Ranking of the best sites for buying flights in 2021

Virtual travel around the world

What could be better than travel? It doesn't matter where - to the warm seas with beautiful palm trees or to Antarctica, to the penguins, whether to Europe to get acquainted with history or Asia with its exoticism and mystery. But all this is quite costly, and even dreary: to calculate dates in advance, discounts, the ability to combine with your free time and wallet! In addition, not everything can be overcome purely physically and without preparation: whether it be the peaks of 8 thousanders or some underwater caves.

How, then, travel for free?

Free travel information

Internet tourism is different. Fortunately, modern technologies allow us to enjoy the beauty without leaving home. Here you can look into the most secret corners of our globe - to climb to great heights and survey the horizon from a height not even a bird's eye view, but the International Space Station! Yes, yes, even this has become available thanks to webcams.

Let's list everything you need to travel online to anywhere in the world. Today there are quite a few online travel services:

The first assistant in virtual city travel is, of course, Google Maps. Open the link, click on the yellow man icon in the lower right corner, and travel! Three-dimensional maps, the very first in such a technique, which make it possible to view the majestic palaces, art galleries, canyons and waterfalls and a lot of other interesting objects of the world from heights, zoom in at close range and see everything in great detail, scroll the picture from different sides.

  • There are also entire sections of virtual tours from Google.

Traveling in quarantine: watching broadcasts from online cameras

The second way to travel online is with the webcams mentioned above. They are installed all over the world. On the Earthcam website. om you can observe all the sights of the world, or almost all, at least in Times Square in New York and the Bavarian Alps.

  • The GeoCam website provides access to webcams located throughout Russia. And almost every object can be studied thoroughly.
  • To see the Eiffel Tower and other attractions, visit Skylinewebcams. om
  • Streams from hundreds of beaches and promenades in the US are available on Livebeaches. om.

Virtual travel around the world

With the advent of air travel sites and airline ticket booking sites, the travel agent profession is rapidly dying out. The ease of searching the Internet for the best airline ticket website allows you to quickly find the best one for your travels without leaving your home. But how do you know which is the best website for selling flights? We have tried to create a ranking of the best sites for buying air tickets in 2020.


Below you will find a detailed overview of each firm from the list of the best air travel sites. We have highlighted some of the factors that have allowed these air travel sites to rank so high.


This is one of the leading air travel websites on the market. They offer quality fares for flights, hotel reservations, and car rentals. This premier airline ticketing site has received a number of prestigious customer service awards and is also rated A + by the Better Business Bureau.

CheapOair PHOTO: img. uzzfeed. om

They also offer special deals on travel packages and cruises, making it a great option for travelers looking to book a complete vacation.

Quality CheapOair Customer Service

CheapOair offers 24/7 customer service, which is extremely important when it comes to travel.

A quick free phone call will allow you to quickly find the best option to change your travel plans. The web page has useful information on baggage fees, airport terminal maps, special assistance for clients with disabilities, and visa and passport information.

PHOTO: media. rofessionali. u

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