Rest on Lake Baikal in summer

Tours to Baikal

Baikal is one of the seven wonders of Russia. The deepest lake on earth, "almost the sea" and an extremely magical place. Tourists come here to admire the beauty of Altai nature, go fishing, put a valuable mark on their travel card and see for themselves the power of Baikal shamanism. How to get to Lake Baikal and what to do to make your vacation as varied as possible - read the full guide to vacationing on Lake Baikal in the Unitiket blog. at.

How to get to Baikal

Only local residents will be able to quickly get to Baikal. Everyone else will have an exciting journey with transfers. If you are ready to plan it yourself, use TravelBelka's services. u. On the site, you can find profitable options for a flight, hotel or even a package tour. To get to Baikal, you must first get to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude. These cities have airports, so the best option is to buy air tickets. From Moscow to Irkutsk fly 5.5 hours, to Ulan-Ude 6 hours. For comparison, a train journey from Moscow to Irkutsk will take on average three and a half days, and there and back - exactly a week.

Baikal can be reached by plane in just a few hours, by train - more than three days

The exact travel time from the airport to Lake Baikal depends on where the resort is located on the coast. For example, from Irkutsk to Listvyanka it is 70 km, and to the Maloye More - 255 km. To Olkhon from Irkutsk to go even longer - 399 km. You can get there by bus, car, train or boat.

What is the weather in summer on Lake Baikal

The active tourist season on Lake Baikal is considered to be the summer months - from June to September. However, despite the fact that the air in summer on Lake Baikal can warm up to 25 and even 30 degrees, the water in the lake remains very cold. In June - no more than 16 degrees. You can swim only in the bays, where it warms up to 23C.

The water in the lake is so cold that until now no one has been able to swim across it. Although attempts are being made regularly.

You should definitely put windproof things in your travel bag - a raincoat, a long-sleeved turtleneck. There are strong winds on Lake Baikal even in summer.

Waves on Lake Baikal reach 4 meters in height

Rest on Lake Baikal in summer

Baikal is one of the most interesting places for tourism. Surfers, divers and eco tourists from various countries flock here. Every year, the mountains that surround Lake Baikal move apart, so the distance between them is increasing by several centimeters every year.

Surprisingly, trees grow here that were saplings in the middle of the last century, today they are more than a hundred years old.

A distinctive feature is the fact that clouds cannot be seen over Lake Baikal. They simply do not exist here, since the water in the lake is very cold, evaporation is insufficient.

Ecotourism on Lake Baikal

Eco tours to Baikal will surprise everyone. Here you can see beautiful islands, rare old trees. The largest island (and there are 22 in total) is Olkhon. Its outline completely copies the shape of o. Baikal, precisely because of its unique shape, this island is also called the heart of Baikal.

The area around Lake Baikal keeps a large number of mysteries and secrets, so every eco-tourist will find something unusual and new here, fully experience the beauty of the magnificent nature. Eco tours on Lake Baikal are not suitable for small children.

Ecological tourism annually intensively develops more and more new territories. One of such places is Lake Baikal, striking not only with its size, but also with its amazing atmosphere and energy. No wonder this is what pushes a large number of tourists from other countries to come to this wonderful place.

Eco tourism on Lake Baikal is an informative and interesting tour that helps tourists to see the most interesting specimens of age-old trees that have lived for more than one hundred years. These giants stand and swing their branches, standing under them, you understand that you are a small grain of sand on this huge planet.

Tourists are surprised by the complete absence of clouds over the lake. This, as local residents say, is due to the fact that the water in Lake Baikal heats up little, due to its depth, and practically does not evaporate.

Here you can also visit the so-called "heart of Baikal", on the island of Olkhon. The disadvantage (and he is the only one) is that it is better not to come here with small children. The starting point of the route is Ust-Barguzin, from which the path goes to Glinka, passing through Lake Bormashevo.

How to get to Baikal and what to do to make your vacation as varied as possible. Everything about the best resorts in the region - Listvyanka, Maloe More, Olkhon Island, Goryachinsk and Baikalsk. What is the weather in Pribaikail in summer and is it possible to swim in the lake. Read the complete guide to rest on Lake Baikal on the Unitiket blog. at.

Rest on Lake Baikal, one of the main natural attractions of Russia, has always attracted not only domestic travelers, but also foreign lovers of wildlife, stunning landscapes and ethnographic rarities. It is here that you can truly feel what it means to be alone with the most mysterious body of water on the planet. Whose origin is still shrouded in mystery.

The rich flora and fauna, most of which are endemic, which means they live only within the lake, is protected by the World Heritage and the Pribaikalsky National Park in the Irkutsk region. Also of interest are the natural attractions of the Barguzinsky reserve in the North-Baikalsky region, the Dzherginsky reserve in the Kurumkansky region and the Tunkinsky national park in the area of ​​the same name.

Lake Baikal and the adjacent territories have been considered sacred places since ancient times and were covered with numerous legends. Today hardly anyone takes seriously the Buryat legends, but it is difficult to find other explanations, except for irrational ones, for some facts. One of the main questions is the age of the lake. It is at least 25 million years old, but signs of aging are still not observed.

Explore Olkhon Island! Arrivals on any day from 38,500 rubles.

Yenisei cruise. Various program variations from 10 days.

An adventure for the bravest: the tour "Crossing Baikal" - a two-day sledding tour on the frozen ice of Lake Baikal 49,000 rubles.

Sledding from 10 minutes and from 2,500 rubles.

Excursion tours and photo safaris

Unfortunately, we know very little about the unique peoples of the North, their culture, customs, beliefs, and just life. At the same time, everything related to local traditions is of great interest to anyone who considers travel as an opportunity to get acquainted with a new ethnic group and, at least, expand their horizons. For the national flavor of residents who have chosen the coast of the lake, it is best to go to the Republic of Buryatia, at least to visit the famous Ivolginsky datsan, a Buddhist monastery complex, 30 kilometers from Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia. Siberian Old Believers, descendants of the first Russian settlers who appeared on Lake Baikal at the end of the 17th century, will be no less interesting. It is worth visiting Taltsy, a museum of wooden architecture in the open air, in the Irkutsk region, with four cultural zones of the Baikal region: Russian, Buryat, Evenk and Tofalar and taking a walk in old Irkutsk.

Buryats believe that Lake Baikal has no bottom and that all water bodies flow into this giant sea (this is what the locals call Baikal). Indeed, the deepest lake on the planet contains a huge number of rivers.

If shamans and spirits living on Olkhon Island, the largest Baikal island and sacred place for all northern peoples, leave you indifferent, then the natural beauty will definitely impress. There are various photo tours, conducted both in winter and in summer, during which you can see deer, elk, roe deer and other animals from a distance of 20 meters. Depending on your choice, it can be a one-day photo safari or a long "hunt" for beautiful shots, up to 11 days. In the latter case, in addition to wild animals, you will also be offered a visit to resorts and a variety of entertainment. Such services are offered, in particular, by the Dzherginsky reserve.


Explore Olkhon Island! Arrivals on any day from 38,500 rubles.

Yenisei cruise. Various program variations from 10 days.

An adventure for the bravest: the tour "Crossing Baikal" - a two-day sledding tour on the frozen ice of Lake Baikal 49,000 rubles.

Sledding from 10 minutes and from 2,500 rubles.

Lake-sea, lake-mystery, lake-attraction, lake-record-holder, lake-standard - many more definitions can be given to Baikal, a natural phenomenon included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. During a tour to Lake Baikal, each tourist gets a good chance of a pleasant acquaintance with this miracle of nature. And although this acquaintance can begin in completely different ways, the result is always the same - a deep love for the most mysterious lake on the planet.

Cruise tours to Baikal

Perhaps, among all the variety of tours in Russia, it is Baikal that is considered the most desirable and, alas, often quite difficult to reach destination. And yet the number of tours to Baikal is huge, for example, cruises on motor ships lasting from three days to two weeks. During the shortest walk along the "glorious sea" on the ship, you can complete the "minimum program", that is, visit the iconic places of Lake Baikal. So, a must-see place, where, by the way, most cruises start - Listvyanka village with its Baikal Museum and a large fish market. The second attraction along the course is the picturesque Sandy Bay with a sandy beach and famous stilted trees. Not far from it is another local miracle, this time of a technogenic origin - the Circum-Baikal Railway. A trip along the Circum-Baikal Railway, the leader in the number of engineering structures on the railways, through tunnels and stone galleries, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Longer tours will make it possible to implement the “maximum program”, which includes acquaintance with other Baikal beauties and sights: Sennaya and Zavorotnaya bays, Olkhon and Krugly islands, Svyatoy Nos peninsula, Maloye More.

Ecotourism on Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal has been the center of ecotourism and a place of real pilgrimage for wildlife lovers for many years. Numerous hiking, horseback and combined routes around Lake Baikal are good because they allow you to see many quiet, truly untouched by civilization places. For example, having gone on such a trip, you can visit unique places in a specially protected natural area - the Trans-Baikal National Park, swim in the warm waters of the Slyudyanskaya Bay or the Goudzhekit spring. In general, such tours are more suitable for lovers of outdoor activities on Lake Baikal, but tour operators also offer lighter options for people without much physical training.

Fishing tours to Baikal

Fans of "quiet hunting" will enjoy fishing tours to Baikal, where a large number of different fish are found. But the Baikal omul can be called a kind of visiting card of the lake, for which tourists, indifferent to fishing, come in droves to fish markets.


New comments

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on our planet. It contains a huge supply of fresh water on the planet. There are a lot of legends and stories about Baikal.

Our site will tell you about tourism and recreation on Lake Baikal. About how useful and pleasant rest on Lake Baikal is. About how beautiful and unique the nature of the purest lake is, as well as about many other secrets of Lake Baikal, which you still know about.

Active tourism on Lake Baikal

Rest on Lake Baikal is not only useful, but also very pleasant, and has recently been very popular. The huge flow of tourists has made it possible to significantly increase the number of hotels and tourist centers on Lake Baikal, improve service for tourists and offer them much more options for recreation. The tourist service and the level of hotels have increased. The concept of “rest on Baikal” has moved to a completely different level.

tours to Baikal

Just a few years ago, comparing vacation on Lake Baikal with the Black Sea resorts, it was heaven and earth. Poor service, a small selection of offers and poor living conditions, all this repelled holidaymakers. Almost no civilization, although for many tourists this is the main factor for visiting this wild place.

Now the situation has changed dramatically, recreation on Lake Baikal is becoming fashionable. There are many tours, among which: equestrian tourism, rafting on the rivers of Lake Baikal, beach holidays on Lake Baikal, fishing and hunting, and this is just a small part of the list. Therefore, if you have not yet rested on Lake Baikal, then our advice to come here, and enjoy your rest!

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