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Hotels in Kislovodsk

Recreation centers in Kislovodsk

Recreation center, Novosibirsk region, Russia

Sanatoriums in Kislovodsk

Sanatorium/dispensary, Kislovodsk, Russia

Sanatorium/dispensary, Kislovodsk, Russia

Sanatorium/dispensary, Kislovodsk, Russia

Sanatorium/dispensary, Kislovodsk, Russia

Rest in Kislovodsk: photo, description

Kislovodsk is a popular holiday destination among tourists. All information about Kislovodsk is presented here: photos, weather, interesting places and facts.

ATOR summed up the tourism results of 2020 and talked about three scenarios in 2021

The unique balneo-climatic mid-mountain resort Kislovodsk has always been very popular among tourists. Kislovodsk is the largest and most comfortable resort in the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

We will tell you how to get there, where to stay, how the sanatoriums are better and what to see in Kislovodsk.

How to get to Kislovodsk

Kislovodsk is located in the Stavropol Territory (southern part), on the border of Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria, 65 kilometers from the famous Mount Elbrus. The resort is located at an altitude of about a thousand meters above sea level in a hollow, surrounded on almost all sides by mountains and crossed by two cold mountain rivers - Olkhovka and Berezovka, flowing into another mountain river Podkumok.

Those wishing to quickly get to Kislovodsk, you need to take a plane to Mineralnye Vody, and from there you can quickly get to Kislovodsk by any vehicle (bus, minibus, taxi) or train. The distance from Minvod to Kislovodsk is 64 km.

The cost of air tickets for flights Moscow - Mineralnye Vody on the calendar of low prices.

A bus from the Minvody bus station - Kislovodsk departs every 30-60 minutes. Travel time is one hour.

Train schedule Moscow - Kislovodsk

St. Petersburg-Main. → Moscow Kurskaya → Kislovodsk

Moscow Kazanskaya → Kislovodsk

Moscow Paveletskaya → Kislovodsk

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Jeep tour KMV - created for those who prefer unusual tourism and recreation, love nature and understand the romance of wanderings!

Excursions from Kislovodsk and other resorts of the North Caucasus in 2021 will traditionally be popular with everyone who rests here on their own or on vouchers in sanatoriums, holiday homes and camp sites. Since public transport from Kislovodsk does not go to many of the most beautiful and exotic corners of the Caucasus, an organized excursion for many of its guests remains the only option available.


Excursions from Kislovodsk (2021), which is called the City of the Sun, have long been an integral part of the varied pastime of vacationers. Their demand is due to the favorable location of the resort.

On the one hand, it adjoins the majestic Caucasian ridge, on the other, with the unique nature of several republics of the North Caucasus, as well as the sights of other resort towns of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Travel companies and private guides use this to carry out exciting trips along the most interesting and informative routes, the set of which is almost the same for everyone.

All excursions are aimed at achieving several goals:

  • expanding the knowledge of travelers;
  • awakening interest in the history of Russia;
  • immersion in the fantastic world of legends and myths of the Caucasus.

The collection point of departure from Kislovodsk is determined by each travel company or individual guides in accordance with the wishes of a specific group of tourists. The cost of excursion trips for all major tour operators is practically the same.

Top-best excursions

Kislovodsk excursion bureaus offer excursion routes for the guests of the resort in 2021, which invariably cause increased interest among vacationers from year to year. The top ten includes:

Kislovodsk - Dombay

Travelers from all over the world come to one of the wonderful cities of Russia - Kislovodsk. The city of the Stavropol Territory lures tourists with its remarkableness, catchiness, and interestingness. That is why a list of the best places to go while in this resort city has been compiled for you.

Briefly about the city of Kislovodsk

A sanatorium-type city located not far from Stavropol. The settlement has approximately 130 thousand inhabitants. A unique climatic situation is observed in the city thanks to the surrounding mountain slopes and forest areas.

The beginning of the 19th century is the century of the city's creation. The determining factor in the name was the presence of acidic mineral waters on its territory.

Acquired the status of a resort town due to the construction of a large number of hospitals and sanatoriums during the First World War.

TOP attractions

Which places deserve special attention? Why are they so attractive, historically famous? What are the must-see sites? We'll find out below.

National Park

A significant part of the territory is occupied by the national park, created in 2016. The large complex is divided into the following sections:

  • natural, reserved, ecological;
  • cultural, historical;
  • tourist, sports;
  • leisure.

Here you can culturally enlighten yourself by looking at historical monuments and sculptures. Visit thematic exhibitions, museums. Improve your health through the passage of sports sites, a cable car.

No. p/pService Cost1. excursions, exhibitions from 150 to 300 rubles/person. ... use of the premises for seminars from 1200 rubles/hour 3. climbing sports routes from 120 to 400 rubles/hour 4. arrangements from 20 to 800 rubles/piece.

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