the Mediterranean or Red Sea coast.

Activities: excursions and attractions

If you do not accept passive rest and want to spend it with benefit, learning something new, you can go on an exciting journey through the most beautiful and ancient cities in Europe: Rome, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Paris. Your vacation will be unforgettable, because this is how you can see the maximum of sights in the shortest possible time.

They can be visited both in summer and in winter, because ancient crooked streets or majestic temples will not lose their charm even under the snow cover, which, on the contrary, will give them a special charm. Thrill seekers can try extreme activities such as safaris or skydiving.

Where to buy - search and selection of a tour

With the type of recreation, the situation was clarified, but where can I buy a tour? It's even easier here. And you don't even need to search for a travel agency for this. They moved their activities to the Internet a long time ago. And now there is no need to be content with offers from one travel company. Now you have the opportunity to choose: a travel company, and the conditions of rest, and the cost of the voucher.

How is this possible? The Onlinetours service will help you, the main specialization of which is the search and selection of a tour according to your wishes.

Choose where and from where you fly, the number of people, the date of departure and the duration of the rest. And press the button "View prices".

Search and selection of a tour - active or passive rest

I really like to relax. Perhaps because labor costs have to be invested decently: on work, sports, hobbies and, of course, household chores, therefore rest is a matter of course.

At all times, it was extremely important for a person to give his body a little rest, so that later, with double strength, he could go to conquer the heights of his activity. Even our Legislation is concerned about people having a rest. But in the last decade, more and more often began to stumble upon the terms "passive" and "active" rest. And if earlier our parents simply drove us to rest somewhere to the sea, where there is warm sand and sun, which was considered a very good rest, now I often face the torment of choosing what is best for us.

If we approach rest from a medical point of view, then rest is free time from work, which is used to restore the strength and performance of the body. In terms of meaning, it should be the opposite of the nature of the work that we perform, and ensure the switching of the load from tired nerve centers, muscles and organs, to inactive or less loaded in the process of activity. Rest is divided into short-term and long-term, passive and active.

Being active involves a variety of activities other than the one that caused fatigue. For people of mental labor, rest should include, to a large extent, physical activity. It can be sports games, dancing, visiting the pool or fitness centers, tourism, or working in the country. Even for people of physical labor, active rest is useful.

Sechenov found that tired muscles rest better when other muscle groups are working. Active recreation also includes various cultural events: for example, visiting a theater and a museum, communicating with friends, colleagues, relatives, and their social support.

The advantage of outdoor activities is that it supports and even increases a person's performance and improves his physical and mental health. An active form of recreation reduces the level of the stress hormone and increases the body's resistance to stressful situations, increases the amount of pleasure hormones (the so-called endorphins).

Passive rest, on the contrary, presupposes relative calmness, relaxation, lack of active motor activity, allows you to simply not perform any unnecessary movements. This type of rest assumes a calm, measured pastime, relatively unencumbered by stress, a stream of thoughts and some difficult tasks. Some people like to spend passive rest alone, so that no one bothers them to completely relax.

Passive relaxation can include watching a movie while lying on the couch in front of the TV, taking a bath, or getting a tan in a solarium. Such a "lazy" kind of rest. By the way, one should not confuse passive rest with forced inactivity (for example, with waiting), which is not rest at all. Passive rest is needed if a person is physically tired or emotionally exhausted, if his work is associated with unfavorable conditions, if he does not feel well or he has personal problems.

Passive rest is less effective. After it, a slow and difficult entry into the working rhythm is noted. If in time passive rest lasts longer than is necessary to recuperate, it becomes aimless and goes into the stage of entertainment and pleasure, can lead to destruction, aggression, a surge of energy accumulated in the process of recuperation.

Despite the clearly great health benefits of outdoor activities, in some cases, these two types of recreation can be combined to make the weekend, vacation or vacation pass as efficiently as possible.

And speaking of vacation. We will not now write about completely passive rest, hardly anyone spends it on the couch in front of the TV.

But tourism can be classified as both active and passive.

It all depends on how often and for how long a person moves along various routes during their vacation. Passive tourists, to which I sometimes include myself, most often stop on trips to some of the sights of this or that place, and the rest of the time they lie under the palm trees and bask in the warm rays of the sun, with rare bursts of activity, expressed by a trip on water motor vehicles or visiting water parks. From experience I can say that often such a vacation is included in family tours, when people come to sea, medical or mountain resorts with their families, children, or when vacationers have already entered the category of retirees.

Search and selection of the tour. Passive relaxation: sea and beaches. Leisure activities: excursions and attractions. Where to buy a tour

Able to solve health problems with strict adherence to the correct mode of movement in the area, when performing preparatory hardening activities and with some knowledge of disease prevention. Tourism as a form of active recreation involves the implementation of any kind of travel. This can be either a trip on various types of transport, or a hiking trip (and often both at the same time). When engaging in tourism, you can have a good rest, changing the environment and nature of the activity, admire the beautiful natural landscapes on the way, get acquainted with various cultural and historical sights of various regions, communicate with other travel participants and people living in the visited settlements. When carrying out such an active holiday, it is important to know the peculiarities of dosing physical activity, take into account the requirements for the organization of food and be able to choose the right clothes for travel.

When doing tourism, adaptation to stress is much easier than when playing sports. The marching mode is the best possible way to quickly adapt to new conditions. While moving around the area on foot, and even with an additional load in the form of a backpack on his shoulders, almost all the muscles of the human body receive a pretty decent physical load. Therefore, when actively moving on a tourist trip, it is necessary to periodically stop for rest and recuperation.

Despite the inevitable long physical stress during hiking, a properly organized tourist trip contributes to the formation of a cheerful mood and has a pronounced health-improving effect on human health.

However, with some omissions during tourism, not entirely desirable effects on the body are possible. For example, in the case of insufficient physical fitness of tourists, overwork and exhaustion may develop. Such consequences can also be caused by the presence of any chronic diseases that do not manifest themselves in the absence of physical activity in everyday life, but immediately make themselves felt in hiking conditions. Such factors, nevertheless, are not an absolute contraindication to the implementation of such an active type of recreation as tourism, however, in the presence of deviations in the state of health, one should carefully consider in advance the possible loads on the participants of the trip. For example, when actively moving on rough terrain, it is necessary to calculate the load on each participant in such a way as to prevent the development of overwork and prevent a decrease in concentration. A prolonged absence of stops for rest during a hike is fraught with the development of a state of fatigue in a person, while the tourist becomes more susceptible to injuries and is much less able to adequately act in possible emergency situations.

Thus, tourism is a publicly available active form of recreation, but it requires both physical and psychological readiness of a person to endure physical activity while traveling.

In our time, scientific and technological progress has affected almost all spheres of human life, depriving a person of physical activity. As a result, health and emotional problems appear. Since the population of the earth devotes a significant part of their life to rest, when choosing a type of rest, people care not only about making the new trip rich and interesting, but also about making it healthier. In this case, part of the population, tired of a sedentary lifestyle, chooses active tourism in order to spend time with benefits for the body. Active tourism in Russia is developing very intensively.

The object of the research is the theoretical aspects of active tourism. The subject of the research is active tourism and its types.

The objectives of this article:

Identify differences between similar concepts;

Divide active tourism into types;

Make a conclusion about the importance of active tourism.

Before moving on to the concept of "active tourism", it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the definition of "tourism".

Tourism - temporary departures (travel) of people to another country or locality, different from the place of permanent residence for medical - health-improving, cognitive, physical-health-improving, professional-business, religious and other purposes without engaging in activities related with receiving income from sources in the country (place) of temporary stay.

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