Planning and organizing a mountain hike

Planning and organizing a mountain hike

Every time, before starting a new business, it is necessary to determine the goal and understand why we undertake this work. The purpose of this article is to give step-by-step instructions for self-organization of a mountain hike using a specific example. The material is primarily aimed at novice tourists who are just going on their first trip to the mountains. So let's get started!

Step: define goals

At the planning stage, it is very important to decide what you want to get from the upcoming route. Is your goal a sports category, where the number of passes and mileage are important? Or are you a photographer who is primarily concerned with views and locations? Or maybe you just want to take a walk away from civilization? Based on your goal, your route, traffic schedule and daily routine will be built. And most importantly, your goal should match those of your partners!

If the goal is a sports category, then you have a direct road to the tourist club. In this material, we proceed from the requests of amateur mountain tourism, and the route will be selected, focusing on novice tourists. Our future hike should be within the power of people with good physical fitness, to pass it you will not need special climbing equipment (only the most basic: a helmet), while we will have a full-fledged, autonomous mountain hike for about 8-10 walking days to keep within standard two-week vacation.

Step: determine the location

The first trip is logical to organize in the "home" mountains. We have a wide choice, and logistics will be much easier. Below we will give a general description of the main mountain regions, and the final choice is left to you.

Located on the Kola Peninsula, the Khibiny massif is well known and quite popular among tourists. This is one of the oldest mountain systems in Russia. The mountains are not high, formed from large stone blocks, the peaks are flattened. The highest point is Mount Yudychvumchorr (1200.6 m). A large number of streams and lakes are found in the valleys. The northern mountains have their own unique charm. And if in the end you decide on the Khibiny, we strongly recommend taking with you "The Lord of the Rings" or "The Hobbit" - Tolkien in the Khibiny is read with a bang. The strengths of these mountains include simple logistics: the most convenient way to get there is by train. Most often, the routes start from the Imandra station, and leave in the Apatit area or in Kirovsk. Low altitude also has its advantages - there is no need to think about acclimatization. This area is very popular, so there will be no problems with the description of the routes. The main disadvantages are prolonged rains, which are not uncommon in the Khibiny. The most stable weather in these mountains is in late July and early August.

The Caucasus is the birthplace of Russian mountaineering. In these mountains, many of us set out on our first hikes, climbed the first peaks. For us, these are "home" mountains, which are very popular among sports tourists. If we talk about the Caucasus, then it is most convenient to divide it into several tourist regions.

Elbrus is the central and most popular region of the Caucasus. In addition to Elbrus itself, tourists are attracted by interesting valleys in this area, a large mass of passes of various complexity, allowing you to create a route for every taste. Many people plan to hike in such a way as to climb Elbrus at the end.

Teberda, Dombay, Arkhyz - these areas belong to the Western Caucasus and also give a great flight for creativity. Since the times of the USSR and all-Union tourist routes, planned groups of tourists have walked in this area. As the main thread, you can take a very popular route from Teberda to Arkhyz, and then choose interesting places and build your own plan. It should be remembered that some of these areas are located on the territory of the Caucasian Reserve, in which case a pass may be required.

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Throughout its history, mankind has invented many types of recreation in the mountains. Mountains, as something inexpressibly beautiful, have attracted people since ancient times, but the creative nature of a person cannot be limited to admiring beautiful landscapes, sitting on a pebble warmed by the sun. I would like to come up with a goal, ways to throw off the burden of everyday life, or just entertainment that tickles your nerves. Again, there are plenty of places to admire that you need to make an effort or stock up on with the necessary equipment. And the practical part of human nature did not stand aside, deciding where to go when the aforementioned pebble cools down and night falls on the mountains, as well as what to eat in between admiring beautiful landscapes.

People thought, invented and adopted the experience of their ancestors, as a result, a great variety of types of recreation in the mountains appeared. In this article we will tell you about some of them, perhaps the most popular in the CIS.

Outdoor activities in the mountains

Active tourism in the mountains

Active rest is not the only way to spend time in the mountains. In addition to tours in which people use the strength of their own muscles to overcome obstacles, there is also the so-called "rest for the lazy".

  • Green tourism is a method of recreation in which tourists live in ecologically clean settlements. Many of us are familiar with this tourism from childhood, when we, abandoning all city entertainments like a video set-top box and a TV set, went to see our grandmother in the village. There was not always electricity or the usual amenities, but we ate organic food, the usefulness of which, however, still remained controversial. However, what was really indisputable was the positive effect of a clean environment on a growing organism. This is the same in our time: people tired of civilization come to ecologically clean villages of the Crimea and Carpathians to eat ecologically clean food and breathe fresh air.
  • Camping is a vacation in a tent camp in the mountains, forest or on the seashore. Most often, camping is arranged by the river, at the edge of the forest, where the shade can protect vacationers from the scorching rays of the sun. In the Crimean mountains there are several places where practical tourists got the hang of setting up campgrounds for the whole summer. For everyone who is interested in camping, the "Unknown World" Club recommends visiting a tent camp for the May holidays, or a seminar "Underwater World" at Cape Tarkhankut.
  • Pensions in the foothills. For example, in the foothills of the Crimea and the Carpathians, you can find boarding houses, the rest in which resembles green tourism, but it is suitable even for those who do not want to live in the countryside. In such boarding houses, the stake is placed on terrencourt - health-improving walks. However, the program often includes excursions to interesting natural sites, as well as horseback riding.

And this is not the whole list of types of recreation in the mountains. In reality, it is not possible to describe each of them. In addition, enterprising people every year invent new ways to actively (and not so much) spend time in the highlands.

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A trip to the mountains is always a big event associated with hassle and experience. In this article, we will not give lists of equipment or understand the features of thermal underwear, but talk about planning and preparing for the trip in general. What needs to be done in advance so that the trip is enjoyable and not painful.

Sergey Kornienko

Expert of the bivouac department in the AlpIndustriya store on Pervomayskaya.

Mountain hiker and climber with fifteen years of experience, in winter skiing and ski touring. Was in Central Asia, Altai, Caucasus, Urals. He prefers to go hiking in the "slow & light" style - light and without haste. Likes to rediscover popular districts and look into places where tourists rarely go. Favorite areas are the Caucasus and Crimea.

Start planning ahead

This is the first and most important. The sooner you start planning, the better you can prepare. The most optimal is for a year. You will not believe how quickly time flies and how many things need to be done

The best time in the mountains is the second half of July and the first half of August. The weather is the most stable, with the peak of the holiday season at this time. So this summer is the right time to decide on the wishes and schedule for next summer and draw up a kind of business plan for organizing the trip. Define key steps and milestones:

  • Preparation of the route
  • Approval of the list of participants
  • Preparation of equipment
  • Preparation of layout and first aid kit
  • Final check

And now about everything in more detail.

Check your health

Mountains, mountains, mountains. For a whole year we live on the upcoming vacation, think about the trip, mentally transfer ourselves to the world of high peaks and alpine meadows. It's like a candy-flower period in a relationship: common sense is turned off, and we are only able to think about the route and equipment. And many forget to think about themselves. Are you ready for a trip to the mountains?

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