Outdoor games and contests for children

Family vacation ????: where to go with children and how to spend the weekend

Children's tourism is quite a lucrative idea for business. This service is relevant, since the level of urbanization is currently very high, the attachment of the younger generation to high technologies, modern gadgets and comfortable living conditions make a tourist trip interesting, exciting and unforgettable. Such events are unique for modern children, have recreational, health-improving, cultural and educational significance. It is worth noting here that in this case, children's tourism means exactly tourist trips, since travel agencies and tour operators are involved in the organization of full-fledged travel, and excursions are conducted by excursion agencies. Hence, the specifics of organizing a children's tourism business is that the main tourist routes are laid within the city limits or in the immediate vicinity of it. Also, such tourist trips are characterized by a short duration of the event (1-3 days), a short route.

The main target audience is children aged 12 to 18 years. Younger children can only take part in the hike with an accompanying adult (parent or guardian). However, the upper age limit is blurred, which makes it possible to organize trips for all age categories at no additional cost. The basic rule when forming a group should be approximately equal age of all participants. For example, if the presence of a child under 12 years old accompanied by an adult is expected in a group, then the entire group should be formed on the basis of a similar composition. Groups over 18 years of age must not include children. This is necessary to prevent potential conflicts, preserve the atmosphere of travel.

Currently, there is a small number of companies involved in organizing children's tours on the market, which is caused by the lack of awareness of the population about the potential service. In most cases, these are government agencies.

Premises, equipment and inventory

An office is needed to organize children's tourism. The leased office area should be about 30-35 sq. ... This is due to the need to place both office equipment and furniture for the implementation of organizational tasks (PC, printer, components, tables, chairs, filing cabinets), as well as shelving and storage space for inventory. There are no special requirements for the location of the office; it can be located both in the central part of the city and in a residential area. The average rental price for a space of 30 sq. ... is about 12,000 rubles per month. The cost of utilities (electricity, water supply, sewerage) is about 3,000 rubles per month.

Equipment and inventory for hiking is formed based on their specifics (hiking, water, mountain).

Any type of hike requires the following equipment and supplies:

  • individual first aid kits;
  • single tents;
  • sleeping bags;
  • roomy backpacks;
  • stoves and fuel;
  • means for ignition;
  • a set of reusable tableware (pot, plate, fork, spoon, knife).

All of the above equipment is collected in a backpack and is an individual set for one participant. Accordingly, the total number of such kits should depend on the potential number of participants in the hike. It is optimal to have 10 backpacks with all the contents.

Each backpack is also equipped with the necessary set of food products intended for the duration of the route. All participants are given a complete route plan and navigation aids. Each participant selects the necessary clothing and accessories independently, based on the preliminary instructions of the guide (based on the maximum weight of the backpack, usefulness, etc.).

As additional equipment, which each of the accompanying persons must have, there are a radio station for communication, a set of tools, spare elements for tents and other small paraphernalia.

Also, depending on the need, the necessary equipment can be taken for games, competitions, etc. (balls, ropes, flags).

Tourism for children: an interesting business idea for hiking enthusiasts

Children's fantasy really has no boundaries, and therefore games and contests in nature should be special for them. Any adult can envy their inventions. Children can come up with a game out of nothing, but it doesn't have to be safe. To avoid this, it is worth preparing in advance and picking up some interesting entertainment that your child will like and will be safe.

tips for organizing outdoor activities for children

1. Sports Equipment. When going into nature, do not forget to take a ball, a rope, a frisbee plate, a shuttlecock and badminton rackets or something else along with the skewers. 2. Clothes and footwear. In nature, almost all games are active, and therefore flip flops and flip flops are definitely not suitable, because it will be simply inconvenient to run in them. And the clothes should be loose and comfortable. It is best to give preference to a sporty style. 3. Headwear. The first heat is very deceptive: it seems that it is not very hot outside, but it can easily bake in the head. 4. Play with children. Some children are quite difficult to climb, and therefore, to stir them up, start playing with them. And when the child is fully involved in the process, you can safely go about your business. 5. Competition. If there are a lot of kids, then arrange relay races for them. Children love competitive entertainment. Just do not forget that any competition implies prizes that should be taken care of in advance.

What games and contests should you choose?

The Nimble Thief

To play you will need: a ball, a rope, 15-20 small objects (coins, pebbles, shells, small children's toys, sweets, nuts ...).

The rope is tied to a tree branch so that it hangs straight down. A ball is tied to the rope from below. This must be done so that no more than 2 centimeters remain between the ball and the ground. All small objects are randomly placed under the ball on the ground. This completes the preparatory stage.

Next, one of the players approaches the ball, picks it up, steps back 2-3 steps, raises it high above his head and pushes it forward with all his might. While the ball is swinging, you need to collect all the riches spread on the ground as quickly as possible. And, of course, the ball must not touch the player. After that, the total number of collected things is calculated. Then the items return to their places and all players go through this procedure. The winner is determined by the number of collected items.

Important: if the ball touches the player during the theft, then its entire result is reset to zero.

Twirl the string

How to make money on children's tourism? How much you need to invest in the business, calculating the projected profit from each order in 2020.

Weekends are the best time for family vacations. This is 48 hours that you can have fun with the people you dearest. We have prepared for you the best ideas for a joint holiday with children.

  • When is the day of family, love and fidelity celebrated in Russia?



You can, of course, play a game of "rock, paper, scissors" at the family council and choose a pastime that the winner prefers. However, as practice shows, weekends should be planned no less scrupulously than working days.

One of the key rules for a perfect weekend is not to leave a ton of household chores on Saturday and Sunday. If you systematically occupy weekdays with business, pay bills, make necessary purchases, then the weekend will be completely at your disposal.

When planning, you need to take into account the free time of all family members. If children, for example, have an exercise in the sports section on Sunday morning, then long trips out of town with an overnight stay are eliminated. You need to understand how many hours you have and try to use them as efficiently as possible, and this is already a whole science - the discipline of time management is studied in many educational institutions of the world.

But don't try to keep everyone on a tight schedule. There is no need to clog the schedule with dozens of entertainment and then frantically try to be in time everywhere, not getting pleasure from the rest.

Be objective. On the weekend, you should give yourself some rest and at the same time energize yourself for the new week. If you have been spinning like a squirrel in a wheel for 5 days, then you should not choose active options, perhaps a quiet rest is better: a visit to the cinema, a leisurely walk with a picnic in the city park. Well, for those who were dying from boredom in the office on weekdays, God himself ordered them to break away, for them the following are suitable: bike rides, hot air balloon rides, laser tag, quests.

At the same time, it is imperative to take into account the needs of each person. People with allergies to plants should not be dragged into the forest with them, but the fearful should not be offered extreme rafting down the river. Listen to your child's wishes. Are you crazy about theatrical performances, and your child falls asleep at every performance? In this case, cultural recreation can become a bone of contention in your family.

What to do at home on the weekend?

  • You can have a culinary duel. It will be interesting to cook something together. And the family will rally, and no one will be left hungry.
  • Arrange a karaoke evening. Everyone will choose a repertoire to their liking and will try to "knock out" 100 points. You can also fantasize a little and hold the stage of the show "The Voice" at home, giving marks for the performances. Don't be fair to judge!
  • Have a day of board games. Fortunately, there is no shortage of games now, you can find those that your parents played, for example loto or dominoes, and those that will be of interest to the smallest.
  • Get busy with crafts. We take out plasticine, colored paper, crayons, etc., etc. from the cabinet. Gradually, this kind of leisure is becoming a thing of the past, but in vain. Such exercises help develop fine motor skills and perseverance. By the way, you can combine business with pleasure - to make handmade soap of an interesting shape at home.
  • Do not forget that the house can become a mini-gym. To keep yourself in good shape, a wall bar, dumbbells and a yoga mat are enough.

Where to go on the weekend?

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