Rafting on rivers by kayaks

River rafting

Rafting on the river is a direction of water tourism, which was formed in the second half of the last century. During the rafting, people move in boats, which are controlled by the power of the rowers. Tourists involved in this sport appreciate it for its wonderful views and the opportunity to merge with nature in one stream.

Rafting on Altai rivers

Altai attracts tourists from all over the world with its wonderful rivers: Katun, Biya, Chulcha, Bashkaus, Chulyshpan. Each of them provides a huge variety of perspectives for organizing rafting.

Altai is a territory where it is possible to organize water rafting of absolutely any complexity. In total, about twenty thousand water streams are known in the Altai Territory. They extend over a distance of sixty thousand kilometers.


This river is recommended for inexperienced athletes. She is perfectly suited for the first acquaintance with this type of vacation. Despite this, the alloy is not considered light. The river has several rows of rapids from the first level of difficulty. However, the Instructors have learned to predict their behavior, so these obstacles can be easily overcome with the control of a more experienced person. Rafting is organized on this river even for teenagers from fourteen years old.

In terms of water content, it is the second river in Altai. Rafting on this stream is focused on combining active recreation with the opportunity to observe the landscapes that open up to travelers. The rapids are simple and interesting, the water is clean and transparent.

Sandy River

Characterized by a calm flow. This river is recommended for relaxation with friends. adolescents accompanied by adults are also allowed. This river begins in the desert, at an altitude of one and a half thousand meters. That is, the source of the sandy river is one thousand six hundred meters higher than the sea. The most interesting for rafting is the middle course, where the river is especially beautiful. Over the past ten years, competitions have been held on this river to compare the technical skills of Altai tourists. The latter, in addition to the direct participants in the competition, also attract a huge number of spectators.

Rafting on the Altai mountain rivers

Organization of rafting is a difficult task, which is why there are a number of requirements for such events:

  • Participants must be trained. It includes a technical and a physical part. In other words, participants must prepare for the rafting, it is better to start physical training no later than half a year before the event. In addition, the participants must have theoretical information.
  • Each participant is obliged to bring personal protection equipment: a life jacket, a helmet - at least.
  • Mountain rivers are very cold, so water tourists should take care of their health. It is best to use special suits that are impermeable to water and keep you warm. However, regular woolen garments will do the job just as well.
  • It is necessary to select the equipment corresponding to the obstacles that may be encountered on the chosen route.
  • Food and equipment should be kept in vacuum packaging that will be convenient to use every day.
  • Each participant must have a personal knife and matches. hidden in waterproof packaging. The first will help to deal with tangled ropes, and the second will allow you to make a fire on the shore, if necessary.

Rafting on the rivers of the Altai Territory

Camping is a great scenario for a corporate event or awards for closed projects. Our company offers an active option for teambuilding - kayaking. You will spend the whole day in the Moscow region, trying to cope with the river element and mastering the basics of professional rafting, and we will take care of the adventure program and technical aspects.

Preliminary price. Check with the manager

or specify the budget you want to fit into

Benefits of a corporate alloy from Red-G

The benefits of rafting for your employees

We organize additionally

Despite the possibility of changes in the scenario of the event, corporate fusion can hardly be called improvisation. Our team pays great attention to the preparatory stage, when the goals of such team building are determined and the main problems of the team are studied.


Do you know what is the most frequently asked question and your feet will get wet? We give you 100% of that, and not only legs. We assure you that you will do everything for your team to defeat the rivals!

Reviews of RedG Team Buildings

On behalf of myself and my other colleagues, I would like to thank the RedG team for conducting the quest. None of the employees got bored, everyone was involved as much as possible in an unrealistically cool event. It will definitely be necessary to carry out similar quests Many thanks!

Rafting on different rivers of the Altai Territory. The Katun river. Sandy river. Altai mountain rivers. Videos of travelers from rafting in Altai. Brief information.

According to the programs presented, up to 65 hikes are carried out on kayaks, from educational and training PVD (weekend hikes) and simple water tours, which go with children, to complex river rafting up to 4 k. and separate rapids up to 5 k. Also, unique combined pedestrian and water expeditions are carried out in the most beautiful places in Russia, in the Caucasus (the Pshekha river) and in Abkhazia (the Bzyb and Kodor rivers).

Development is the priority of the instructors who conduct the presented campaigns. With them, you can really increase your tourist level: they will teach the technique of water tourism to each participant, conduct sports training on kayaks, constantly expand the geography and replenish the collection of interesting destinations. On our website there are kayaking routes for both beginners and experienced water tourists. Thus, you can walk along the routes on our website and not repeat for a very long time!

From April to October, rafting and kayaking trainings are held in the Leningrad region along the rivers: Roshchinka, Volchya, Vuoksa (Losevsky threshold), Kapsha, Buslovka and Seleznevka.

To make your summer unforgettable, take part in 7 to 12-day hikes in Karelia and the Kola Peninsula: along the rivers Pista (Pistajoki), Tuntsajoki and Tumcha, Umba, Okhta, Chirka-Kem, as well as along the Vonga , Pongome, Suna, Kuzema, Shuya Petrozavodskaya (and Suoyoki) and Shuya Belomorskaya (Northern), along Kereti and mysterious Kitenjoki. How do you like this variety for outdoor activities?

And in each trip, instructors teach all the necessary special skills: kayak control techniques, strategies and tactics for overcoming water obstacles, insurance and self-belay, advise in choosing the best equipment and talk about other interesting routes. After hiking, you can go there on your own, but we are sure that it is always better with instructors!

The instructors who conduct the presented programs are experienced tourists and hiking organizers who provide comfortable and safe passage of the group along the route, effective organization of life in the camp, easily create a friendly atmosphere and psychological climate in the group. They integrate everyone into an active hiking process, so it is comfortable for both independent participants and a group of friends, or even the whole family to go hiking!

Rafting takes place on comfortable and safe inflatable Waterfly kayaks. Proven by dozens of routes and hundreds of satisfied participants, they have established themselves as a versatile craft suitable for everyone.

In our VKontakte group you can already find almost a hundred photo albums and videos from hikes of past years, and also all the latest news from current hikes.


Weekend hikes (PVH) are chosen by those who want to take a break from the bustle of the city and enjoy their favorite pastime without vacations and days off. The start and return time of the group is calculated so as to have time to leave after work on Friday and return to work on Monday. You can make a decision spontaneously: most of our LDPE is not tied to trains and does not require pre-purchase of tickets!

On such routes, you can not only actively relax in nature in good company, but also get acquainted with water tourism, learn the basics of kayaking or improve your skills, especially if you are going on a long rafting in the summer.

Weekend hikes are carried out mainly in spring, before the summer season in Karelia and in autumn, starting in September.

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