Rest on; Baikal

Crystal ring of Baikal

Rest on Lake Baikal is suitable for those who prefer comfort and love nature. Here, a well-developed tourist infrastructure is combined with beautiful landscapes. Looking at the photo of a vacation from Lake Baikal, you understand that here it is - the best place for those who love unity with nature! Golden sandy or pebble beaches, rocky shores, dense forests that approach the water itself, high mountain ranges surrounding the lake, a favorable climate - all this makes Baikal a very attractive place for diversified recreation. The trends of recreation on Lake Baikal in 2019 indicate that people are increasingly choosing beautiful natural places, preferring to combine comfort and outdoor activities - walking in the forest, trips on off-road vehicles, fishing and much more. The development of tourism on Lake Baikal began a long time ago - in Soviet times. On Lake Baikal, tourism has deep roots and, accordingly, a developed tourist infrastructure. Modern tourism on Lake Baikal is mainly tours from tour operators, having bought which you will not think about organizational issues - food transfer, accommodation and excursions. As the experience of resting on Lake Baikal in 2018 shows, if you want to find more warmth and the Sun, then it is better to come in summer in August, if you like the absence of people and the golden autumn, then you should rest here in mid-September, if you prefer real Siberian winter, we recommend coming from mid-February to mid-March - only at this time you can see the legendary Baikal ice.

The best places to stay on Lake Baikal

You will definitely like it on the Small Sea - this is the strait between the mainland and Olkhon Island. It has its own unique microclimate - rare rains and many sunny days. In summer, the water in Baikal on the Small Sea warms up to 24 degrees. But an excellent rest will be everywhere on the shores of Lake Baikal - the coast of the lake, especially its southern and southwestern parts are quite well settled - there are good roads and comfortable recreation centers, as well as broken paths and organized parking spaces in national parks. Just imagine - you can put up a tent in one of the many sandy bays of Lake Baikal - and the rest was a success!

There are also hot springs on the eastern and northern shores of Lake Baikal - rest on them is also wonderful and healthy. And one cannot fail to mention the Mecca of tourism on Lake Baikal - Olkhon Island. Here everyone will find something to their liking - speedboat trips, fishing, kayaking, cycling and off-road vehicles and just a beach holiday on pine beaches with white and golden sand - all on the territory of a natural monument in the national park.

If you are interested not only in active or beach recreation, then it will be interesting for you to visit Listvyanka - a village on Lake Baikal, here you can visit interesting museums, for example, the unique Baikal Museum at the Limnological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where excursions are conducted by scientific employees or the open-air museum Taltsy, where historical, architectural and ethnographic values ​​from the 17th to the 20th centuries are collected, or go on an excursion along the Circum-Baikal Railway - the Circum-Baikal Railway, built in tsarist times and having no analogues in the whole world.

Summer vacation on Lake Baikal

Of course, for those who love warmth, this will be the best time to travel. A lot of the Sun, bright colors of nature around - turquoise water, blue-green mountains, blooming fields - what could be more beautiful! And in some places, the water in Lake Baikal warms up to +24 degrees - it is quite possible to swim. Boat trips, lake cruises, beach vacations are available. A wide range of leisure options - from training in the mountains and forests to car excursions. There is one drawback - in summer there are many tourists on Lake Baikal. Travelers and locals coming from all over the world, for whom Baikal is like the Black Sea for us. But if this does not bother you, then feel free to go to Lake Baikal in the summer! And in August, the rest will certainly be the most pleasant - there are no ticks, stable good weather, wild and summer berries ripen, as well as pine nuts and mushrooms. The prices for rest on Lake Baikal in summer are very different - it all depends on what is preferable for you. You can relax in a tent as a savage, or in a 5-star hotel on the road. There are also many recreation centers available - the simplest with amenities on the street and the most expensive and most comfortable ones.

Rest on Lake Baikal in winter

Winter holidays on Lake Baikal are another story. A real Siberian winter - with huge snowdrifts, snow watching underfoot, starry nights, a hot bathhouse and a Russian stove! But most of all tourists from all over the world are attracted by a unique phenomenon - Baikal ice. Most of the chances to see clean ice in the area of ​​Olkhon Island - the local microclimate is distinguished by the fact that there is practically no snow here, and the one that does fall is blown away by strong winds. If you are lucky and you get to Lake Baikal in good sunny weather, you will see a stunning and unforgettable lake - transparent with turquoise ice. People often ask if you can take your children with you - definitely yes, like you, winter holidays on Lake Baikal are ideal for children! You can ride cheesecakes, ice skates, special bicycles, climb ice caves, crawl on ice and play with pieces of ice - children from the age of three will be very interesting. A New Year's holiday on Lake Baikal is a great idea, but it is worth remembering that the ice on Lake Baikal does not freeze until mid-late January, so on New Year's Eve you can get to Olkhon Island only by water. But the New Year on Lake Baikal may be interesting for those who love Siberian winter - you can rent a cottage on the banks of the Angara and celebrate the holiday in the best Russian traditions. A popular time to relax on Lake Baikal is in March, but for those who know that March in Siberia is still winter. You need to be prepared for freezing temperatures and a huge snowdrift. But the first half of March is the best time to see the Baikal ice - it is not so cold and there is more of the Sun. In the second half of March, going to Olkhon is risky - the ice may already begin to melt and the ice route will be closed. The price of rest on Lake Baikal in winter is not very different from the summer, if you go as part of combined groups. If you want to go to Lake Baikal on your own in winter, it can get quite expensive - in winter there are fewer tourist centers than in summer, and you can only travel by off-road transfer - this all makes an independent visit more expensive. Travel in a group will be cheaper. So, winter recreation on Lake Baikal definitely deserves attention - we believe that everyone should get here at least once at this time of the year!

Rest on Lake Baikal in spring

Rest on Lake Baikal in April and May is less popular. In April, you will hardly meet tourists here - the ice begins to crack and cars no longer drive on it. Active snow melting begins - all this can make you enjoy the local beauty. In May the weather is also not stable yet, but it is getting warmer. You can watch the ice drift on Lake Baikal. Nature comes to life, leaves bloom on trees, early plants bloom.

Rest on Lake Baikal in autumn

Rest on Baikal

Are you a true romantic and adventurer? Spend two days alone with Great Baikal, and one night on the ice, over the Baikal water column. There will be a visit to the two banks of the Baikal and the most mysterious, sheedy legends of the places: Olkhona and the Chivirkuy Bay. If you are ready for a trip capable of changing life, then way.

Benefits of this trip: <

  • We will see the Ivolgin Daman - a big monastic complex;
  • We will pass on the ice of Baikal, as well as take a hiking;
  • you swim under the open Sky in hot springs of snake covers;
  • We will see a nerver or, almost imperceptible on ice, her young, a fabric;
  • walk through the old town of Irkutsk in the light of the lanterns.

Search for tickets for all airlines directly in a large country together with Aviasales! <

Tour program

Group meeting in Ulan-Ude - 9:00 at the airport, at 10:00 on the railway station (local time, ahead of Moscow for 5 hours).

Car tour to Ivolginsky Datsan (30 km) - a large monastery complex, the interiors of his temples are decorated with genuine works of art.

Here is the residence of Pandito Hambo Lambo, the heads of the Buddhists of Russia; Buddhist University, where huvarakov-novice training is being trained, Lam's houses.

Datsan is under the protection of the state as a monument of cult architecture.

Sightseeing tour of the city center.

Departure to the village. Turku (160 km) on Baikal. Accommodation in the guest house. Early hang.

Go further along the shore of Baikal to see the fabulous paintings of the Winter Baikal in the Trans-Baikal National Park.

Auto EXCURSION on the Ice of the Chivirkuy Bay with stops for photo shoots: bizarre ice sculptures created by nature itself.

Baikal is one of the best places for winter and summer holidays in Russia. Find out the features of such a vacation. We do not forget to rest on Lake Baikal!

Baikal is a real miracle of nature. The world's deepest freshwater lake, has long been recognized as one of the "seven wonders of the world."

It is located in the center of Asia, right on the border of the Irkutsk region with the Republic of Buryatia. To see with your own eyes this is a mysterious place, almost every experienced traveler dreams.

Tourism in the area of ​​Lake Baikal becomes a popular destination. Every day the edge, where the lake is located, visits a huge number of people. But besides ordinary excursions, there is a huge number of classes that you need to try.

Dog sledding on ice

The world's largest lake is available for tourists at any time of the year.

In the winter season, Baikal's nature will surprise tourists with its surroundings and magnificent scenery. Fresh lake air will saturate the lungs with additional oxygen.

Local provide tourists a unique opportunity to experience incredible emotions. Sledding on a thick layer of ice pulled by specially trained dogs will be remembered for a lifetime.

Friendly huskies will ride along fabulous ice grottoes. There is also an opportunity to ride in this way around the Pearl of Siberia. The road will take several days with stops for the night in nearby settlements.


This entertainment is suitable for all ages. From time immemorial, locals have been fishing - it is considered the main craft here.

Today, industrial fishing is practiced on Lake Baikal, but traditional fishing has remained.

This gives the tourist a unique opportunity to catch his own trophy and have fun. Then you can cook the legendary fish soup on the shore.

Rest on Lake Baikal is a vivid experience, meeting with nature and a lot of interesting activities and entertainment for every taste. Here you can sunbathe, fish, kayak, visit world-famous museums and sights. This is a great place for those who love nature and want to spend their vacation as richly as possible. We organize tours in the Baikal region for everyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of this region. The price of rest on Lake Baikal in 2020 is indicated in the description of our tours. We have inexpensive offers for tourists from all regions of Russia.

Please contact us because:

Rest on Lake Baikal: what can you do?

Of course, the main thing that tourists come here for is the beauty of the lake itself. Therefore, all our tours involve acquaintance with Lake Baikal. You can spend several hours or days on the shore of the lake, go to Olkhon Island, explore the seal rookery, see picturesque bays and bays. In addition to the splendor of the Baikal nature, we offer:

  • Fascinating excursions to museums dedicated to the culture and nature of the Baikal region. You will be able to get acquainted with the life of the indigenous people of this region, see the inhabitants of the lake in huge aquariums, and you will be able to communicate with a real shaman.
  • Active rest of all kinds: rafting, diving, fishing and much more. All necessary equipment is included in the cost of active tours; instruction is provided for beginners.
  • Fascinating hikes along the lakeside with overnight stays in nature and at camp sites in the most beautiful places. On the way with you there will be experienced instructors who will not only show you the route, but also conduct interesting, educational excursions to natural attractions.

Price of rest on Lake Baikal per year

In the description of the tours, we indicate the cost of the program from Irkutsk. As a rule, within the framework of one tour, you can vary the price, which depends on the number of tourists and the characteristics of the accommodation. You can clarify the information on the provision of a discount from our consultants.

Spend your vacation on Lake Baikal

Do you plan your vacation every year, and have you already visited the best resorts in Russia? We invite you to visit the largest freshwater lake on Earth - Baikal. If you prefer visiting the magnificent corners of Western Siberia, then the best choice would be to rest on Lake Baikal.

Prices for summer tours 2020 will pleasantly surprise you. In any price category, you can find the most suitable option for a summer vacation. It can be short trips for several days or a full-fledged tour with excursions, hikes, trekking walks and boat rides on the lake. The rest, spent in the protected Baikal places, will give unforgettable memories. By purchasing a tour from us, you can:

  • Arrange short-term vacations, or get a ticket for the entire summer vacation.
  • For an adequate price, get a full range of services for accommodation in hotels of any category.
  • Choose your favorite excursions to the most popular museums and nature reserves of the Baikal region.
  • Include family and children's parties, hiking trips and cruises in the tour program.

Plan the tour yourself

By purchasing a tour to Baikal from us, you can personally plan which corners of the Baikal region to visit. Fans of active recreation can go diving or go kayaking the steepest rapids, go hunting or take an exciting walk along the lake shore with a spinning rod in hand.

Baikal, Sennaya Bay (Photo: Olga Litvintseva | Photobank Lori)

Lake Baikal is located in Eastern Siberia, on the border of Buryatia and Irkutsk region. Its coastline is a popular holiday region that attracts tourists throughout the year.

Various leisure options are available each season. In warm weather people come to Baikal for fishing, sightseeing of natural attractions, observation of seals on the Ushkany Islands, and in winter, holidaymakers are waiting for dog sleds, crossings on a frozen lake, mountain skiing.

The infrastructure of the region is at a high level, so tourists can count on a comfortable stay. This article contains information about Lake Baikal: the best time to travel, what to do, what are the prices, where to live, and how to get there.

When to go on vacation

Winter sports fans should go to the lake from November to April. Already at the end of autumn, the temperature on the slopes drops to -10 ... -15 ° С, which provides a snow cover up to 2 meters high.

In the summer season, most tourists come in July. Due to the continental climate, Baikal has warm summers, with temperatures up to + 25 ° C, allowing you to spend a lot of time in the fresh air.

Where to rest

There are many resorts on Lake Baikal that are suitable for both winter and summer holidays. The most popular of them are Listvyanka, Arshan, Goryachinsk and Olkhon Island.


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