One-day hikes in Crimea: 10 must-see places

Rest in Crimea: pleasure or forced measure - expert opinion

SIMFEROPOL, July 16 - RIA Novosti Crimea. The level of tourist flow in Russia has reached the last year's figures. The head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova said that in a number of popular destinations, in particular, in the Crimea, the occupancy of hotels reaches 90%. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia predicts an increase in tourist traffic by 10-15% compared to the same period last year. The reason for this is the rush demand for resorts on the Russian Black Sea coast and the prolongation of the season.

No place to place reservations

According to the expert, the high season this year began with the first days of lifting restrictions on entry to the region.

"The leading hotels in the price-quality ratio showed full capacity in just two weeks," the expert said, adding that guests continue to fill in accommodations and make reservations.

In her opinion, most of the complaints about the quality of the Crimean service will come from this group. This is the target consumer of holidays in Turkey and Egypt. And this summer, we add, it is also a consumer of holidays in Greece, Spain, Croatia, Italy.

Mentally displeased

The expert is sure that the reason for the dissatisfaction of some tourists lies in the discrepancy between their picture of an ideal vacation and the actual situation. Many imagined a Crimean vacation on a half-empty beach in a soft deck chair under the sound of an oncoming wave.

Much depends on the perception of the guest. One could imagine what the rest would be like in reality in conditions when the borders were closed and the Black Sea coast became, in fact, the only place for a summer vacation for the whole country, both for those who have a lot of money and for those who travel with several thousand rubles.

Turkish holidays

Perhaps, for many Russians, with the hope of waiting for the opening of Turkey, Egypt and Greece, it will be an unpleasant revelation that the rest in these countries will no longer be the same. Coronavirus restrictions have affected not only the buffets, beach parties and public events that are beloved by Russian tourists, but also the very stay in hotels.

Life-giving whip

However, Crimea cannot remain what it is and continue to attract millions of guests. Considering the likely ways to increase the tourist attractiveness, the expert stated that "the most effective will be one or two disastrous seasons."

Rest in Crimea: pleasure or forced measure - expert opinion

Tourism is hard to imagine without advertising. With its help, tourist enterprises develop new sales markets. As a means of competition, advertising exacerbates this competition, contributing to the improvement of the quality of tourist services. Advertising allows you to increase sales, which ensures an increase in the income of the travel agency.

Advertising on the Internet

Advertising acquires particular importance in the context of the informatization of society. It is becoming a unique marketing tool that establishes, maintains and develops links between tourism enterprises, on the one hand, and consumers, intermediaries, manufacturers of travel services, on the other. Advertising contributes not only to the formation, but also to the management of demand [2].

Internet Advertising

One of the ways to promote a travel company to the market is to create and promote your own website. It is he who is the hallmark of a modern travel agency. According to foreign experts, computerized advertising in the near future may significantly squeeze other advertising media [2]. The Internet was originally conceived as a means of command and control of the US Army in a nuclear war. Having started out as a secret military project, by the end of the 80s the "network" became public knowledge. In the early 90s, the Internet was not used for commercial purposes, but only connected scientific institutions and universities with each other [3]. The Internet is now commercialized and offers a wide range of business and networking opportunities.

Web page

The simplest form of presentation of information on the Internet is a web page - this is a fairly brief information about the company, which, as a rule, is not updated and therefore it makes little sense for the visitor to return to it. The creation of a web page includes a competent selection of text and graphic material, as well as a professional execution of the plan.

Page on the official website of the village. Popovka

These web pages include the sites of some accommodation bases, as well as small travel agencies and travel service providers. Most often, such sites are hosted on free hosting (*. Arod. U, *. Oom. U) or rent individual pages on larger servers. For example: - www. avrvelo. arod. u - one-day cycling tours in the Bakhchisarai region; - www. anturina. opovka. om - private boarding house "Villa Santurina" in the village. Mirny on the official website of the village. Popovka

Ad Server

The level of tourist flow in Russia has reached last year's figures. The head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova said that in a number of popular directions, in particular, ... RIA Novosti Crimea. 16.7.020

The Crimean Peninsula is a well-known vacation spot since the times of the Russian Empire. No wonder emperors and nobles built palaces here. In Soviet times, boarding houses and rest homes for workers and intellectuals were actively built in Crimea.

The peninsula was called an all-Union health resort. Residents of all 15 republics came here to rest. Nature itself has created all the conditions for rest and recovery here: a unique climate, healthy air, more than a hundred mineral springs, curative mud. And what a beauty!

Over the years, the tourism business has been developing more and more in Crimea: auto-walking tours and ordinary walking tours. This is the kind of business that today's guests of Reconomica magazine, a young couple from Crimea, were doing.

How the idea came about

My name is Olga Shreiner, I live in Simferopol. Our business was launched in 2006 (I was 31 then) and worked for 9 years.

The idea to create a business has matured for two years. The inspiration was me, and my husband was just a geography teacher. In addition, he knew how to walk in the mountains, with inspiration and professionalism.

Anyway, I have been involved in this business since the days of the CCCP, having worked after graduating from the geological faculty at several large tourist centers in Crimea.

Tempting offer

At my husband's school, among the parents of the students, we found our sponsors. Oleg was respected at school and highly appreciated for his work as a guide, parents often sent their children on hikes with him.

At one of the meetings, the dad of a student simply asked her husband if he would like to try doing business in his favorite business - tourism. We thought at home, and my husband said yes.

Then we were given the task of sketching a list of required acquisitions. There was no business plan as such, because we were newcomers to the business - in general, we did not know about the payback period or the planned profit.

Spent a vacation in Crimea and were disappointed? Honestly, as a beach resort Crimea pulls on a weak C grade. But don't jump to conclusions. Perhaps you just do not know how to cook it. Crimea can be delicious.

Today we will talk about mountain hiking. Because it's the easiest, it's available to everyone and it's practically free. So let's go!

Let's list the must-see places. If you have not been to any of them, then you have not seen Crimea:


Walk up here. Start from the "Glade of Fairy Tales" along the Botkin trail - to the rock Stavri-Kaya. Further - along the Shtangeevskaya trail - to the Uchan-Su waterfall. Above the waterfall, the Taraktash trail, the most beautiful, goes steeply upward. Take a walk along the Taraktash tract, admire the rejected rock, which is popularly called the "rocky scallop", look into the "windows".

And move on - up to the plateau. If it is not too late and you are not very tired - go to the teeth, it is worth the effort.

There is another option: you can climb the plateau by minibus (or cable car), and a lot of entertainment awaits you upstairs.

- First, it's a walk to the battlements; - secondly, there are three caves; - thirdly, you can ride a troll, ride an ATV, and in winter, if you're lucky with snow, then also ski; - and fourthly, you can go paragliding on Ai-Petri. True, flights must be agreed in advance in order to guess the weather. This can be done, for example, here

You can go down from Ai-Petri on foot along the Miskhor trail, by minibus or by cable car.

Yalta Yaila

On the Day of the Tour Guide on February 21, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea initiated a competition to select the "Best Blogger of the Pre-Internet Era", which will be held on social networks. RIA Novosti Crimea and the Tourist Portal of the Republic of Crimea became the information partners of the competition. render completely.

Seven historical figures who have made an invaluable contribution to the popularization of Crimea will “claim” the title of the best blogger - Anton Chekhov, Ivan Aivazovsky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Lev Tolstoy, Alexander Green, Maximilian Voloshin and Alexander Pushkin. It will be possible to vote from 15 to 21 February on the Instagram and Facebook accounts of RIA Novosti Crimea.

“In the era of digitalization,“ tour guide ”includes a broader concept than even 2-3 years ago. Internet bloggers who show Crimea, talk about its versatility and uniqueness, in fact, being its ambassadors. At the same time, it is important not to forget about those historical figures who first discovered Crimea for all of Russia and not only. The competition is a short excursion into the history of the life of wonderful people in Crimea for the online generation, ”said the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vadim Volchenko.

At the same time, the competition will draw attention not only to the region as a whole through world famous personalities, but also to their museums, most of which are represented in Crimea. This is the house-museum of Anton Chekhov in Yalta, Maximilian Voloshin in Koktebel, Alexander Green in Feodosia and the Old Crimea, Alexander Pushkin in Gurzuf and the Feodosia art gallery named after I. Aivazovsky.

In tourism, as in all spheres, many business processes go digital, and Crimean display objects are no exception. A number of Crimean museums are already operating in a hybrid format, have developed and successfully implemented audio guides and virtual tours, elements of augmented reality.

“Today, due to the general epidemiological situation, individual tourism is in trend, and digital products are of particular importance in the development of this direction. This is now at the peak of demand and the quality of these products should be at a high level, ”added Vadim Volchenko.

The winners of the competition, determined by a random number generator among all those who voted, will receive a table tourist calendar from the Ministry of Resorts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the theme of which this year is “Life of wonderful people in Crimea”. As well as kits from the Crimean Rose cosmetic brand, which produces products from natural raw materials grown on the peninsula, souvenirs from Kota Mostyk, the Tourist Portal of the Republic of Crimea and RIA Novosti Crimea.

At the second stage of the Program for stimulating affordable domestic tourist trips (cashback), developed by the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm), more than 9.5 thousand vouchers were purchased to Crimea, according to preliminary data from the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan , of which about half is accounted for by sanatorium recovery, including the programs for recovery and recovery after COVID-19.

This was announced by the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vadim Volchenko at the conference of the Association for Health Tourism and Corporate Health “Programs of sanatorium treatment and medical rehabilitation in health resorts for survivors of coronavirus infection. Problems and Solutions ".

9 Crimean tour operators and 85 accommodation facilities, including sanatoriums and 16 sanatoriums, took part in the second stage of the Program for stimulating affordable domestic tourist trips, developed by Rostourism. The second phase of the sale lasted from October 15, and tour packages and hotel offers purchased before December 5 were available until January 10, 2021

Tour operators confirm the growing trend for wellness. According to Alean, the demand for sanatorium treatment in February-March of this year breaks records - the share of Crimea in sales of the sanatorium direction is about 40%, and in general, the demand for Crimea in the off-season compared to last year increased by almost 1.5 times ...

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