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Spain is a sunny, comfortable, friendly country. The list of epithets can be continued, but in this article we will talk about something else, about the safety of a tourist's rest. Everyone wants the vacation to be eventful and leave only positive emotions, and this usually happens, but nevertheless, we will focus your attention on some points in order to eliminate annoying misunderstandings.

Beach Safety

1. A tan . First of all, keep in mind that the Spanish sun is very active, and even the most expensive cream will hardly save you from a burn when you sunbathe at lunchtime. Therefore, try to distribute your time in such a way as to give the "beaching" morning and afternoon hours, and fill lunchtime, as a "decent" tourist, with shopping, excursions, and just an afternoon rest.

2. Jellyfish. Some of their types are quite dangerous, and a burn can even lead to paralysis.

3. Find out the rules of conduct on the beaches, and this is not an idle conversation, because on the beaches of Mallorca, a tourist can be fined 750 euros if you decide to wash your body, but vegetables or dishes in the shower.

And on the beaches of Valencia, if a tourist wants to throw garbage into the sea or make a fire for a barbecue, the fine will be in the range of 750 - 3000 euros. A little expensive for a barbecue, not even for a poor tourist, don't you think?

Security of documents and valuables

1. Every year, tourists increasingly have to apply to the Russian consulate in Barcelona for "certificates of return", thanks to the theft of passports.

2. It is not at all necessary to carry your passport with you, it is enough to make a copy of the pages with the photo and the visa. You can, just in case, put a stamp on them in your hotel, the administration will certainly not refuse this to the tourist, as the Spanish police say. If for some reason the police need the original, they can take it from your hotel and your safety will not suffer.

3. If, nevertheless, your passport was stolen, you will have to contact the police, where they will draw up a protocol, with a copy of which and two photographs you will have to come to the Consulate of your country in Madrid or Barcelona.

Tourist safety at the airport

Keep a close eye on your baggage, cases of theft were noted right on its delivery.

International Tourism Exhibition Intourmarket 2019

Here are the best hotel deals in Spain.

Spain is a bright, emotional and warm country. Every year millions of travelers from all over the world come here to see the sights of Spain. The richest culture of Spain has been created for thousands of years by various nationalities. And it is not surprising that today, in terms of the number of cultural attractions.

If, while in Spain, a traveler looks at the National Tourism Office, the first thing that catches your eye will be a colorful slogan. The inscription on it reads: "I need Spain." And it is very difficult to argue with this, since the southern country in the Mediterranean is an excellent example of a first-class vacation. And eu.

In terms of tourism, Spain is one of the most popular countries in southern Europe. It would be logical to assume that in this regard, its roads are overloaded. But this is not happening: the transport infrastructure in the country is at an excellent level both from a constructive point of view and from the point of view.

You need to go to Spain with a spare suitcase. You will have to go back with a lot of impressions, a beautiful tan and a new wardrobe. Shopping in Spain is a separate expense item that needs to be considered at home. Be prepared to be impressed by prices, assortment, quality. What to buy in Isa.

Tourists who have never been to the homeland of bullfighting are wondering where it is better to have a rest in Spain. Since the climate here is quite favorable, and the country is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, it is easy to assume that travelers will be interested in the resorts along the coast. Consider the most famous.

If you have a desire to take a photo of Spain, then you should definitely head to Barcelona. There is something to do here at any time of the year. Trains, trams, buses and metro circulate in the city. Therefore, from the airport to the city you can get almost any of them. Plus, from the airport to the city.

What does sunny Spain conceal in itself? Going on vacation, tourists can count on the clear ocean, golden beaches, amazing nature and excursions. Of course, but this is not all the entertainment of Spain. On the territory of mainland Spain, and the islands belonging to it, tourists from.

Spain: useful information for tourists

Spain is the sunniest country in Europe, it is a land of holidays and fun. Tourism in Spain is developing in different directions, this country has developed a tourist infrastructure, oriented to everyone. Tourist trips to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Cadiz can be made by any transport convenient for you, so the question of how to get there does not become a problem.

Modern trends in the development of the economy, the way of life of people, are increasingly connected with computer technologies that do not require physical labor, however, requiring great mental and psychological stress. Residents of large cities have to deal with environmental pollution and numerous stressful situations that have a general negative effect on the general physical and psychological health of people.

In such conditions, constant psychological relief, strengthening of immunity, maintaining good sports physical shape is required. A healthy person should live a full life, be healthy physically and psychologically stable.

Recreational sports activities in Spain

Cultural and educational excursion holidays in Spain

Types of sports activities in Spain on the Costa del Sol

Spain, the southern resort coast of the Mediterranean Costa del Sol, is a unique, the only one in Europe, a place with a subtropical climate, where sports holidays in Spain by the sea are very developed.

The administrations of the resort towns of the Costa del Sol have created excellent conditions conducive to engaging in all publicly available traditional types of sports recreation. At the same time developing and modernizing, the tourist infrastructure leads the development of the sports facilities of the resorts. This page is dedicated to the most popular sports in Spain.

Watersports on the Costa del Sol Spain

Sea fishing in Marbella on a yacht in the waters of the Costa del Sol and with access to the Strait of Gibraltar is divided into amateur and sports. Sea fishing, unlike traditional river fishing, is a sports holiday at sea for keen men. Catching large predatory fish, in a special way, by trolling from a moving boat using a powerful spinning rod, is an exciting and exciting action that requires special preparation.

Kiteboarding, this sport is practiced on the Costa del Sol on the countryside beaches. Sports recreation for highly trained water sports enthusiasts in Ispsnia. The best place to practice this kind of sports recreation in the south of Spain is the coast of the small town of Tarifa, located at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

A huge number of tourists are engaged in diving on the Costa del Sol. In all ports on the coast, you can find a water sports club providing services for the rental of special equipment and training for beginners who want to master the science of scuba diving.

Windsurfing is one of the sailing sports that can be practiced on the Costa del Sol. Sports activities that also require special equipment, which can be obtained from the coastal water sports clubs, more often located in the ports of the Costa del Sol.

Spain's tourism industry, virtually idle due to the COVID-19 epidemic, is using the forced pause to renew itself. DW was looking at what Spanish tourism will be like in the future.

Ancient private castles in Spain will be attractive not only for storks

The tourism industry is the main branch of the Spanish economy. Every fifth working Spaniard is employed in it, more than 12 percent of the country's GDP is created in this area. But if in 2019, 84 million tourists from other countries visited Spain, then this summer, due to the pandemic, Spain will be generally closed to foreign vacationers. An exception may only be made for some seaside resorts not affected by COVID-19. True, only citizens of the EU countries will be able to relax on them.

Meanwhile, in recent years, despite the constant growth in the number of tourists, the industry's revenues have practically not increased for various reasons. The current downtime has given the Spanish tourist industry the opportunity to analyze the situation in order to take measures to renew the industry, increase its attractiveness and profitability.

Coronavirus and other issues

"The pandemic has done great damage to us - hotels and restaurants designed for tourists are idle," Maria Crespo, a spokesman for the Spanish Confederation of Hotel Owners (ICVG), told DW. According to her, some experts even started talking about the fact that the tourism industry is not reliable, and therefore "Spain should reorient its economy to something less vulnerable." However, IKVG does not agree with this opinion, believes that tourism will be able to quickly restore its former positions.

One of the empty hotels in Madrid

However, Crespo continued, the pandemic is not the only challenge facing the industry. In recent years, many foreigners have begun to save money, staying, for example, not in hotels, but in private apartments. Competition is also growing in the international arena - from the countries of the eastern and southern Mediterranean, which were previously avoided by the Europeans due to the threat of terrorism. Brexit is also not conducive to tourism - in the past, the British were more active in Spain than others.

The quality of tourism is more important than mass

Together with the Institute of Tourism Quality, the representative of the ICVG further noted, "we have outlined a program for the renewal of the industry." From now on, the stake is placed not on increasing the number of guests, not on mass participation, but on "better and more comfortable tourism, on personalized service while maintaining affordable prices." We have begun renovations in hotels, Crespo said further, we are raising the qualifications of personnel, simplifying the sale of tours and registration of clients, and switching to digital technologies. It was decided to pay special attention to family recreation: special programs for children and adolescents, the development of appropriate menus, entertainment systems, and so on.

This is what the beach in Alicante looks like now

Experts, Crespo noted, consider it quite likely that the pandemic will resume in the future, so we have provided some sanitary measures. For example, all hotels from now on will be required to have a supply of protective masks and gloves for staff and guests, disinfectants. In order to avoid a large crowd of people, restaurants, if necessary, will serve customers in several shifts. Well, and the beaches, if necessary, will be divided into cells fenced off from each other - to maintain social distance.

Spanish Tourism Reserves - Private Collections

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