Rating of the best cars for travel by yourself

Autotourism as a type of independent travel

An independent car trip allows you to build a route to interesting sights. To organize the tour, you need to choose a car and prepare it. A minimum investment of money and time is required by cars, vans for travel, which are designed for long trips.

Requirements for vans

First you need to choose the type of car - RV, van, trailer or camper. This is influenced by the availability of free space in the car park, the budget and the number of travelers. RVs offer maximum comfort, but require separate parking and are more expensive to maintain than a standard travel car. Factory models or hand-made ones are popular in Russia.

  • accommodation for 5-6 people, at least 3 beds;
  • full bathroom - toilet, washbasin, shower;
  • place for cooking;
  • heating and air conditioning;
  • the smell of drinking and industrial water.

Separate requirements for off-road vans. To do this, they take middle-class trucks and install an equipped KUNG on them, converted for passengers and long trips. Alternatively, it can be mounted on a caravan frame. But the depreciation will be worse, when driving off-road, comfort is reduced.


For an active holiday in Russia, you need to pick up reliable cars, vans for travel. Buying used models is done after a detailed inspection - suspension, engine, heating systems, air conditioners. Technical and running parameters depend on the type of independent travel - on the roads of Russia or off-road.

Long-distance van specifications:

  • engine power - not less than 120 hp. .;
  • ground clearance, important for cross-country ability, - from 160 mm;
  • zone climate control;
  • type of fuel - diesel or gasoline, installation of gas equipment is undesirable ;
  • electric generator - from 6 kW;
  • pumps for creating pressure in the water supply system;
  • compartment for storing sewage waste.

By default, the car must have a refrigerator, gas oven for cooking. The use of electrical models is irrational, they consume a lot of electricity. A separate compartment is used to store the gas cylinder.

Luggage space - in the cabin, large external luggage racks. Off-road vans must have a winch. To save space, an expeditionary trunk is installed.

Choosing vans for independent travel

As many already know, I really love road travel. I like the feeling of an endless road, constantly driving and watching the changing landscapes outside the window. Feel how nature is changing. I like to look for camping places and cook dinners on the stove. Live on the road for several days, waiting for the incredible mountain scenery outside the window.

We have been tormented for a long time with the choice of a car specifically for long trips. We needed an economical, not very expensive to maintain, but passable car.

As a result, our choice fell on the all-wheel drive diesel Renault Duster. Yes, he is not very good in appearance, but for 2 years now he has been doing everything that is required of him. A great workhorse you can trust.

The advantages of a diesel Duster

After a long time after the purchase and already several long trips, I can say with confidence: this is almost an ideal car for travelers. By the way, many lovers of all kinds of trips to nature and long-distance people also choose this car, and for a reason.

Economy consumption

Diesel has now risen in price and is already more expensive than 95 gasoline, but we still have a more profitable Duster than Cruz in terms of the cost per liter/fuel consumption ratio.

Average consumption for 2 years according to a special application for accounting - 6.9 l/100 km. We do not drive much in traffic jams and we ride a lot on the highway, which is in the order of things for auto travelers.

Duster has no equal in terms of consumption and maintenance costs and at the same time dynamism among the machines of other brands, similar in characteristics and cross-country ability. Yes, other cars will have other pluses, for example, the spaciousness of the trunk and the comfort in the cabin. But for us, the first place was not the appearance of the car or the width at the feet of the rear passengers, but the cost of maintenance and fuel consumption.


In order to just go wherever you want without a headache, and not be a jeep sitting in shit - Duster is enough in abundance. You can drive along the roads in the Caucasus, in Adygea, to the Gegsky waterfall, and that's enough for us.

There is enough clearance to get to remote and uncrowded places. The light weight of the car and the four-wheel drive are only a plus of cross-country ability.

Switchable four-wheel drive

Cars, vans for travel: an overview of the requirements for cars, technical specifications. Popular vehicle models for Russia, cost.

Automobile tourism in our country can be both a commercial product (when tour operators fill the salons of spacious cars, jeeps or buses with clients), and the fruit of your own organizational activities related to traveling by personal vehicle. The latter type of travel is gaining more momentum these days. Indeed, in recent years, each region of Russia has been trying to more effectively show its tourist attractiveness, "giving birth" more bistros, roadside motels, gas stations, logistically accessible car services and campgrounds.

As you guessed, we devote this review to the second version of this phenomenon, objectively highlighting its categories, nuances, advantages and disadvantages.

Types of car tourism


Certain types of auto tourism became widespread in the Russian Federation only in the XXI century - already with the advent of "caravans" - mounted in the back of a car or trailer trailers. They resemble a home on wheels, being equipped with at least sleeping and seating areas with a table and, at most, a sink and a bathroom. The main joy of caravanning is that having spent well just once (during the purchase of the "autoark"), you will forget about all the costs mentioned below later. After all, a place for cooking and eating food, spending the night and even water procedures will always be with you. And it's free. Of course, the exception will be gasoline - in order to lug such a colossus, the engine will burn it in huge quantities. This was the first negative. There are a couple of others: with such a huge economy, you will not go to every location from those on your list, and in the parking lot or on the territory of a paid auto camping, parking a trailer is paid the most. Therefore, you will always need to look for an unofficial place for residential accommodation. And on the territory of a more or less large city, you will have to look for a parking lot for a caravan.

Weekend trip

Such types of autotourism as this (along with safaris and jeeping on the territory of one tract common abroad) allow you and your passengers to turn round and back within one daylight hours, that is, do not spend the night on the way. As a rule, the trip is associated with visiting recreational, historical or cultural attractions that lie within the medium-sized region (or with a shallow stop in a neighboring one). We are talking about a distance of no more than 400 kilometers. In the summer, leaving at six in the morning, you can actually return to the starting point no later than 22:00. On the one hand, there are solid benefits waiting for you - savings on gasoline, food, overnight stays (this is if you like a comfortable sleep, at least in the campsite). The strength and nerves are preserved (after all, it will not take long to sit in a twisted position or stand in traffic jams). And yet there is a "fly in the ointment" here. Firstly, having spent less than a day on the adventure, you are unlikely to get enough romance and positive impressions. Secondly, in order not to get stuck with an overnight stay, you will need to constantly look at the clock, and thanks to this, stops for photo sessions of interesting places, for example, mini-landscapes, can be missed. If the path goes through a sparsely populated area, you will have to take food with you. As a rule, you will need to save time and drive through corners to villages with shops ...

Moving with overnight stays in guest establishments

“Wild” car tourism is divided into two aspects in relation to the enjoyment of the benefits of civilization. Many of us still do not want to become like old pilgrims, carrying "everything that is ours" with us (tent, camping amenities, gas burner). These people exploit advances such as camping, hostel, motel or even classic hotel. The latter is distinguished by the presence of a restaurant, a swimming pool, a cleaned place on the beach, where you (lounging in a sun lounger) can be brought a glass of champagne or even a light breakfast. This, as you understand, was the pros. The unpleasant moments include the obligation to book places in such establishments. They are busy during the high season. And, having ordered a room (parking space, several beds in a dormitory room, and so on), you still have to be at the point of accommodation on time, or the reservation will simply "burn out". However, the private sector is at your service in resort or “iconic” villages for tourists. Another "but" - noisy, unpleasant neighbors, they can ruin absolutely all the cool impressions about the place of temporary stay.

Tent trip

Half of the fans of "self-propelled" auto-tours do not tolerate the hotel service, believing that it violates the holy of holies of the classic hike, in which one must live exclusively in a tent. Tent overnight stays add their own requirements and characteristics to the program. They are related to the choice of a bivouac point. There should be a comfortable ride and a dry flat patch (not threatening flooding). And this corner should not be part of a strictly protected natural area, where you cannot stand up and burn fires. The "iron horse" itself in such a situation must have good roominess - you will need to take the tent itself, caravans, sleeping bags, clip-on "backs", equipment for cooking, garbage bags (you don't want to harm the environment?). However, such a trip has its own "zest" associated with saving money on hotel and dining services. In addition, sunsets and sunrises, which we have already mentioned in the article, are ideally available.

Travel to just one point of interest

When choosing a car for travel and travel, it is necessary to take into account some parameters of the car, which are responsible for comfort and efficiency.

In most cases, the choice falls on off-road vehicles, i.e. often on the way you have to overcome various obstacles.

Toyota RAV

Great car for traveling, has the following characteristics:

  • good ground clearance - 19.cm;
  • fuel consumption on the highway 7 l/100 km;
  • soft suspension, allows you to unnoticeably pass through minor irregularities of the road;
  • · the volume of the trunk of 500 liters makes it possible to fit suitcases and equipment.

Soft armchairs will make you feel comfortable on a long journey.

Skoda Kodiaq

Able to overcome snow drifts and eroded dirt roads. It has an economical two-liter diesel power engine with 180 hp. ...

Fuel consumption on the highway is 5. l/100 km. The cabin is equipped with built-in speakers that amplify the sound of passengers' voices.

Soft head restraints are also available for resting on the go.

Independent travel by car gives freedom of action, the ability to change the route at will. But this requires a reliable and convenient vehicle model. The best travel car should be versatile - for long journeys and everyday use.

Choosing a car for travel

Buying a car only for long journeys is costly and unprofitable. He must carry out daily tasks - commuting to work, transporting children, small loads. Re-equipment for independent travel is done in the garage, without the help of specialists. Provides comfort for the driver and passengers.

Characteristics of the car for long trips:

  • Salon. Comfortable, designed for a long stay. The rear seats fold down completely to expand the luggage compartment, make berths.
  • Trunk. Roomy, from 500 liters. The door opens around the entire perimeter of the compartment to retrieve and store bulky goods. It is possible to attach a tent or awning to the opening.
  • Fuel consumption. On the highway, it should not be higher than 8 liters per 100 km. This will limit the ability to use the best vehicle for traveling in remote areas with poor infrastructure.
  • The suspension is soft to compensate for uneven road or rough terrain.
  • Field repair. Changing a wheel or a fuse is done by the driver. The more popular the car, the more likely it is to find a car repair shop and spare parts in the vicinity.

It will be difficult for a beginner to find a car according to these criteria. You can contact specialized companies that will compile a list of current offers on the market.

Rating of the best sedans

Sedans are the most common private vehicles. The advantage is the choice of models and manufacturers, different prices. The latter increases with increasing comfort and safety. These are not the best cars for long distance travel. The reason is a small trunk, there is only enough space in the cabin for three passengers and the driver.

Toyota Camry

Class D vehicles are popular. Price - 1,400,000 rubles, there are several types of configuration. The salon is spacious, you can take a model with air conditioning or zone climate control. Good safety system, the driver does not get tired while driving during long routes.

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