Promotion strategy

Promotion strategy

Our Internet agency Web112 was approached by a company specializing in attracting tourists to the regions of the Russian Federation, in particular, the Krasnodar Territory. The directions of activity cover almost all types of tourism existing in this area: active, health-improving, gastronomic and gastronomic, sports, cultural and historical, as well as beach, family and children's recreation.

In addition to the website, the company has active pages on social networks Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte.

The main task is to attract attention to the region through high-quality content and advertising impressions in all groups. To do this, Web112 specialists wrote texts for posts, created accompanying images, and also set up targeted advertising. What specific work was performed and what results were achieved - we will tell you in this case.

Initial data

VKontakte: subscribers - 132, audience coverage: - 43505 users:

Profile short description:

Profile "Family": men and women 25-45 years old, with a child/children, total income for a family from 80 thousand rubles per month.

Profile "Active": men and women 18-25 years old, without children, income from 50 thousand rubles per month.

Profile "Elderly": men and women 45-65 years old, income from 50 thousand rubles per month.

Business profile: men and women 30-60 years old, income from 150 thousand rubles per month, higher education, middle and senior managers, owners of their own business.

Profile "Neighbors": men and women 18-45 years old, income over 50 thousand rubles per month, living within 15 hours of travel by train/car from the promoted region.

Assigned tasks

Priority areas of work:

The tourism business niche is a highly competitive area for customizing PPC advertising. Therefore, when creating advertising campaigns, there are a number of specific features that are important to consider for their successful launch. We'll talk about these features today!

Site usability: what to look for BEFORE setting up contextual advertising

The content and structure of the site should be clear and user-friendly (for searching for a tour, the presence of various filters for searching for a tour, the presence of a navigation menu on the site, etc.)

Site loading speed. As a rule, the sites of travel companies are filled with graphic elements and it is desirable that they be optimized, because otherwise the user will leave the site without waiting for it to be fully loaded. There are special programs that allow you to check the website loading speed on various devices.

Adaptation of the structure and content of the site for mobile devices.

Feedback forms on the site. When a potential customer contacts you, how quickly do you respond to his request? Do you send information after entering their contact details and call back. Potential customers often write that they have not been called back/unsubscribed.

All forms, buttons and transitions on the site must work correctly.

There are no unnecessary and distracting elements on the landing page.

Availability of reviews on the website and on the Internet. Potential clients when choosing a travel agency most often rely on positive reviews about it on the network.

Creating an advertising campaign

The basics and subtleties of advertising or how and how much will you buy customers

Advertising is the engine of trade, without advertising you and your business - nowhere! However, some complication is caused by the fact that travel agency advertising in the traditional sense of the word is not very effective against the background of more modern technologies for attracting customers. What kind of advertising is really worth investing in? Does image advertising "work"? Which positioning path should you take? Let's try to answer all these questions.

In fact, this tool is needed exclusively for sales, that is, where you can specifically feel the return on your investment. In the case of image advertising, there is simply no way to calculate the direct benefit. That is why it is included by the author of this article in the "black list".

The second important point is what we have already said many times: after taking this or that action, be sure to analyze the effectiveness after some time! You need to know how much profit you are making from each ad channel you use.

Do not try to grasp the immensity, advertise a specific product at a particular moment in time, direct all your efforts to it and make your advertising message truly high-quality.

And one more thing: do not perceive ads as something that sucks money out of your wallet. Advertising is nothing more than the currency with which you buy your customers. Treat her that way.

There are three essential elements of effective advertising, without which it simply does not work. Always check for them in your advertisements. The principle that includes these three elements is called ODC (Offer, Deadline, Call to action, that is: "offer - deadline - call to action"). What does it mean? Your advertising proposal should be really interesting and impressive, but at the same time chained in a tight time frame, and certainly contain recommendations on what exactly needs to be done in order to be among the lucky ones and get the offer.

Where and how to advertise on the Internet?

The Internet is a colossal space for inexpensive and highly effective advertising. Moreover, you can advertise on the web in different ways. And here are the four most important:

Each of these methods has its pros and cons, some are, frankly, quite expensive "pleasure". Trust experience: there is absolutely no point in spending huge sums on advertising on the Internet - there are many ways to get promoted cheaply and even more efficiently than by paying hefty sums of money.


What should be your website as the most important source of new customer acquisition? In large firms, website traffic reaches tens of thousands of users per day, resulting in a stable and very powerful influx of clients into the office. The website should not be a catalog of pictures, although of course everyone wants to make it as attractive as possible, and therefore beautiful. Such experiments are good for everyone, there is only one, but a very important flaw: such sites do not sell!

Think: what exactly do you need a website for? By and large, in the travel business, the main goal of any Internet resource is to attract applications and clients to the office. You should not assert yourself at the expense of your page on the Internet, because if it does not sell your tours, then it does not work, if it does not work, then the site is bad.

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