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Lake Seliger and its islands are the personification of everything Russian. The landscapes are like Shishkin's canvases that come to life: a pine forest, green moss and the sun's rays making their way through the thickets of branches. Introduced? We go further: there is an island on the lake, and on the island there is a lake, and on that lake there is another island ... a solid matryoshka!

Finally, add to this carved log houses, small chapels from the century before last, pikes in the lake (you can catch and make a wish!) and bears in the forest. Yes, they can be found here!

Seliger is located on the territory of two regions at once - Tver and Novgorod, approximately at the same distance from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thanks to this convenient location, tourists come from all the surrounding regions.

In the summer it gets quite crowded - there are many tourist centers, hotels and hotels of different levels around the lake, many come with tents. But here's the peculiarity: even at the very peak of the season, you can feel calm and unity with nature on Seliger.

Seliger as the personification of all Russian nature.

How to get to Seliger

Ostashkov is the closest large city near the lake, so we will consider options for how to get exactly to it.

From Moscow to Ostashkov

Distance between cities: 370 km.

  • By train. First, from the Leningradsky railway station, we go to the city of Bologoye, and there we change to a train to Ostashkov. Travel time is 8 hours.
  • By train. From the Leningradsky railway station we get to Tver and change to a bus to Ostashkov. Travel time is 7 hours.
  • By bus. From the bus station "Tushinskaya" we rush to Ostashkov by bus without changes (runs twice a day). Travel time is 7 hours.
  • By car. Through Torzhok (along the Leningradskoe highway) or Rzhev (along the Novorizhskoe highway). Travel time is 7 hours.

Sights of Seliger - 8 most interesting places

This picturesque, one of the most beautiful, reservoir between Moscow and St. Petersburg is represented by a chain of 24 streams and lakes, connected by numerous narrow channels.

Seliger is a whole lake country with an unusual relief and an impressive landscape. The glacial origin of the lake has given its coastline such a bizarre, rugged shape with many capes and bays. The water is so clear that you can easily see the bottom and the sand is very soft.

Of all the 168 islands of the lake, the largest is Khachin. Its thickets hide 13 more inland lakes, which stretch in a picturesque chain from north to south.

Seliger has over a hundred tributaries, and the Selizharovka River, flowing from it, feeds the Volga. The richness of the forest, the gifts of the forest in the form of berries and mushrooms, the abundance of various animals - all this makes it a wonderful place to relax. The local forests can serve as an example of a real Russian forest. It is not for nothing that the local forest is captured in Shishkin's painting "Morning in a Pine Forest."

Climatic conditions of the area

The climate on the lake is moderately continental, mild, humid. A warm, rather sunny summer allows the water to warm up to +25 degrees. From May to mid-September there is the most wonderful period for recreation at Lake Seliger. Here, as anywhere near the reservoir, there are sandy beaches created by the owners of the camp sites. Children feel great here, as the descent into the water is smooth, which means safe.

Leisure, entertainment of the recreation center near Lake Seliger

Surrounded on all sides by dense thickets of spruce and pine, Lake Seliger is very popular among lovers of all kinds of tourism, as well as among those who want to improve their health. A large number of tourist centers, comfortable boarding houses, rest houses are located on its banks. In winter, it is a great place for ice skating and skiing.

The main area of ​​leisure on the lake is, of course, fishing. Due to the abundance of fish, this place does not lose its popularity in winter. Here you can go fishing for pike, pike perch, perch, eel, bream, rudd, smelt and other fish species. All the necessary equipment for fishing is provided for rent.

In addition to fishing, there are such types of tourism and leisure as:

  • Sports, water (kayaks, yachts);
  • Educational (excursions);
  • Pilgrimage;
  • Hunting.

For lovers of measured rest and solitude, there is an opportunity to stay on the Khachin island. This is a state reserve, the task of which is to maintain the ecological balance of the entire island. There are no camp sites, only villages with amazing rural architecture, behind which tourists have interesting routes at their disposal through rich forests and roads along a chain of lakes.

Lake Seliger and its islands are the embodiment of everything Russian. Landscapes are like Shishkin's canvases that come to life: pine forest, green moss ...

An unforgettably beautiful land that harmoniously combines crystal clear lakes, mixed and coniferous forests, amazingly beautiful churches - this is Seliger. It is to these places that vacationers come to recharge themselves with energy, replenish their vitality, have a great rest and gain vivid impressions.

Seliger is a system of lakes, which are connected by small streams, and the result is a whole single lake, the so-called Seliger. This lake is of glacial origin, which explains its unusual shape and bizarrely indented coastline, which is either picturesque bays, or fabulous headlands overgrown with forests, or islands of a peculiar shape.

About the climate

The climate on Seliger is mild, and warm, clear clear water, soft and fine sand, beautiful nature and a variety of entertainment make your vacation unforgettable.

On Seliger you can have a rest, both with the whole family, and alone, for people of any income. The most economical option is a recreation center, and for those who need increased comfort - luxury holiday homes.


On Seliger you can go hunting and fishing, go hiking, getting acquainted with the legends and history of the region. For lovers of outdoor activities prepared catamarans, jet skis, horseback riding, the opportunity to arrange a camping in the forest.

For any kind of recreation, everyone will be provided with appropriate clothing and necessary material. Evenings can be spent in a restaurant, Russian bath or bowling club.

Seliger is famous as one of the most popular places for car, bicycle and water tourism.

Resting places

There are many comfortable places for recreation on Lake Seliger.

The Yar recreation center is conveniently located on the banks of the Troitsky reach. The pine forest and the clear waters of the lake create an atmosphere of beauty and privacy. This quiet place expects tourists to come all year round. On the territory of the recreation center you can go fishing, play billiards, table tennis or volleyball, cook barbecue on your own, and steam in a bathhouse.

On Lake Volgo there is a boarding house Zaruchevye, where married couples, newlyweds and everyone who is tired of the city bustle is especially comfortable.

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The most popular questions on the Internet about Seliger (spelling and style are preserved. Information needs to be checked):

Mid-July Seliger Not a wild vacation What do you recommend

how wild is NOT? was at the Orlinka recreation center, I liked it. True, this is not Seliger, but Peno, but the lake system is the same

There are several tourist centers: Seliger, Sokol, full of private cottages or you can rent an apartment from the locals. Seliger is now called a 4 * hotel, I have been there, it is quite worthy. Orlinka is far away, but the place is very beautiful, there is an old wooden church not far from there. On Midsummer's Day they were allowed to go to the bell tower there before

Lake Seliger - what is it, where is it, who knows?

Where is Seliger located?

Kuibyshev. ... ... eliger. Thousands of people go to SELIGER every year. The best place for fishing, hunting and recreation is hard to imagine. Lake SELIGER and the adjacent lakes - PENO, VOLGO, STERZH and others - form a unique natural complex in terms of beauty and originality. On the shores of SELIGER you can find both boarding houses and recreation centers known from Soviet times, as well as new hotels and cottages offering a high level of service. LAKE SELIGER is 350 km away. from Moscow. You can get to SELIGER by car in 5-6 hours or by train Moscow-Ostashkov.

Seliger! Wild rest (tents, fishing) Advise where exactly to go, where there will be LESS people Thank you in advance)

So in addition to Seliger, which is covered by tourists like manure by flies, there are Upper Volga lakes: Peno, Sterzh, Volgo. There are few people there. And the places are beautiful.

everyone is silent ... they don't rent places where there are fewer people)

who was at the seliger! tell us where to stay in May?

We are resting on Lake Peno, this is not far from Seliger, it is part of the Upper Volga lakes system. There are fewer people there, the prices are lower, the service is like on Seliger, because the lake. The foam is not as hyped as Seliger. We are resting at the Orlinka camp site, a good camp site, there are summer panel houses and there are warm houses for winter and summer time. Parents have now bought vouchers for July, in panel houses with partial conveniences (showers on the territory of the camp site), 650 rubles per day per person with three meals a day.

Seliger. Personal review of a holiday in a popular place

I don’t know why many people like their holidays on Seliger so much. I was there twice: in summer and early spring. Seliger is the place where you should go in good company, after carefully studying the map. Boat and cheesecake are required.

Also, it would be nice to go to the local museum. It presents all the living creatures that live in those parts. It's easy to get impressed and start to be afraid of water.

The first thing that catches your eye is heaps of garbage. Second, there is no room at all.

Found a good spot, cleared and set up tents. Later a friend drove up with her husband. We went by boat to the monastery, there we met friends, chatted. We walked, climbed the tower. All. There is nothing more to do.

The boat became our entertainment. The most interesting thing is to ride it for groceries.

Let's go with a friend to the forest for berries. Theirs is visible and invisible. We go, chatting and wondering about the soil. There are mounds and dimples all around. And then we noticed a tombstone that had fallen apart. Then a few more. We collected berries in a cemetery from the 1800s. There were also burials of the Second World War. Naturally, we threw out the berries.

And on the way back, the navigator arranged a quest. "Roads" in it often surprise me. This one was obviously paved by a tractor. Moreover, one and he was driving drunk. And here it is, the real road. But 2 bridges separate us from it. Such iron little ones, suspended. Cooked from what was. And we are heavy. I advise everyone who lacks adrenaline to ride on such bridges in a heavy car. The centrifuge from which I fell out was not as impressed as they were.

Savages are expensive. Tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, we also bought a camping gas stove to cook normal food. Kazan. Fortunately, the boat was already there, so they bought only a cheesecake.

7 years later I came to Seliger again. More precisely, to the same region, but to another lake. And we stayed at the hotel.

The road has become even worse, as if after a bombing. Further pits are knee-deep. To avoid hitting their cars, we rented a car.

A travel cat was with us.

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