Promotion of travel agencies: what to do in a crisis

Educational tourism

Every month, over a million people are looking in Runet where to buy a tour in order to go on vacation. This is a huge and inexhaustible market: if people can not change a laptop or a car for years, and housing - for decades, then the majority of people need rest every year. Make money on it: tour affiliate programs pay you a commission for each attracted client who buys a tour.

At the moment, due to the spread of the coronavirus in the world, countries are closing borders, flights between countries are stopped, travelers have to cancel tours.

It is not yet known when the situation will stabilize. Most likely, the summer season will not go as usual. However, there are hopes that by the fall, international flights will begin to recover.

Now it makes no sense to focus on quick profit at the moment, but you need to prepare a project and a marketing plan. People will travel as soon as the opportunity arises. Domestic tourism will come to life first, so first of all focus on domestic tours that all our advertisers have.

When international flights are restored, we can safely recommend overseas tours. The main trend that will act: tourists will prefer tours that can be easily returned.

We have prepared a detailed guide for travel affiliates that will help you navigate the situation now and understand what to do to prepare for pending demand.

How tour affiliates work

You attract visitors to the website of a travel company or agency using your referral link - an identifier is embedded in it, which assigns each visitor to you, and when he buys a tour, a commission is charged to your account, which you can transfer to your bank account, e-wallet or payment system.

This reward model is called CPA (Cost per Action), and it is the most profitable for advertisers and affiliates and remains operational even during a period of declining sales.

Download our free guide “7 Ways to Make Money with Travelpayouts”. There we will tell you more about how our system works.

If you have a site related to tourism, travel or countries, place a link or banner there so that your visitors can click and buy tours, and you make money. If not, it doesn't matter: there are lots of ways to make money.

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Tour partner programs: how to earn more

Study tours are limited-time travel abroad for study purposes. Educational tourism for schoolchildren and students, as a rule, is combined with a cultural program and sports events.

Types of educational (educational) tourism

There are 3 main directions in the modern market of educational and tourist services:

  • tours for learning foreign languages;
  • tours for acquiring and improving sports skills;
  • academic tours.

According to the method of organizing foreign trips, individual and group educational tours are distinguished. According to the content of educational programs - standard, intensive, business courses, etc.

Educational tourism for the purpose of learning a foreign language

Language educational tours are the most widespread and popular type of educational tourism. Firms organizing such trips develop a wide range of educational programs for different clients. The target audience can be children 5-6 years old, and 10-17 year old schoolchildren, and students. In recent years, language tours have become very popular among adults - entrepreneurs who want to improve their spoken language and master the business language. The average duration of the courses does not exceed 3 weeks.

A distinctive feature of educational tourism for the purpose of learning languages ​​is the combination of learning with recreation and entertainment.

English is the leader in organizing language educational tours. It is followed by German, French, Italian and Spanish. Nowadays, the popularity of the Chinese language is constantly growing.

Standard language programs consist of 2-3 classroom lessons in a foreign language in the morning, and then entertainment, excursions, sports events.

Intensive study tour programs are designed for 24-36 hours per week. The cultural program includes visiting sights, theaters, studying the history and culture of the host country.

Make money selling tours and vouchers: ways to get traffic, secrets, pitfalls and links to the best partner programs for tours and travel.

The tourist flow from Russia last year fell by 40% - this is the official data of the Federal Tourism Agency for 2019. If the situation did not please with the open borders, then it is scary to imagine the position of the travel agency today.

The real picture is as follows: yesterday's market leaders declare bankruptcy, successful tour operators suspend their activities. Is it possible to avoid negative scenarios in the current situation in the country and the world, due to the pandemic, quarantine and flight restrictions? Today we will tell you what support measures will help the tourism business survive the crisis.

Travel business in

"The years of labor invested in the development of the company ended at one point" - this is how you can briefly describe the emotions of the owners of travel agencies. Life was divided into "before" and "after" the pandemic. Business related to travel, excursions, flights and relocation suddenly lost its main sources of income. The Association of Tour Operators is already giving disappointing forecasts: according to preliminary estimates, 30% of travel companies will leave the market this year.

According to the latest polls, 50% of respondents are not ready to travel to Russia, and 68% are not going to travel abroad in the near future. With such statistics, the tourism business needs a strong strategy and a well-thought-out action plan that will enable interaction with 36% of the population who are ready to travel to Russia and 20% who want to relax abroad.

How can a travel agency advance in a crisis?

The online era has come. The forced conditions of self-isolation have once again proved that the future belongs to internet marketing. Business promotion from home, remote communication with customers, sale of services for the future in the spring of 2020 have become more relevant than ever.

Those who were not prepared for such a turn of events and were unable to quickly adapt to the new realities had to leave the competitive race. The rest did their best to reconfigure and optimize their marketing strategy so as not to lose business.

For online promotion of a travel company are suitable:

  • SEO.
  • SMM.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Influencer Marketing.
  • Cross Marketing.

Let's talk about how to use digital tools in practice later.

SEO Promotion

Summer is approaching, and with it, as usual, the time for vacations, travels, hikes and all kinds of active (and indeed all sorts of) adventures. As soon as the May sun confidently warms the earth, its inhabitants are everywhere thinking about rest and impulses to escape closer to nature. If your eyes are dazzled by the number of travel clubs, travel agencies, tour operators and travel agencies offering you the routes of your dreams, then here are 10 criteria for choosing a reliable office:

It doesn't really matter whether it is in the city center or not, but a serious company should have an office where a tourist can come up and talk to company representatives and instructors, sign documents, find out the details of the trip or share their impressions. Office. And in the office there are competent and FAST-responsive tour managers, it is also desirable that they be caring. It is immediately felt when they think over various little things for you and worry so that your feet do not get wet on the route, so that you grab a hat and if you accidentally have an allergy to condensed milk.

Legally correct registration of the purchase of travel services is an indicator of the literacy and responsibility of the company. And your security if something happens. Pay attention to the subject of the contract. A document confirming the right of the tourist to use paid travel services - a voucher, it is good if you will be given it after the full payment of the tour. Accident insurance is also an important element, a responsible travel company either automatically includes it in the price, or offers you to arrange it yourself.

Cash receipts for payment in cash and the possibility of payment to a current account - confirmation of the legal activities of the travel agency.

If the travel agency you contacted organizes all the moments of the tour itself: book accommodation, transport delivery, thinks over and creates all the logistics and hires guides and instructors, then it is a tour operator. The difference between a tour operator and a travel agent is that the travel agent is just the seller, and the tour operator is the creator of the tour. According to Russian law, a tour operator company must be insured against default on obligations under agreements with tourists. In case the tour operator organizing the tour, for example, suddenly goes bankrupt, the insurance will reimburse you for all costs incurred. The second condition for tour operator activity is registration in the Unified Register of Tour Operators of the Russian Federation and the presence of a register number.

Actually, that is why only an LLC can be a tour operator, but not an individual entrepreneur. An individual entrepreneur in the field of tourism can only resell tours, and only a tour operator, who must have financial security insurance, can be responsible for the organization of tourists.

The more open points of contact a travel agency has with tourists, the more convenient and faster the tourist can solve all the issues that arise on the tour. In fact, the services sold - the travel company must be in touch 24/7 to advise tourists during the entire time of their stay on the tour, before and after it.

Phone (preferably several numbers, landline and mobile numbers, 24-hour hot number for urgent issues, Whatsapp or Viber), "live" accounts in social networks: Vk, Instagram, Telegram.

You have the right to inquire about the certificates of the guides and instructors who will take you on the tour. Real professionals (and not just "experienced" ones) have crusts and documents confirming their competence to lead tours of certain categories of complexity. There are a lot of burnt-out tourists who decided that they themselves can now easily drive groups - there are also enough. Only now the work of an instructor includes many nuances and professional skills that are invisible at first glance, up to medicine and psychology. Also, the instructor does not have to be a former or current athlete and the medals around his neck do not mean his professionalism in the field of instructing and working with tourist groups.

In order to ensure the safety of tourists and, if necessary, receive timely assistance, tourist groups and individual tourists are advised to inform the EMERCOM of the regions about their route before embarking on the route.

Good organizers take the trouble and register their group on the route!

For many, tourism is a hobby. And it's very good when a hobby becomes a favorite job. That is why there is so much competition among travel agencies. But a good marketing text for a travel agency will help to show your advertising for seaside holidays on a profitable side and firmly take your niche in the tourism market.

The best advertisement for a seaside vacation

Text for travel agency: structure

Lead. The introduction is called in another way. The task of the text of the advertisement for recreation and tourism is to reveal the "pain". In this case, this is fatigue from the gray everyday life and diversity, the desire for new acquaintances and experiences, the opportunity to update your profile on social networks and raise your social status.

Offer. You declare what you specifically can offer to your client. Concrete and laconic, in 1-2 sentences. Is there a USP? Feel free to lay out the trump card in the text of the tour operator's advertisement.

Objection processing. Not all buyers are ready to book a ticket right away. They still have many questions and objections:

  • How much does it cost and why is it so expensive?
  • Is it safe there?
  • What documents are needed?
  • What Are living conditions waiting for me?
  • What can I do there? What types of entertainment are available?
  • What are the local attractions?
  • What will be the additional costs on site?
  • Do you need to know the language?
  • How severe are local laws there?
  • What do I need to take there and what can I buy unusual there?
  • Who can I count on in case of misunderstanding

Call to action. A text without a call to action is like a marathon runner who stops 2 meters before the finish line. Be direct, clear and understandable what you want from the client. Call? Office visit? Or his contact details?

Examples of commercials for a travel agency

Audio and video clips are a fairly popular tool for attracting customers. The main task of the video is to sit firmly in the client's head. Everything should be remembered - motive, name, contacts, rhyme or beat. You don't have to chase creativity. Efficiency is the main trump card of the text for tourists from a travel agency! Let's take a look at examples of travel ads:

An example of the text of a travel agency advertisement on the radio, timing seconds

Summer is in full swing, time to relax

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