Passive or active rest of Marvel stars: what Hugh Jackman chooses

What is active rest

Everyone spends their holidays as they want. If spring comes in our country, this is not a reason to deny yourself to spend time at a foreign ski resort. Both in winter and in summer, it makes sense to see the sunny Alps from the side of hot Italy. Australian actor Hugh Jackman did not deny himself such a magical vacation. So let's go on vacation with a star!

The beauty of Italy's mountains

You can find Livigno in the northern part of the country, near the Swiss border. The height of 1816 meters is somewhat intoxicating, as is the greenery of the two national parks: the Italian Stelvio Park and the Swiss Engadin meet here, turning into a fabulously beautiful snowy kingdom in winter.

If in Russia in March fans of active pastime, snowboarding and skiing begin to feel sad, watching the streams carry away the snow slopes, then the guests of Livigno simply rejoice - here it is, the sweetest ski time!

Since winters are always generous with snow, by March all tracks become gorgeous snow highways that attract skiers and snowboarders from all over the world, and it is not difficult to find out how much a blessed vacation costs.

By the way, Livigno has long been called the Alpine Little Tibet, and it is here that numerous national teams are in a hurry already in mid-October, for winter “pokatushki” and serious snow training. If you are a fan of sports activities, then maybe you can follow Hugh Jackman's example and go on vacation to an Italian ski resort?

For ordinary people who might call themselves amateurs, Livigno is a delightful ski resort, a place of active recreation, long heart-to-heart talks in the mountain air.

Why the famous Australian chose just such a vacation, it will become clear if you ask what you can do here: you will have to spend time actively, this is 40 km of ski tracks, freeriding tracks, especially stubborn classes await at a riding school. Are you tired? But in vain. Rock climbing, paragliding, hiking trails and ice rally are ahead.

Where else does Hugh Jackman spend his time outside of working months?

For a person who has undergone five operations to remove basal cell carcinoma, a cancerous tumor, this person leads a surprisingly active life. All his time, which he has outside of work, the actor devotes to his beloved wife Deborra and their two adopted children, Oscar and Ava. Every year the whole family goes on vacation: Comrade Rio de Janeiro, where Hugh also starred in an advertisement for Lipton tea, combining business with pleasure, then in Saint Tropez, then on the beaches of his native Australia and on the Italian island of Capri. This is always a good rest, active swimming, a lot of pleasure, which the family does not hesitate to demonstrate from the heart.

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Passive or active rest of Marvel stars: what Hugh Jackman chooses

Simple relaxation on the beach fades into the background. Active types of recreation are gaining more and more popularity, where you can throw out all your energy and get a lot of positive emotions. This type of pastime is actively gaining momentum, offering new options for testing your own strength and perseverance. Most tourists, planning their upcoming vacation, are interested in what kind of active vacation is at the selected resort. Sports tourism is becoming quite popular every year. After a long work in the office, you want to escape to nature and feel like a conqueror of the elements. Tour operators offer a variety of water, land and mountain activities, from which you can choose the right option.

Water activities

Most tourists choose seaside holiday destinations, where you can devote a few days to a quiet pastime on the beach, and devote the rest to your favorite pastime. Here vacationers are offered a huge number of options for an adrenaline rush - scuba diving, water skiing or try their hand at conquering the sea waves.

The most popular water activities are the following:

Diving is one of the most difficult and dangerous leisure options that most people choose. This is a great opportunity to test your strength and courage, but there is a certain danger under heavy loads when diving to great depths. This pleasure is quite expensive - from $ 1000. Many resorts have rental outlets for equipment and costume. The cost of this is approximately $ 300-400. This is a beautiful and exciting activity where you can feel like an amphibian and swim with marine life.

Wakeboarding consists of all kinds of tricks with a board and a boat. This direction began to develop actively after 1990. The boat forms a high wave, which the raider must use as a springboard to perform a trick. It is a thrilling and dangerous sight that requires a certain amount of strength in the arms and legs. Equipment costs about $ 400, but you can rent all the necessary props.

Water skiing is available in almost all resorts and is very popular with tourists. You don't need to buy anything here on purpose. On the beaches of the resorts, all this is provided by the company organizing this entertainment. Water skiing at high speed will give a lot of positive emotions, but strength and dexterity are needed here. The hobby costs about $ 150-300.

Windsurfing is an oval board with a sail and fins that stabilize movement. This is an exciting activity that requires certain skills, so the first lessons are supervised by an experienced instructor. In the presence of wind, you can reach speeds of up to 20-70 km/h, which is comparable to riding a bicycle or moped. The equipment costs about $ 2000, but it is possible to rent all the equipment - the costs are reduced to $ 100-250.

Kayaking is the most difficult and dangerous type of active recreation on the water, where you need to cope with the elements alone. This type is divided into 3 different techniques - rowing slalom, rafting and rodeo. Here you need to first learn to keep the boat on the water with a strong and fast current, as well as be able to cope with rapids and waterfalls. This type of recreation is offered in mountainous areas where there are many small rivers.

Rafting is one of the most popular types of outdoor activities that most tourists choose. A group of 4-12 people gathers for rafting down the mountain river. Rafting tours are practically safe and are organized by professionals in proven directions. This is a great opportunity to relax in the company of like-minded people and test yourself for strength in difficult conditions. One rafting will cost about $ 150, and a raft tour for several days will cost $ 1000-1500.

Active rest, as well as physical education, have a great impact on human health. Why is this happening and what active rest is, read below.

What is active recreation

What is outdoor activity? Rest is understandable, but what does active mean? And this means a way to spend your free time, in which a person is engaged in activities that require active physical work of the body, the work of many muscles of the body.

Why is it a rest if you have to work physically? Yes, because this type of rest is done by those who, in their main job, are engaged in completely different things. And as you know, changing the type of activity for a while is also a kind of rest.

Most often for a person, active rest is a hobby, non-professional activities in various sports. It can be rafting, fishing, hiking, hunting, various outdoor games and so on. Well, in general, the most healthy lifestyle.

There are a lot of types of outdoor activities. Everyone can choose one of them to their liking or come up with their own. You can conditionally divide active leisure activities by season into:

  • Active summer holidays
  • Active winter holidays

By the duration or time allotted for outdoor activities:

  • Weekend activities
  • Holiday activities
  • In general, there can be a great variety of options. It is only important that this activity brings pleasure to the person. It was also beneficial for his health. Well, it also distracted him from his main activity.

    For example, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov is fond of rafting. He spends almost all his vacations actively resting, that is, rafting on boats along the mountain Siberian rivers. I hope that now it has become a little clearer what active rest is.

    Popular outdoor activities Main types of tourism

    Active tourism is probably one of the most popular and exciting areas of modern recreation. Constant employment, an abundance of technology and transport make a person less mobile and practically exclude physical work, which results in excess weight and a number of diseases. That is why, choosing how to spend their vacation, more and more tourists prefer to spend time with health benefits by skiing, cycling or surfing. Remember, active tourism is great for any time of the year.

    Winter activities

    Snowboarding and alpine skiing are the most popular types of winter recreation, but outdoor activities in ski overalls are not limited only to this. Telemark is very similar to normal skiing, with a special downhill technique, reminiscent of cross-country skiing.

    Another popular type of outdoor activity is winter snowmobile safari, at the same time, such a trip is not cheap and on average one hour will cost you at least $ 40.

    Skiing is not the last on our list; putting on your skis and skiing suits, you can take a fascinating walk along the mountain ascents and descents. Ski touring in recent years has become widespread largely due to the emergence of special skis and comfortable sportswear (suitable for both climbers and alpine skiers), which made it possible to make ski trips on difficult mountain routes covered with ice.

    Summer activities Best outdoor activities

    In summer, active tourism is represented by a wide variety of activities, both on land and at sea and in the sky. Kayaking every summer attracts more and more people who want to descend on a turbulent mountain stream or a peaceful river by boat (kayak), surrounded by picturesque nature. Windsurfing (or board sailing) is great for swimming near the shore. By controlling the sail and observing the pitch and thrust that the wind creates, you can make a small but very exciting sailing on the waves of the sea or ocean. At the same time, do not forget about such (already classic) types of water recreation as yachting and diving. Walking on the sea or river or exploring the underwater world will always be a great way to spend your vacation for the benefit of yourself.

    Cycling is an interesting and useful type of active recreation

    Cycling tour is one of the most popular among land-based types of active tourism, despite the fact that it appeared not so long ago. For a long time, the bicycle served as public transport, but nowadays it has become one of the best means of inexpensive and active tourism. When traveling by bike, you can easily load it onto a train or car before reaching your starting point. At the same time, you will gain in speed compared to regular walking, covering five times more distance during the day than can be done on foot. And of course, convenience in difficult places, mountain passes and probably any terrain will not be a problem for you. at the same time, in a number of European countries there are special paths for cyclists.

    Mountaineering, rock climbing or speleology will also become popular in the summer. Climbing mountains, cliffs or descending into deep underground caves, you can get no less positive emotions than at sea. However, when going on any trip, do not forget about the necessary sportswear and quality equipment.

    The phrase "active rest" has gradually become commonplace. It is mentioned in the announcements of sports shops, recreation centers, water parks, travel agencies and many clubs of interest: equestrian, tourist, water, even music. Are all of these moving activities really able to help relieve fatigue after work and can be equated with rest?

    What does the story say?

    The academician introduced many people from his social circle to regular physical training, urging them at every opportunity not to miss the slightest opportunity to feel "muscle joy" after physical exertion.

    The academician's beliefs about the benefits of outdoor activities were based on deep knowledge in the field of human physiology and reflex mechanisms.

    After the effectiveness of outdoor activities has been proven, the concept has become an official term. The so-called physical training pauses were introduced into the work and rest regime, which are recommended to be performed 2 hours after the start of work, as well as in the afternoon of the working day after lunch. The duration of such classes does not exceed 5 minutes.

    Today, active rest is called the types of activity that are necessarily associated with physical activity, which, nevertheless, do not lead to fatigue and fatigue. Moreover, this activity should be fundamentally different from the main type of human activity.

    How does it work?

    In particular, active walking helps to eliminate fatigue in people engaged in mental work and leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. It restores the normal level of blood circulation in those areas of the body where stagnation forms during sedentary work, makes the corresponding muscle groups work.

    Physical activity promotes the release of a number of biologically active substances into the bloodstream that have a positive effect on mood and restore tone to the body. The result is a significant reduction in the feeling of fatigue and an improvement in mood. And when you are in a good mood, you work better.

    Even a short 5-7-minute pause filled with physical activity is enough to resume blood circulation, reduce emotional and mental stress, activate cerebral blood flow, and prevent fatigue.

    Strengthening ventilation during such short physical culture breaks helps to activate brain activity, which is very important for people of mental work.

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