Rural tourism

Rural tourism as a business

The travel business in Russia has always been a profitable business. The profitability of this direction remains high, despite the emerging crises or difficult economic situations in the country.

Recently, rural tourism as a business has become entrenched in the service market, and is of interest to residents of large cities. Agritourism allows a person to plunge into the everyday life of the Russian hinterland. For sophisticated townspeople, such a vacation is exotic, and for this they are ready to give a lot of money. It is not difficult to organize rural tourism, but there are some nuances that a novice entrepreneur should be aware of.

Ecotourism in the countryside: where to start

Ecotourism as a business is attractive for rural residents who have limited funds. A small start-up

capital will be sufficient for:

  • Purchase or construction of a small house on a personal plot;
  • Purchase of a vehicle that is necessary for the transportation of tourists.

In addition, you will need to purchase pets and set up a small vegetable garden where food will be grown. It is allowed to use a private house of an entrepreneur as a place for tourists. It is necessary to divide or allocate part of the room for the dining room, since food must be prepared in a special equipped room.

When drawing up a business plan, an entrepreneur must choose the type of ecotourism that he will offer to clients. There may be several options:

  • Camping on weekends;
  • Accommodation of guests in the countryside from 1 week to a month;
  • Comfortable rest in comfortable cottages ...

If circumstances allow a person to invest a large sum of money in the organization of rural tourism, careful planning is necessary. Before turning a business idea into reality, an entrepreneur must decide on the scope of the project and correctly assess his financial capabilities. These factors affect how the infrastructure of the enterprise will look like. It includes places for vacationers to stay, food and entertainment.

A profitable business idea for the village: ecotourism

Not every city dweller can pamper himself with a country house. However, many people want to spend time enjoying fishing, mushroom and berry picking and are willing to pay for this pleasure. Let's take a look at how to set up such a business.

What is rural tourism

Rural tourism is an option for recreation away from the noise of the city, the opportunity to enjoy simple activities, in peace and quiet. In addition, it is part of a healthy lifestyle that has become more and more popular lately.

Agriturismo can choose from a wide variety of activities, including picking fruits and vegetables, horseback riding, honey tasting, learning about wine and cheese making, or buying handmade gifts from farm gift shops and farms. Therefore, the unification of tourism with agriculture looks quite promising.

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How to develop rural tourism

Buying a house in the countryside provides excellent opportunities for earning money. However, you should be aware that not every village is suitable for earning money. The terrain must meet the following requirements:

And of course, it is necessary to provide holidaymakers with all kinds of entertainment. These can be:

  • picking fruits and vegetables;
  • horseback riding;
  • chopping wood;
  • picking mushrooms; <
  • homemade wine tasting;
  • a zoo with pets, you can suggest feeding them.

And much more that city dwellers are deprived of in everyday life.

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Don't know what kind of business to open in the village? Pay attention to rural tourism. The article describes in detail all the stages of launching ecotourism.

Travel and exotic tours have become increasingly popular in recent years, and rural tourism is no exception. Many city dwellers get tired of the frantic rhythm of large cities and prefer to relax away from civilization and city bustle.

That is why rural tourism is considered a promising business area. A significant plus is that to start such a project, you do not need huge investments and a large number of documents. At the same time, the usual renting of a house in any village will not bring very high profits. To increase earnings, you can create a guest estate and offer tourists turnkey services - accommodation, service, entertainment. How to properly organize the whole process, what nuances you need to know and what to expect from rural tourism, we will analyze in the article.

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  • 1 What you need to know about rural tourism
  • 2 How to start organizing
    • 2. Seat selection
    • 2. Premises and its filling
    • 2. Staff
  • 3 The legal side
  • 4 What to consider when drawing up a tourism business plan
  • 5 How to promote green tourism
  • 6 How profitable is rural business

What you need to know about rural tourism

Agricultural tourism in our country appeared not so long ago, but has already begun to gain momentum. The main idea of ​​this business is to give city dwellers an opportunity to relax in the countryside, far from the frantic pace of megalopolises and to plunge into village life, to experience the peculiarities of rural life and a healthy lifestyle in the bosom of nature.

The number of tourists in this niche is growing every year. And this is not surprising, because many of those who from birth live in the city and are accustomed to the comfort of the urban jungle have never seen how carrots grow or how cows are milked. What is common for a rural dweller may be exotic and even extreme for a city dweller.

At the same time, for most tourists, one of the main criteria for choosing a place to stay is comfortable living conditions. This should be taken into account when starting the arrangement of housing for future guests. An authentic atmosphere with water from a well, a hayloft, lack of electricity and other benefits of civilization can attract lovers of such a variety, but most will not want to experience an overly harsh living environment. Therefore, you need to think in advance how to properly equip your guest house.

Ideally, if the guest estate will be located in a separate building. If this is not possible, then take care of at least a separate entrance for tourists. The same goes for the amenities. Few people want to live in a house where there is no hot shower and the toilet is outside. Plumbing, sewerage and electricity are required.

In addition to communications, the house must also be furnished with all the necessary furniture, tools and kitchen appliances. It is not necessary to purchase the entire range of kitchen utensils, but the presence of a kettle, refrigerator, stove and microwave is a mandatory minimum. The same goes for the washing machine. If your tourists are staying for more than a couple of days, you will definitely need it.

Food and rest. If tourists come to rest in the countryside, it means that they expect to taste delicious homemade dishes made from fresh local products. You must have your own farm: growing vegetables, fruits, livestock, chickens. So you can interest tourists and offer them additional entertainment: feed animals and poultry, milk cows, pick berries, mushrooms or vegetables with your own hands. For city dwellers who have never done this, such activities are very exciting.

The next item is the cultural program. For guests to have fun and interest, it is not enough just food, a comfortable home and local flavor. They also need to be entertained. Local attractions, beautiful landscapes, cycling, horseback riding will do. Pottery, basket weaving, wood carving and other activities will also help organize leisure travelers.

You need to understand that this business has a seasonality - tourists will be in the warm season. Read on for an overview of other summer business ideas.

The development of megalopolises, the popularity of a healthy lifestyle and tourism have spawned the spread of a new tourist destination - rural tourism. This direction has long been popular in Europe, but in Russia it has been developing only in the last decade. High demand for this service has started to emerge in the past few years. Rural tourism is a great business idea. A rural tourism business plan will help an entrepreneur explore a niche and start a business.

Business Description and Benefits

Agritourism (rural tourism) is a young direction in the tourism business, focused on visiting cultural, historical and natural landscape places.

The duration of the tour varies from one-day mini-trips to long stays in the countryside.

The benefits of this business:

  • Low competition. This segment of the tourism business is just developing in Russia, the market has not yet been developed.
  • Low entry threshold. You don't need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. At the initial stage, you can even do without an office.
  • Minimal risks. The entrepreneur risks only the time spent on the implementation of the idea and a small investment.
  • High profitability. Agritourism, like tourism in general, brings good income for companies, because the main task of the company is to organize a tour. When all processes are streamlined and automated, it does not require much effort.
  • Opportunity to expand the business and the range of services provided. For example, you can not only organize tours, but also sell inventory, clothing and other travel accessories.
  • Possibility to open such a business anywhere in Russia. Each region has its own characteristics that are interesting to tourists.
  • Growing demand for the service.
  • Fast payback.


There are the following subspecies of such tourism:

  • Agritourism. Tourists live on farms during the harvest season. Their food is what they collect from the earth and prepare themselves. The purchase of ready-made products and even individual ingredients in stores is usually excluded.
  • Village life. Tourists just live in the village for a while. There is a demand for this direction all year round.
  • Community ecotourism. Visiting one or several villages, a short stay in them. The emphasis is on communicating with local residents, studying their living conditions and traditions.
  • Ethnographic tourism. Russia is a multinational country. In each region there are villages, the inhabitants of which represent separate ethnographic groups - Bulgarian, Swedish, Finnish, Kyrgyz and other villages. Their inhabitants honor their traditions and live as in their homeland. The architecture, layout and general appearance of such villages differs from traditional Russian ones. Tourists like to visit such places and learn from their examples the rituals and traditions of other nations.

How to start a rural tourism business

Target audience

Target audience (CA) - tourists, travelers, residents of large cities of different ages.

Agritourism or rural tourism has been developing in Russia for several years, but due to its specificity it is not a market leader. This area of ​​recreation involves visiting estates and agricultural farms, observing their life, outdoor activities, horseback riding, participation in folk festivals. Sometimes such trips are accompanied by the opportunity to work in the field, garden or take care of animals. Is this type of tourism in demand in Russia, how to organize the reception of guests in the village and what directions are now popular.

The concept of agritourism

Village tourism is a relatively new direction in the tourism sector, involving visiting estates, villages, farms, observing their life and even participating in agricultural work. Potential tourists here are residents of large cities, for which rural life is as exotic as the seaside and safari in Africa.

Whether agritourism in Russia has prospects remains a controversial issue at the moment. The life and work schedule of many of our compatriots allows only 1 tourist trip a year, which most prefer to spend by the sea. Many have summer cottages and vegetable gardens, so they are not interested in spending their holidays in the countryside. There is a demand for ecological tourism only among very wealthy people and only on condition of a high level of service.

There is no definite concept of agritourism. Rural tourism combines several different types of recreation at once:

  • accommodation on private farms and estates;
  • gastronomic tours with tasting dishes from organic products;
  • participation in agricultural work;
  • ethnic tours - acquaintance with the history and culture of the area;
  • hiking in the forest, picking mushrooms and berries, hunting, fishing;
  • horseback riding.

However, all types of rural recreation are usually combined within the framework of one manor or farm - this way you can attract more guests.

How to start a rural tourism business

Setting up such a business is very difficult. An entrepreneur will have to consider many factors: from organizing a convenient access road to an interesting visit program. To make money in this way, you should not rely solely on the Russian audience. The demand will be too small. You need to focus on tourists from Europe, and therefore provide an appropriate level of comfort, safety and language.

Development of rural tourism is impossible without promotion among a foreign audience. It is the Europeans and, possibly, the Chinese who will “make the cashier”.

Consider a sample rural tourism project. Suppose an entrepreneur owns a land plot and a nice house in the countryside. The area of ​​the plot must be at least 500 sq. ... Guests can be accommodated in the house, provided that it is spacious and comfortable enough. Another solution is the construction of a hotel or guest houses. Next, you need to provide a road for guests. Businessmen from Central and Southern Russia will have an advantage - getting here is easier.

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