Opening a store of goods for outdoor activities with bookmarks

Opening a store of goods for outdoor activities with bookmarks

Products for outdoor activities and tourism can be considered as an interesting business idea. This is a niche activity for enthusiasts, 80% of success depends on the ability to find and interest your audience. Initial investment is minimal. The idea is suitable for those who want to start a business from scratch (although do not forget about the conventionality of the concept of "business from scratch").

Starting a business step by step

  • Registration of a new account in VK with a title on the topic "goods for tourism and outdoor activities."
  • Recruitment of subscribers, promotion of the group. You will need to hire an SMM specialist. Or the basics of social media marketing will have to be mastered on your own.
  • Search for suppliers, purchase of goods for recreation and tourism. It is advisable to find suppliers who can provide deferred payment services.
  • First sales. Track buyers' interests.
  • Analysis of the speed of sales, possible reach, calculation of profit.
  • If the calculation results are satisfactory, in the future it is possible to open an online store or an off-line goods store with the registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

Start-up capital and search for suppliers

  • Any wholesale online store of goods for outdoor activities, for example, sima-land. u. These are convenient sites, although the purchase will be relatively expensive. Plus - the simplicity of the procurement procedure.
  • Direct purchases from manufacturers, both foreign and domestic. The first will require at least minimal knowledge of English. The idea of ​​cooperation with a local novice manufacturer who has not established a sales network or offers an original product may be successful.
  • Aliexpress. Wider - China. According to the information on the net, the most popular channel for beginners. Below in the video for more information on how to choose the right product for a business with China.

Promotion and advertising

  • Flyers in hobby clubs. If you sell outdoor activities for children, distribute flyers with your store's contacts to kindergartens. If your audience is kayaking enthusiasts, head to the themed clubs.
  • Mandatory participation in relevant groups in social networks. Here you need to go wider. Your customer is interested not only in your product. If you sell thermal underwear, subscribe to fitness pubs, if your audience is men, Men Only publics will do.
  • The site, if any, requires a subscription. The original presentation of the text content, the bright juicy style of speech, the zest in the design are popular. Publish articles in the "Interesting" section - not necessarily often, but so that there is an information precedent in the group on VK.
  • Gather interested citizens around you. Every acquaintance should find out that you can buy the necessary "device" for hiking and tourism, the online store can be indicated in business cards. Communicate in queues at offices, in transport, travel, at school - everywhere. But without importunity. Some are given such a talent, some need to develop it.

The most important business development points

  • Decide on the audience. A narrow niche is good for a low start: for children, for camping, everything for a picnic, everything for kebab lovers, for connoisseurs of specific brands. Selling specific products will allow you to test the market - it will be clear whether it is worth expanding, whether you need to look for suppliers of these particular products. It happens that a businessman is simply not mounted with the selected product. No reason to despair, test another.
  • Selling in bulk is not for a greenfield business. We recommend starting with retail, with the growth of volumes, you can consider wholesale sales for growing businessmen working in retail, by that time you will understand them well.
  • Product weight - for a start, it is better to choose light and bulky ones. Shipping costs are heavily weight-dependent; heavy accessories are not only costly, but also more difficult to sell.
  • Flashlights, thermal underwear, thermal dishes, thermoses, first aid kits, multitools, folding knives are selling well. Although, when purchasing, you should pay attention to their quality. Be sure to calculate the possible percentage of return.
  • If you have creative abilities, tourist-themed trinkets, gift sets (for example, baubles), souvenirs, key rings, outdoor play equipment for companies of adults and children will do well.
  • To buy outdoor products, people are willing to take the time to go to the store. Therefore, an off-line point can be opened in any suitable place.
  • Competitor is a large online store of goods for outdoor activities and tourism. The competition is huge in the networks: there are more than 500 results for the query “leisure goods”. You should be original and assertive.

The latest trend is to make money on sales, including goods for tourism, without an online store. It is enough to open a group in VK. This method is especially good for those who have a circle of interested acquaintances (for example, club members) and are not ready to pour in serious amounts.

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