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Active rest in Crimea

Crimea is not only beaches and sanatoriums, it is also one of the main places in Russia for active tourism. Here you will find the best options for active recreation in Crimea - all our routes combine both activity and the cultural and historical part of the peninsula.

If you are going to Crimea for the first time, we highly recommend our one-week trip, it has everything you need to explore this stunning region:

- trekking in the mountains and gorges - cycling in the mountains and the coast - sea kayaking: you can search for secret bays and swim into caves - horseback riding - waterfalls, mountains and mountain rivers - the main attractions of Crimea - exploration Stavrikayskaya cave - and, of course, the gentle Black Sea!

This trip is suitable for any age, and children can be taken from 9 years old. By the way, this is also an excellent option for a vacation in Crimea with the whole family - on such a trip, the children will be busy all 7 days and you will not have to think about what to do with them ? ...

And another big plus of active tours to Crimea is the opportunity to see the region with different eyes, not like tourists who came for a beach holiday. There are very few people in the Crimean mountains, and the beauty here is no worse than the beauty of the coast.

Gastronomic Crimea

The food and wines of the region deserve special attention: there is a lot of it and everything is very tasty. For example, in 4 days of a gastronomic tour in Crimea, you can visit 3 wineries: Zolotaya Balka, Alma Valle and Uppa Winery. Of course, with tastings of heaps of wines and snacks from the chef. And have time to visit the cheese dairy, which is located in the mountains, and the owners themselves make the cheese from the milk of Alpine goats! Here, too, will not do without tastings of tasty treats ? ... And, of course, all this is complemented by walks in the mountains, towns and valleys of the Crimea. So, if you love wine and want to go on vacation in the off-season, we highly recommend such a trip. For a group of 3 people, we can organize it any time of the year.

Crimea Tours

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Crimea (Taurida), this most beautiful corner of the Earth, has long become a real "tourist Mecca", where unique nature, excellent climatic conditions and a thousand-year history have combined into one amazingly harmonious whole. And it is quite understandable why tourism in Crimea is so popular and tempting today.

A picturesque southern peninsula with an area of ​​26.8 thousand square meters. km, washed by two seas - the Black and the Azov. The total length of its coastline is 980 km.

Numerous excavations carried out on the peninsula indicate that man began to actively inhabit this fertile land about 100 thousand years ago, a vivid proof of which was the discovery of a Neanderthal camp in the Kiik-Koba cave near Simferopol.

The most ancient people who settled the mountainous and southern parts of the peninsula were the legendary Taurus, which gave Crimea its first name. Subsequently, this land became a place where dramatic historical events unfolded with the participation of semi-mythical Cimmerians, Greek colonists, Scythians, Roman legions, nomadic tribes of Goths and Huns, Khazar conquerors, warriors of the ancient Russian Tmutorokan principality, Mongol hordes, enterprising Genoese empires, half Crimean Russian ...

According to the tourist portal of the Republic of Crimea, as of 2016, about 1.9 million people lived in Crimea.

Terrain and climate

The entire peninsula is divided into three parts, distinguished by their special relief. The lion's share (about 70%) is occupied by the steppe and semi-steppe plain area, which spreads out in the northern and central parts.

Hilly and mountainous terrain covers approximately 20% of the Crimean territory. Three mountain ranges stand out here - the Main (southern), Inner and Outer (northern) ridges. By the way, perhaps, it was the beauty and inaccessibility of the local mountains that prompted the Turkic tribes who inhabited the picturesque plains, canyons and flat-topped yayls, the current name is Kyrym, which translates as “wall, rampart, ditch”.

The remaining 10% of the peninsula is occupied by various water bodies.

Almost on any site of the resorts and tourism of Crimea, you can find information that the local mountains are a kind of dividing shaft between the northern part of the peninsula, where the temperate continental climate prevails, and the South Coast, where the signs of the Mediterranean subtropics are clearly felt. type.

Since the main part of the moisture brought by the northern winds is retained on the northern slopes of the Crimean mountains, it is here that the sources of the most famous rivers of the peninsula are located. Basically, they are shallow and short (the longest river is the 204-kilometer-long Salgir), but, flowing along mountain canyons, the Crimean rivers form the most picturesque landscapes. The most beautiful cascades and waterfalls, including Uchan-Su and Dzhur-Dzhur, have become very popular natural attractions of the Crimea.

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If you think that Crimea is about a beach vacation, then you don't know anything about Crimea. This cute peninsula will surprise even the most sophisticated adventurer. Here's a quick overview of the most exciting ways to have fun.


Perhaps you didn't know, but Crimea has some of the best climbing routes in Europe. There are prepared routes almost everywhere there are rocks. Provided that it is not too difficult to get to this place from the village. It will not be possible to list everything within a short review, but here are at least some of the most popular:

1. In the Simferopol region - Petrovsky rocks, Fontany and Griffin (Kizil-Koba); 2. In Bakhchisarai - Stadium and Pillars; 3. In Sevastopol: Inkerman, Batiliman, Skala Laspi, Ilyas-Kaya, Cape Sarych; 4. Yalta: Nikitskaya cleft, Red stone, Ai-Nikola, Simeiz, Foros edge, Krestovaya mountain; 5. In Sudak: Sugarloaf, Bolvan, Cape Alchak, Mount Sokol.

Training requires equipment and a qualified instructor. In addition to pure rock climbing, you can try yourself in such disciplines as mountaineering and speleology, and in winter - also ice climbing. Organizers are usually the same and actively advertise themselves on the Internet.

Yalta climbing site: . ockclimbing-school. om Here you can read about rock climbing in Yalta and even enroll your child in a sports school.

Paragliding and hang gliding

For the most daring - the opportunity to experience flight at an altitude of about 2000 meters and see the peninsula through the eyes of a bird. The most picturesque places where tourists ride:

1. Mount Klementyev in Koktebel. The birthplace of gliding, a place created for flying by nature itself. Here, right on the mountain, there is a paragliding club "Breeze", here tourists are also skated.

2. Mount Ai-Petri in Yalta. One of the highest starts and one of the most spectacular places for flights in Crimea. In order to ride, you need to agree in advance: summer weather does not happen here every day.

3. Foothills of Simferopol: Mount Tas-Tao, a mountain near the village of Druzhnoe, Strogonovka. The starts are less high, but the places are beautiful too.

4. Sevastopol: Laspi, Boar pass, Kacha. Very different and very scenic flight locations.

Crimea is a great place for active recreation and entertainment. To make the vacation interesting, and there was something to remember at your leisure - order yourself an extreme tour you like, choosing a city and an adventure.

Not everyone who comes to Crimea on vacation likes to wallow on the beaches and go on excursions every day. There are many places on the peninsula where by ordering an extreme tour you can get a good adrenaline rush for a long time.

Top Popular Extreme Vacation Tours

Quad bike ride

This is one of the most popular extreme tours in Crimea, in addition to the off-road race, you can see the beautiful places of the mountainous and steppe Crimea.

For example: you can book a tour to Chatyr-Dag - this walk starts from the Angarsk pass and along the laid routes through the forest, participants find themselves on a mountain range with a visit to the Kutuzov clean lake.

The tour price includes:

  • Environmental tax for visiting the forest;
  • Transfer from Alushta to the meeting point;
  • Equipment rental and a refueled ATV;
  • Instructor service;
  • Insurance.

Diving in Crimea

Diving is a great pastime and acquaintance with the flora and fauna of the Black Sea. Picturesque bays of the Crimean peninsula will not leave anyone indifferent.

The importance of the tourism industry for Crimea cannot be overestimated. It has long been known that tourism is one of the budget-forming sectors of the peninsula's economy, and among Crimeans, almost every fifth person works in the tourism sector, is related to it or cooperates with Crimean tour operators.

For everyone who is associated with the concept of "tourism" a memorable date, undoubtedly, is the 5th of July recently. On this day, 177 years ago, the world's first organized tourist trip took place. Thus, this day may well be considered the day of the birth of organized tourism.

The Englishman Thomas Cook became a pioneer in this matter. As a Baptist preacher, Cook, however, had a great entrepreneurial spirit and a wealth of ideas. They helped the British founder of tourism to become famous all over the world and to create the world's first tourism company called "Thomas Cook and Son". By the way, it successfully works to this day, becoming a high-profile brand.

And on July 5, 1841, it all began very prosaically. Thomas Cook, a staunch teetotaler and believer, deeply disturbed by the general drunkenness of the British nation in the middle of the 19th century, decided to fight the "green serpent" through educational trips and travels. These excursions were intended to distract alcohol addicts from addiction, to interest them in a new hobby - travel, to introduce new people.

Moreover, Cook sponsored the entire event from his own meager funds. But this was the very investment that was destined to pay off with interest.

On this memorable July day, 570 people traveled by rail to Loughborough.

After a while, trips began to acquire a commercial character, and Thomas Cook began to implement new ideas that are still used in the tourism industry today. For example, thematic tours - trips related to a single topic and are popular with fans of everything related to this topic. So Thomas Cook began organizing trips to the homeland of Walter Scott and Robert Burns for literature lovers.

Event tourism is also Cook's authorship. The enterprising preacher organized massive excursions to the first World's Fair in London (1851). Tourists were guaranteed accommodation, meals, excursions around the exhibition itself. Thus, Cook introduced into the tourism industry the well-known principle of "all-inclusive", when, having paid for the ticket, the guest no longer cares about anything, worrying about where to eat, what to do and where to spend the night.

Traveler's checks, travel brochures and guides, cruises (river and transatlantic), school trips, pilgrimage tourism and charter flights - we all know this thanks to Thomas Cook.

We will devote today's article to those for whom July 5, along with September 27 (World Tourism Day), is a professional holiday. So, let's talk about the best travel agencies in Crimea!

Crimean travel agencies: list, addresses, sites, phone numbers

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