Perm Territory summed up the tourist results of 2020

Federation of Sports Tourism of the Perm Territory

December is the best time to take stock. Last week, within the framework of a conference dedicated to the tourism potential of the Perm Territory, representatives of the administration and tourism business of the region shared the results of their work in 2020. The region has an impressive list of projects and plans for the future.

At the end of last week, representatives of the administration and tourist business of the Perm region gathered journalists and partners in Moscow to talk about what they have achieved in the outgoing year, to announce ambitious plans for the coming years, and also to present the tourist opportunities of the region. After an informative presentation, guests of the event were treated to refreshments, as well as a local drink - Parma balsam.


Opening the event, Deputy Prime Minister of the Perm Territory Alexei Chernikov immediately said that Perm, which stretches along the banks of the Kama River, like the region as a whole, knows how and loves to surprise. There are many places here that have no analogues in Russia.

For example, in the village of Ishimovo, grandmothers prepare patented Ishimov bagels, but very few people know about this yet. And in the Perm Territory, tourists understand that "happiness is just around the corner", get acquainted with the Perm wooden gods, try posikunchik pies, rest in health resorts, visit mysterious caves, endless taiga, go on rafting, hiking, and in winter - to ski resorts.

“Yes, this year it was not possible to fully relax in the Perm Territory, as well as in other Russian regions, for all known reasons. But the restrictions associated with the pandemic will end sooner or later. And we must approach this moment as prepared as possible. We are working to increase the tourist attractiveness of the Perm Territory, develop in all directions, form new routes and whole types of tourism, including industrial. We are actively developing social tourism, children's tourism, active, gastronomic tourism. An agreement was signed on the development of navigation on the Kama River. And to get acquainted with the reserves, according to one of the projects, it will be possible with the help of small aircraft. Let me remind you that in 2023 Perm will celebrate its 300th anniversary, this also stimulates us to active development, - said Alexey Chernikov.

Alexey Chernikov noted that in general, it is tourism that will help restart the economy of the region. Therefore, when planning the development of a particular territory, the region largely proceeds from its tourism opportunities.

“We are comprehensively approaching strengthening the position of tourism in the region. The Ministry of Tourism and Youth Policy will appear in the Perm Territory very soon, ”Mr. Chernikov also said.


Yulia Vetoshkina, Head of the Agency for Tourism and Youth Policy of the Perm Territory, began her speech with statistics of the region's attendance.

Last year, the Perm Territory received 754 thousand tourists. And according to analysts of mobile operators - 2.3 million tourists, that is, three times more than official statistics. From January to September of this year, only 322 thousand tourists visited the region.

“Yes, the decline is quite significant. But on the other hand, in the summer, when the restrictions were lifted, they went to the region en masse for rafting. There were "Moscow traffic jams" on the rivers, recalls Ms. Vetoshkina.

Perm Territory summed up the tourist results of 2020

The Perm Territory is an excellent vacation spot for those who miss the untouched Russian nature, crave adventure and are not ready to spend a lot

The Perm Territory is a unique region of Russia, which is unfairly underestimated. We believe that the time has come to fix this. Here are just a few reasons that will make your tourists look at the area with different eyes. Here you can combine skiing holidays with city excursions, visit several resorts at once in one vacation and, importantly, not spend a lot of money. The prices here are quite democratic, but we are afraid that this will not be long, because after such advertising there will be many more tourists here.

Alpine skiing to the Perm Territory and beyond

Those who have not had time to enjoy this summer will be able to have a great rest this coming winter - even if the borders are not open. Indeed, in Russia there are many options for winter tourism. The participant of the exhibition "Know Ours" The Center for Tourism Development of the Perm Territory offers to get acquainted with the possibilities of traveling in the Kama region.

Why the Perm Territory is good

The Perm Territory is not as promoted as traditional destinations, and this gives it a number of undeniable advantages - from the absence of crowds of tourists to attractive prices. At the same time, the local flavor and service pleasantly surprise.

The nature of the Kama region is unique, virgin and diverse. A large territory, exceeding the area of ​​Greece, is replete with natural objects: the Kungur ice and Orda underwater caves, Usvinskie pillars, mountains and reserves. Unique crafts are alive here - salt production, Stroganov icon painting, Kungur ceramics, as well as ancient styles - Perm gods, animal style.

Where to go skiing in the region

An ideal acquaintance with the Perm region awaits those tourists who decide to combine a study trip with skiing. The region pleases with a large number of ski centers - Gubakha, Takman, Zhebrei, Ivan Gora, and tourists will not have difficulty combining sports and sightseeing. Let's take a closer look at the ski centers.

The largest ski center, consisting of 18 slopes ranging from 100 to 2,600 meters with a maximum elevation difference of 310 meters. For snowboard lovers, there is a snow park and a freeride park. This season, the first chair lift in the Perm Territory will be added to the existing four drag lifts. After skiing, you can have a snack in the cafe or warm up in the sauna. And stay at a local hotel or hostel. People often come to Gubakha for a few days, since the resort is located 3-4 hours away from Perm by train or bus.

Among the coniferous forests near the town of Chusovoy, there are 10 different slopes of the Takman ski resort. Novice skiers will appreciate a very comfortable training slope, and for more experienced hikers there are also slopes with a large vertical drop. The level of the slopes of the Takman resort is evidenced by the fact that the Russian national snowboard cross team trained here and all-Russian competitions in this discipline were held. You can stay in one of the hotels in the nearest town of Chusovoy - there is also something to see there. The city stands on the picturesque river of the same name; it was from here that in the 16th century Yermak's famous campaign to Siberia began. Among the museums that can be visited in winter are the Ethnographic Park of the History of the Chusovaya River and the Museum of the Rear Hospital.

First-hand news

The Federation of Sports Tourism of the Perm Territory is a non-profit public organization uniting tourist clubs, tourist sections and individual tourists. render completely. The Federation organizes and carries out general management of tourist activities: hikes, competitions, contests. Conducts Championships of the Perm Territory by type of tourism.

The aim of the Federation is to develop sports tourism and all related activities in the Perm Territory and beyond.

Anyone who is interested in or is engaged in sports tourism can participate in the activities of the Federation. The meeting is maximally open for cooperation with all interested people.

Friends. If your passion for sports tourism has grown into something more than just a hobby and you feel like a part of the sports tourism community, then it's time to officially join the Federation of Sports Tourism of the Perm Territory, becoming a collective or individual member of the Federation of Sports Tourism and paying a membership fee.

fee for an individual member of the federation - 300 rubles per year; fee for a collective member of the federation - 3000 rubles per year

application and receipt of payment must be sent to fst59 @ list. u then you will receive a membership notification.

In 2020, 53,219 initiatives were submitted to the "Volunteer of Russia" competition. One of them is our Green Kilometers of Health. We worked on it for more than half a year, sometimes it was so difficult that I wanted to give it up more than once, but we made a dream plan for our Federation. And I ask those who know about our work and trust me: these days, your support is especially necessary for us! VOTE LINK: . u/application/7248

To reach the quarter-finals, we not only prepared a project, but underwent training and online testing, learned how to use ZUM and entered 1557 semifinalists who defended projects in the framework of the district online forums. The final test was online protection at the Russian level. And so we, not believing our eyes, reached the final. There are only 210 finalists, and we were happy to be among them - because this is very necessary for our people - the elderly and retirees who have to observe the strictest regime during the coronavirus period - despite the fact that fresh air and movement are needed to maintain health and immunity.

The last stage remains. The results of the popular vote will amount to 30% of the overall project assessment, and the remaining 70% will depend on the choice of the jury.

Perm Territory is well-known not only among Russian, but also among foreign tourists, there is an extraordinary nature, ancient history and colorful cuisine. The tourist business of the region was told how to form, sell and promote commercially effective tours in an expert tour of the north of the Perm Region and within the framework of educational seminars held by the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) in Perm.


The expert tour and the subsequent training program for the tourist business of the Perm Territory were organized by ATOR at the request of the State Autonomous Institution PC "Center for Tourism Development" (Perm) for the tourist business of the Perm Territory.

The tour along the new route in the Perm Territory, which was assessed by experts from federal tour operators together with the local tourist business, lasted 4 days/3 nights. During this time, experts, travel agents and tour operators with the ATOR Vestnik correspondent traveled 954 km and visited 10 excursion points of the Perm Territory, including Kamenny Gorod, where the shooting of a feature film based on the book by Alexei Ivanov “The Heart of Parma” has just taken place.

During the trip, the experts gave a new route and gave their recommendations to the receiving tour operator in the person of the director of the travel agency "Krasnov" (Perm) Mikhail Krasnov. The tourist business of Perm could look from the inside at the work of experts of federal tour operators on the route.

As the representative of the Center for Tourism Development of the Perm Territory Daria Ezova told the ATOR Vestnik correspondent, it is planned to make the Kaleidoscope Prikamye route branded.

An experienced tour guide Grigory Zakharenko led a group of experts on all the interesting sights of the route. There is something to see here: from the Ural Venice in Usolye, the temple complexes of Solikamsk, the Museum of the History of Salt, the Cherdyn Museum of Local Lore with an interactive classroom in the girls' gymnasium, the Museum of the History of Faith, where on the day of the terrorist attack with the twin towers in the USA a fresco depicting the Terrible court, the pit-chapel of Mikhail Romanov in Nyrob - the northernmost point of the Perm Territory - to the natural reserve Kamenny Gorod.

Experts and representatives of the Perm tourist business visited the ethnographic park in Chusovoy, the enamelware factory in Lysva, and the Perm Art Gallery, tried a dinner with ears and shanzhki, appreciated the comfort of hotels and the tourist infrastructure of the region.

“This tour is different in that it is a purposeful trip in which you can get acquainted with the northern part of our region,” explains Mikhail Krasnov, the organizer of the Kaleidoscope Prikamye tour. - There is no Kungur here, but the tour covers all the main points of the Perm Territory. I think that other interesting features can be added on the route - with snowmobiles, a motor boat ”.

“There are no comments on the tour, the guide's work is amazing, the timing is maintained. Wishes - according to the seasonality of the route. We were just fabulously lucky with the weather and the interior of the route, however, in my opinion, the best time for the tour is spring and early autumn. Again, the program should be viewed in the appendix to the logistics of Moscow. And I would add shopping, because the tourist goes not only to see, but also to spend, "- shared her impressions of the head of the domestic tourism department of the tour operator" VAND "(Moscow) Irina Astakhova.


The info tour around the Perm Territory ended with a cycle of educational seminars, which ATOR invited well-known experts in their fields to conduct for travel agents and tour operators.

Summer is the time for vacations. However, given the restrictive measures, it is difficult to count on the usual vacation trip. Travel agencies are sounding the alarm: because of the self-isolation regime, they cannot fully work. People are perplexed as to whether they will be able to go to the sea this year.

Where can Perm residents rest during the self-isolation regime? Which regions can you already travel to and what is needed for this? Details - in the material "AiF-Prikamye".


The epidemiological situation in the country and in the region has paralyzed the work of travel agencies. Almost all directions were closed. At the end of May, travel agencies began to ring the bells: they wrote an appeal to the acting governor, in which they asked to be allowed to work. More than a hundred heads of agencies have subscribed to it.

“The tourism industry was the first to feel the impact of the pandemic. For almost three months now we have not received any income at all. Moreover, due to the cancellation of tours during the restriction period, we lost profit over the previous several months. In the near future, many of us will have to lay off employees, lay off or close a business, ”they explained their difficult situation in circulation.

So far it has been possible to achieve only that firms were allowed to open offices for remote work with clients.

“This helped to resolve the issue with people who bought tours in advance, but could not leave because of the situation. These trips are now being postponed. Tourists are trying to book new tours as well. But many are afraid that something will happen again. The trend is that early booking is likely to disappear for a while. People will take tours before the trip, says Yelena Elagina, executive director of the Perm Tourist Guild. - Some kind of relaxation in self-isolation is already good. Everyone wants to work. In our address to the head of the region, we suggested resuming activities in compliance with security measures. At least in an organized way, take people out into nature within their territory, seating tourists on the bus with respect to the distance. This would already be a shift - firms would be able to pay taxes and salaries to employees. But so far this is not allowed. "

Underground Recreation

However, many residents go on rafting, go hiking, buy weekend tours somewhere. How does this happen if domestic tourism is banned?

“Now there are many illegal private tourist clubs that ignore the bans. There are a lot of them. Tourists who choose the services of such firms risk their lives. Illegals do not even register a trip to the Ministry of Emergencies. If something happens, the rest can be ruined, "- explains the representative of the tourist business, the Perm guide Igor Serebrennikov.

Under the guise of wanting to buy a tour, we contacted several clubs that operate in the market illegally. It is not difficult to find them - in social networks they are actively posting announcements of trips around the Perm Territory.

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