Rest in Adygea in winter 2020-2021: where to go and what to see

Rest in Adygea

Main impressions

Amazing reliefs of mountainous Adygea, the rapid Belaya river, mountain plateaus and forest coolness. Horseback riding, rafting, hiking, fresh waterfalls, cave trips and bathing in hot springs. And all this in just three days off!

This trip is perfect for those who like a variety of outdoor activities. And also for those who come to the beautiful Adygea for the first time. Great reboot in a short time.

What will we do on the tour

Multitour is when we combine several types of outdoor activities in one trip. In our program, you will try:

- walking mini-hike along the most beautiful waterfalls

- rafting on a mountain river

- excursion to the equipped cave

- bathing in hot springs

- extreme park: riding on an iron cable over a mountain gorge (trolls, zip-line) and an equipped rock trail via ferrata (optional)

In such trips, a day goes for three. Impressions from a busy weekend will remain as if after a week of travel!


Tours to Montenegro

At some point, the question arose where you can go to rest with your parents. I wanted to come up with something active and certainly in Russia. After some deliberation, I chose sunny Adygea.

Advantages of Adygea

☀️Excellent weather in March: Today (March 19) in Kamennomostskiy + 14 ° C

? Early bloom: Flowers begin to bloom at the end of February.

?? ‍♂️Active rest: Adygea has no outlet to the sea. Therefore, active tourism is actively developing in the republic. Here you can ride an ATV, explore caves, go rafting, rock climbing, bask in hot springs and much more. Details below:

Top activities in Adygea:

Hot springs are the best in Russia!

It's amazing, but there are some pretty good hot springs in Russia! In Adygea, they are much nicer than the pools in Essentuki. Kamchatka romance and Japanese neatness are a little lacking, but these are details.

Nice lighting, separate houses, a huge projector with music videos. More like an open-air club than a place of meditation. But I definitely recommend going there.

The springs are located 25 km from the village of Kamennomostsky (towards Maikop)

Waterfalls Cascade

Kamennomostsky is located on the banks of the Belaya River. Tributaries flow into it, which descend from mountain terraces, forming cascades of waterfalls of 7-15 meters. The walk will take about 2 hours. The entrance ticket costs approx. 300 rubles.

Active tours in Montenegro: selection of a tour for any tourist. Go on exciting hikes with the Adventure Club along a variety of routes!

In a week you will try a varied combination of active and recreational excursions through picturesque nature in Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory: canyoning, horseback riding, descents with climbing equipment, trekking, caves and thermal springs and an extreme park.

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Tour program

10:00 Gathering the group at the railway station in Krasnodar.

11:00 Gathering of the group at the airport in Krasnodar.

13:00 Arrival in the village. Kamennomostsky.

Accommodation in rooms with all conveniences.

Acquaintance of the group with the guide-instructor.

15:00 Walking tour.

Visiting the Khadzhokh Gorge - a natural monument created by the Belaya River millions of years ago.

The gorge is crowned by a natural stone bridge, which gave the name to the village.

On the way back, visit the clean, flowing Red Lake, located in a rock mass and surrounded by granite bastions.

Adygea is tourism and recreation, a land of incredible opportunities for lovers of hiking and idle contemplation of the beauties of wild nature. There is no sea here, but there are mountains of the majestic Caucasus, from the tops of which waterfalls cascade and mountain rivers descend. They fill alpine meadows with life and shady gorges with coolness, and thermal springs are always ready to welcome new guests. Adyghe people say that happiness comes with a guest. Therefore, a hike in Adygea will make the tourist not only a little happier, but also leave unforgettable moments in his memory.

Popular destinations and attractions

The republic borders on the Krasnodar Territory. But it is full of its own unique history, the moments of which are organically woven into the excursion routes.

  • Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. Passes through the region and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a mountainous area where you can conquer one or three peaks of the Caucasus Range at once: Fisht (2867 m), Oshten (2804 m), Pshekha-Su (2743 m). Active tours to Adygea around the reserve can be organized for one or several days and fully experience the natural flavor of the area.

And these are just a few interesting points present on the tourist routes of Adygea. You can discover even more with the Adventure Club!

Types of hiking in Adygea

The Adyghe mild climate will allow you to travel from April to October, enjoying comfortable weather and discovering unexplored corners of Russia. The only thing you need to do is choose the route and format of the trip:

  • walking - it can be, as well as 2-hour excursions, and hikes for several days. Each route has a different level of difficulty;
  • combined - combines two options for movement: on foot and by car, therefore it is suitable even for inexperienced travelers and children;
  • mountain camp - 7 exciting days, thanks to which adults and children will get acquainted with almost all the sights of the region;
  • a hike with children - a specially designed route, taking into account the peculiarities of childhood. Such programs combine active recreation, interesting excursions, acquaintance with the history and nature of a new area;
  • accommodation at a camp site - multi-day tours to Adygea, when a relaxing outdoor recreation with family or friends can be diversified with an excursion program.

Tour features

The journey to Adygea starts from Krasnodar, where a transfer is organized to the starting point of the tour, the price of which includes:

  • transportation and meals on the route;
  • instructor services;
  • museum entrance fees and recreational fees;
  • general first aid kit;
  • group equipment rental.

Snow on the Lago-Naki plateau in Adygea lies from late November to early May. But in winter the resort becomes especially popular, residents of the south, hungry for snowdrifts and blizzards, come here: Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, Rostov Region. They often arrange a weekend here. Go sledding and snowmobiling for a couple of days, go skiing and go home.

Rest in Adygea in winter 2020 and 2021 is not an excursion, but for active tourists. Almost all hiking trails are closed during the cold season for safety reasons. But the slopes are rolled out and are ready to accept those who want to ride with the breeze from morning to late evening.

As a center for winter active tourism, the Adyghe plateau is inferior to the neighboring ski resorts: Krasnaya Polyana, Arkhyz, Dombay and Elbrus. There are just one or two equipped slopes and lifts. Therefore, experienced skiers and snowboarders come here infrequently, only on weekends and from nearby cities. When you can't get out to steep peaks, where there are both red and black slopes. But for families with children here expanse. You can drive up the slides and study calmly, without fear that some freerider will crash into you at full speed.

The advantage of Lago-Naki is that the tracks are located next to hotels and tourist centers. Are you cold? You can always go to a cafe and warm up. And the climate here is pleasant: the temperature rarely drops below -10 degrees, the sun warms the air.

In the evenings, resort guests have access to standard entertainment: outdoor thermal pools, saunas, bowling, discos.

Rafting Workshop

Dance at a concert and dress up a forest tree in December

Nature can throw surprises in the first month of winter. It rains, then thaw up to +16. But by the middle of December, stable weather is usually established: snow and light frost.

Rest in Adygea in winter is more often associated with skiing and snowboarding, the ski season will open in December 2020 and will last until April 2021. In honor of this, a real holiday is organized: at the fairs they are treated to herbal tea from a samovar and honey, they give to taste the famous Adyghe cheese, sell wool mittens and socks, arrange concerts of local bands with songs and dances. There are bathing grounds where they conduct master classes in steaming with brooms, and barbecue grounds on the slope of the Azish-Tau ridge. After culinary duels and snow fights, an evening disco is announced. The festival usually lasts two days.

Riding at the end of December is already quite calm: there is enough snow, the tracks are rolled out and the first riders are waiting. Those who have not yet mastered the board or ski will also have something to do. Drive carriages, sleighs or sled dogs, build ice castles or decorate a Christmas tree in a real forest. Take toys and battery-powered garlands with you - they will create a pre-New Year mood.

By the end of the month, all hotels are already decorated for the holiday, the main New Year hits are heard from the speakers at tourist sites. The lake near a large ski complex freezes over and turns into a skating rink.

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