Popular destinations for winter holidays for the New Year and New Year's holidays

Traditions of celebrating the New Year in different countries of the world

Winter holidays are best celebrated with your family. One of the best options is to travel to famous and not so famous cities in Russia. There are many wonderful places in our country where you can have an inexpensive vacation and get a lot of impressions. New Year's tours in Russia will appeal to both adults and children.

Winter holidays in Moscow

The capital of the country opens an overview of the 7 best travels for the New Year in Russia. Advantages of Moscow in terms of recreation:

  • Many places of cultural recreation (museums, theaters, parks).
  • Opportunity to visit the best sights of the city in 3-5 days.
  • Rich nightlife (clubs, cafes, restaurants).
  • Rest for children and adults for every taste - active, calm, informative, historical.
  • Shopping in the best malls of the city, where there are many products with holiday discounts.

The entertainment program on New Year's Eve will begin on Red Square at 22 0. There will be master classes on cooking, making toys, creating ice sculptures. In addition to the huge beautiful Christmas tree, you can see the performance of popular musicians, congratulations from the main Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden of the country, New Year's fireworks and a disco.

Before and after December 31, you can visit the interesting places of the Russian capital. These include:

  • Ostankinskaya Tower;
  • Peredelkino village;
  • In the Dark Restaurant;
  • Losiny National Park island ";
  • Moscow City observation deck;
  • Kremlin;
  • Travel to Christmas fair on Teatralnaya Square;
  • China -city;
  • Museum-reserves (estates of the Romanovs, Kolomenskoye).

You can get to Moscow from the regions by different types of transport - by rail, air, by bus. Accommodation options are hotels, hostels and hostels. On average, accommodation for 1 person in a single room will cost about 14,000 rubles. (hotel "Katerina City" 4 stars). The price includes breakfasts, excursions according to the tour program and the price of tickets to museums.

New Year's tours to Kostroma

You can travel across Russia in January to the regal Kostroma. A beautiful old city on the Volga is different for tourists:

  • many architectural monuments;
  • magnificent landscapes;
  • inexpensive vacations.

The most popular ways to travel to an ancient Russian city are by car and rail. It is better to get from Moscow by bus. Events and famous places of Kostroma:

  • we take the Snow Maiden;
  • theatrical excursion "Provincial stories";
  • moose breeding farm;
  • museum wooden architecture;
  • temples and monuments (Trinity, Ipatievsky cathedrals);
  • visiting the Museum of cheese with tasting;
  • street quest "Legends of old Kostroma."

7 best travels for the New Year in Russia

New Year is one of those rare holidays that are unanimously celebrated by all seven billion people on Earth. While all sorts of thanksgiving days and birthdays of reigning persons involve individual nations in the festive whirlwind (which does not at all diminish their scale: remember the citizens of Monaco, who celebrate memorable dates of members of the royal family so selflessly as if they are their close relatives), New Year's celebrations unite everyone and everything, regardless of nationality, religion and skin color. At the same time, of course, this action takes on the most amazing forms, and the traditions of celebrating the New Year in different countries of the world are similar, perhaps, only in one thing: counting the last moments of the outgoing year and meeting the year of the future.

And let it be impossible to celebrate at least one New Year in each of the two hundred states of the planet for obvious reasons (at least with the modern development of science), choose the most interesting ways of "celebrating" and translating them into life is quite real - just read our article.

Having waited for the cherished 00:00 on the light board of the main square of the "Big Apple", the New Yorkers at the wheel take that they have the strength to put pressure on the horn, and the pedestrians - that they have the strength to kiss.

New Years - Choose Any

First, let's be clear. New Year is not what you think. More precisely, not only that. Pass 31-1 is just one of several New Years celebrated by different nations. In addition to it, there are many religious and traditional days of switching from old to new, generously scattered throughout the calendar. For example, the Israeli New Year is celebrated in the fall, in September-October. "Rosh-ha-Shana", literally "head of the year", is the time when the Almighty determines what the coming year will be for each individual person (and, among other things, whether he will live it to the end).

Therefore, the traditional Jewish wish is: "May you be signed up for a good year." Apples and honey must be placed on the festive table so that the coming year is sweet.

New Year in Iran falls on the day of the spring solstice - March 21 and is called Nauruz. This date goes back to the pre-Islamic religion of the country - Zoroastrianism. The symbol of the holiday is sprouted grains of wheat, symbolizing the celebration of a new life after a barren winter, and besides them, seven products starting with the letter "c" are supposed to be put on the table, including vinegar, garlic and an apple. Residents of exotic India (and tourists heading there) are generally extremely lucky: the country celebrates four New Years: in March in the southern states, in April in the northern states, in July-August in Kerala, and in October in the western provinces. ... The program of the festivities includes bright fabrics, orange flags, a myriad of lanterns, fruits and sweets.

Meet in a civilized manner

For those who wish to celebrate the New Year with dignity and nobility, in the old way, without striking the exotic, it makes sense to go to Europe. The meeting of the New is held here in a very civilized manner, but, of course, not without local nice oddities. Italians, for example, love to throw out old rubbish on New Year's Eve, and certainly from windows. This includes not only obsolete wardrobe items and household items, but also more weighty things: chairs, televisions and large-sized appliances.

It is believed that the more an inhabitant of the Apennines throws out old junk, the more tangible the success will be in the coming year (we think that the first will be "happy" bystanders).

Once in Paris on New Year's Eve, be sure to hurry to the Eiffel Tower - the iron beauty serves here as both chimes and Snow Maiden at the same time. The last seconds of the outgoing year are “fought off” with dying illumination (and a deafening chorus of “dis - neuve - whit.” - it is worth learning French numbers in advance), and with the first moments of the coming year, the delicate mademoiselle blooms with a dazzling enchanting spectacle of lights. New Yorkers, in Times Square, and Berliners, at the Brandenburg Gate, celebrate the New Year in a similar way. Having waited for the cherished 00:00 on the light board of the main square of the "Big Apple", the New Yorkers behind the wheel accept that they have the strength to put pressure on the horn, and the pedestrians - that they have the strength to kiss. So it is more pleasant to be "horseless" at this moment.

An overview of the 7 best travels for the New Year in Russia will help you choose an excursion tour. Popular destinations and prices for holidays with families, children, couples

It's already frosty outside the window, snow has fallen here and there, and every day you can feel the coming of the New Year more and more, and with it the New Year holidays, which you want to spend bright, interesting and unusual, so that impressions and emotions are enough for a long time. And every year, questions invariably arise: what to do during the winter holidays, where to go and what to see, to travel in Russia or abroad?

To make this choice a little easier for you, we offer a selection of the most popular New Year's destinations, compiled on the basis of data from travel services, sites for the sale of railway and airline tickets, and hotel reservations.

Read about which countries have opened their borders and where you can fly now in this article. You can find the best deals for tours on level services. ravel and travelata. u.

Let's start with the Russian cities that are in the greatest demand for travel during the winter holidays and the New Year.


Many dream of getting to fabulous Moscow with Christmas trees, skating rinks and other entertainments on New Year's holidays, plunge into the atmosphere of a magical winter holiday and become a participant in the annual Travel to Christmas festival. And it is the capital of our country that is the most popular city in Russia, in which Russians most often booked hotels. And the proposed New Year's programs and tours optimally combine excursions to classic places and attractions with entertainment activities.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is traditionally on the second place in the list of popular Russian cities for New Year's holidays. And the reasons to visit the city on the Neva this winter, perhaps, are no less than for a trip to Moscow. In addition, in winter, queues for the most popular museums in the city are reduced.

Without haste, you can enjoy the works of the Russian Museum and the Hermitage, get to the Kunstkamera, the Faberge Museum. Or you can choose something more modern, close in spirit, but no less interesting, for example, the Museum of Urban Transport, the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines, the Pig Snout Gallery, the Museum of Street Art. This is the best time to visit and watch performances in the famous theaters of the city. Seasonal premieres are coming.

Where else to go with children on New Year's holidays in St. Petersburg, where to taste the best dishes, where to stay, you can find out in this article.

A great opportunity to make your vacation fabulous is to go on a trip to the snow-capped mountains, to colorful places with bright Christmas markets and fun entertainment. New Year's tours in Russia in December 2021 and January 2022 involve a variety of programs.

Active tourists go to the ski resorts of the Caucasus, the Urals, the Kemerovo region. Extremists go to the volcanoes of Kamchatka and Sakhalin, where there are also trails for skiers.

The mild climate of our southern resorts also attracts in winter. In the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea, the second tourist wave after the velvet season is unfolding for the New Year holidays.

Winter holidays are an opportunity to travel with the whole family to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad and other beautiful cities of the country, which at this time become fabulous, sparkling with illumination.

And, of course, the main attraction is the patrimony of Father Frost in Veliky Ustyug, where children wrote letters with their desires.

Remember that there is always a lot of demand for the Christmas holidays, so it is worth buying a tour in advance. Please also note that there are all-inclusive options or hotels with breakfasts. The price is formed depending on the set of services. If you are traveling directly to celebrate the New Year, and your vacation includes the night from December 31, 2021 to January 1, 2022, many hotels offer a gala dinner, it is paid separately.

Ski Resorts

Conquer mountain peaks, climb to their tops and ride along the snow-white slopes. Today, ski slopes are offered by the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East. The choice is huge, it all depends on whether you are traveling with children or looking for extreme options, if you want closer to your city or geography does not matter. New Year's tours in Russia in the 2021-2022 season are primarily in demand for ski resorts.

Perm Territory

Programs with children

Arranging the fabulous vacation they dreamed of is possible for the children. And it will be interesting for you yourself to be in the snowy forest of Veliky Ustyug, where the main character of these holidays, Santa Claus, lives.

Baba Yaga, Leshy and other characters known to all the guys will meet you at Sochi Park. And many dolphinariums and aquariums on the Black Sea coast work all year round.

Experts of the tourism industry, exclusively for KP, gave predictions about what the trip will be like

How are we going to travel in 2021 and will we ever be? How will our vacation change, will everything return to the “dock-like” pattern, or will tourism not be the same? "KP" asked the experts of the tourism industry to give their forecasts about the main trends. What's interesting: the professionals practically agreed in their opinions, which means that we have more reason to think that this is how everything will turn out. It is known for sure: trips will not be the same as before. Here are the top tourism trends in 2021.

Domestic tourism in the lead role

Taras Demura, General Director of TUI Russia:

- Domestic tourism in 2021 will continue to strengthen its position. Despite the fact that countries are gradually beginning to remove restrictions and open borders, travel in Russia continues to gain popularity. Domestic tourism is talked about in the media, people share their impressions on social networks. An active position is taken by Rostourism, which provides additional motivation for tourists in the form of cashback, and the tourist business is supported by subsidies. Thanks to this systematic approach, the tourist business is also being restructured: tour operators are setting up new charters in the regions of Russia (in summer charters appeared for the first time to Baikal and Khakassia, in winter to the Kola Peninsula, to Veliky Ustyug, Sheregesh, Kaliningrad, to the Far East. - Author's note). , hotels are investing in development, investors are ready to participate in the creation of modern infrastructure.

Alexey Teplov, Marketing Director of OneTwoTrip Travel Planning Service:

- Due to the closure of borders, there has been a serious redistribution of tourist flows: 98% of all air bookings in the period from July 1, 2020 - in Russia. Despite the fact that the borders with some countries have been open since August, the popularity of international travel is still low. The demand for travel within the country is recovering much faster: the frequency of flights in the fall of 2020 has already reached last year's levels. Russians in the summer of 2020 actively traveled to Sochi, Krasnodar, Simferopol. The demand for travel to Altai, Kamchatka, Baikal and the Elbrus region has increased. Obviously, the interest of Russians in traveling around the country will continue next year.

Olga Epikhina, Head of Airline Tickets Tutu. y:

- We expect a large-scale opening of borders closer to the summer season of 2021. If the borders are not opened, then Sochi and Crimea will be very, very popular, like this year.

Savings on airfare

- Stimulates the demand for travel across the country and for airlines that need to restore passenger traffic as soon as possible. For example, the average cost of a round-trip air ticket in Russia with departure during the New Year holidays is 11,600 rubles. This is 15% less than during the New Year holidays last year (13,700 rubles). Traveling in Russia in the summer was even more profitable: the average cost of a one-way ticket per person was 5700 rubles, which is 20% cheaper than in the summer of 2019.

- The situation with the pandemic will affect the further dynamics of prices: will the borders be opened, how actively air traffic will be restored, or, on the contrary, will new restrictions be introduced. If a number of airlines go bankrupt and supply ceases to exceed demand, then tickets will begin to rise in price. In 2021, in any case, low-cost airlines will be in demand, since during the crisis, many will want to save money.

Safety and Social Distance

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