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Where to relax in Kharkov (Part 1: natural recreation areas)

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Ukrainian Cup in Underwater Orienteering in Kharkov

Weekends in Kharkov What to see in a day?

Ukrainian Cup in Underwater Orienteering in Kharkov

Weekends in Kharkov What to see in a day?

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Kharkiv is undoubtedly a metropolis, where there is where to go, what to do and what to see. For indigenous citizens, there are no problems in the landmark, but for visitors to get confused in such a city is a piece of cake. And everything changes every day, so the information that we intend to cover will be useful not only for Kharkiv residents, but also for city guests.

Where to relax in Kharkiv in nature?

There are many parks and squares in Kharkov. The most popular are:

Central Amusement Park (M Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Sumskaya str.)

The most favorite vacation spot for Kharkiv citizens since 1907.

Places for adults where you can relax in Kharkov

For decades, the park has been overgrown not only with green spaces, but also with attractions.

Today there are over 30 attractions in Gorky Park.

And all of them are not inferior to world-class counterparts, most of which have Italian, German and American roots.

In a year-round mode, here you can master various types of extreme sports, including roller coasters, a fall tower, somersaults.

A rope park with a lot of attempts to improve their climbing along various routes is suitable for a children's audience.

Hiking in the mountains of Russia for beginners and experienced. We conduct tours in the Urals, Altai, Putorana plateau, etc. You can join us from Moscow, Yekaterinburg and other parts of the world.

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