Online will cleanse the market of those who have no value in it

Online will cleanse the market of those who have no value in it

Tour operators, OTA and GDS discussed how the travel business will change as a result of digitalization

There will be no victory online over offline in tourism, as well as the opposite situation. However, the industry needs to adapt to new realities, when the Internet has a huge impact on the marketing and sales of travel products - this was the conclusion reached by representatives of major participants in the Russian travel industry during a panel discussion on development in Russia.

What tours are most often sold online, how tourists look for information and make a purchase decision, how the state intends to further regulate and develop tourism and what prevents tour operators from completely taking over in B2C - this is just a small part of the questions, which were raised at the meeting.

The conversation took place within the framework of the Profi conference. ravel Digital Day, February 4 at the Azimut Olympic Hotel in Moscow.

Participants in the discussion:

  • General Director of Vipservice Holding Dmitry Gorin,
  • Founder and General Director of Onlinetours Konstantin Pobedkin,
  • General Director of TUI Russia & CIS Taras Demura,
  • Deputy General Director of the tour operator Anex Tour Yana Muromova,
  • Head of the Tourpomosh Association Igor Kozlov
  • General Director of OZON. ravel Mikhail Osin.

The discussion was moderated by Alexander Sizintsev, Director for Economics and Finance at TAIS.

As the presenter noted, within the framework of one discussion it was possible to gather representatives of practically "parallel worlds": representatives of large tour operators, representatives, and even.

Came online, but not everywhere

Dmitry Gorin devoted his presentation to the analysis of trends in Russian and global experience in Russia and abroad, as well as to what trends are emerging in the industry.

At the beginning of his speech, the speaker noted that it is one of the most dynamically developing technology markets in the world, and Russia has very great prospects in this regard. So, last year alone, the number of requests for tours online increased by 33%.

Changes in the market, according to Dmitry, carry a number of risks for his players. First of all, this is a decrease in profitability in the classical MOT. Another feature is a change in the portrait and behavior of the consumer. Potential tourists are increasingly planning shorter vacations, preferring to travel online, and their purchasing power has declined markedly over the past few years. They are more likely to look for the most affordable deals and go online for it.

How to sell a tour if the client says: “send me everything by mail?

As you know, often potential tourists refuse to come to the office - they just say: “send me everything by e-mail. I'll see ... ”

In this article we will tell you exactly what (and how exactly) you should do in such a situation in order to significantly increase your chances of selling the tour!

Today, almost all travel industry workers understand that in order to sell a tour, it is critically important to “drag” a potential tourist to the travel agency's office, because only at a meeting there is a real chance to sell “here and now”.

But what to do if a client, when talking on the phone, flatly refuses to come to your office and insists that you make a selection of suitable hotels and send them to him by e-mail? In most agencies, managers act “on the machine”, without hesitation, and often spend just an insane amount of time on the pointless selection of tour options and writing letters to clients ...

... and at this time the client calmly calls a dozen other travel agencies, chooses the one in which he was offered a tour for a thousand rubles cheaper and goes to buy it ...

... and now, the manager finally sends a letter to the client ... to find out that what he has done is no longer needed by anyone.

Let's summarize: the client has gone to another TA, there is no money, the manager has spent time in nowhere, and even demotivated. A sad but true story. ?

But the saddest thing is that next time another client asks this manager to “send him everything by email”, the manager again “rushes headlong into the thick of the battle for the best commercial offer by email”.

And at the same time he firmly believes that he is engaged in a really useful business - he sells ... therefore, a "halo of stormy activity" immediately appears around him. ?

But the final result is almost always the same - no client, no money, no time, no satisfaction.

Let's figure out together why everything is happening this way and immediately close this issue for your agency once and for all, introducing into the practice of your managers a special technology of working out with the request “send me an email”!

Deal with the objection!

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