New Zealand

Features of the development of green tourism in the regions and problems of the establishment of international clusters in the region

New Zealand (Maor. Aotearoa) is famous for its gorgeous nature - geysers, mountains and lakes, forests and grottoes, ice floes and beaches. The widespread accusations of the ecologic ruh allow to preserve all the magnificent belongings in the mayzhe first place, to navigate in the areas of great places.

New Zealand

The beauty of a beautiful unique nature and full of excursion programs, the land is one more plus for singing categories of tourists - a professional navchannya fathers of extreme and active tourism. Adrenaline to the shelter to wake up from a simple pererakhunka rozvag for the smartest: bungee jumping, skydiving and gliding, rap jumping and wind surfing, as well as zorbing and a lot of fun. Even in New Zealand, you can play after whales, watch with tense fjords and thousands of years of ice, blue and quiet Wellington, or noisy Auckland, chim the devil is not hot, vivchati English language.

Hitchhikers of fantasy, it’s crazy, during the course, in New Zealand itself, there were chills, like for the whole world of the trilogy “Volodar Kilets”. The outskirts of the Tongariro and Ruapehu volcanoes, the Vikato rivers and the city of Queenstown are worthy of pilgrimage for fans of the film.

City and Region

Yak travel to New Zealand

From Kiev to Auckland you can get there in a number of ways:

There are also options for flights via Sidney, Deli, Paris, Singapore and others. A large number of tourists once visit New Zealand from Australia's visits, then they mostly go through Australia.

For additional re-insurance of airlines to New Zealand, you can travel through Wellington or Christchurch. When driving from the edge of the country, the tax rate is reduced from 20 to 25 NZD in fallow lands from the airport.


Importation and delivery of foreign and national currencies are not interchangeable (Declaration of Obov'yazkov, I am transferring the sum of 10,000 NZD). Gromadians over 17 years old can import up to 200 cigarettes without limit or 50 cigars or 250 g tyutyunu, or not more, less than 250 g up to 4.5 liters of wine or beer, up to 1.125 liters of alcoholic drinks or pure alcohol, and also a friend of a special vzhytku with a total charge of up to 700 NZD.

The import of food products (including many types of canned food), drugs, be it roslin, items of food and growing herbs (including food and village), food products for food, food for food be it in the form, viruses from the shell of a turtle, tassels and tusks of sea animals, horns of a rhinoceros and skins of a tiger, as well as viruses from children of representatives of the family of cats. It is forbidden to import a whole number of sechnyh, snodi and zapokivyh medications, heart preparations, tranquilizers, all types of vaccines, as well as, for the preparation of some kind of nutritious musk (not needed) The imported goods have been barred, ale, as far back as they are, a special call from the New Zealand police has been taken out, it is possible to import them into the open-air and cold weather with the obligatory declarations of the people. The importation of domestic food from the territories, deregistrations of viruses, for lack of control over the population of illnesses (and Ukraine is included in this category) are not allowed in any viglyad.


Characteristics of tourist activity and flow to the economy of Ukraine

Forecast of positive trends in the development of tourism in the end of the XX century. that on the cob XXI century. proved true. In 2001, 11.9 million records of Ukraine were registered by foreigners (the growth rate was growing at 6.2%). This includes 5.8 million tourist trips (an increase of 31.8%) and 5.6 million one-day trips (a decrease of 17.7%).

In 2000, the motivation for the trip of the earth dwellers to Ukraine in 2001 saw structural changes, the reason for which increased growth (+57%, or 1.5 million one-hour visits) of private tourist trips with a short drop in transit (-54% or 2.6 million). According to the 2000 rock, the transit traffic from Russia accelerated 2.9 times, from Bilorusia - 6.2 times, from Ukraine - 4.9 times, from Georgia - 5.6 times.

For the scheme of allocations recommended by the WTO, the foreign countries surpassed about 2.5 billion US dollars by extending their transfer to Ukraine in 2001.

The Ukrainian community in 2001 made 15.6 million trips abroad (the number of trips is 16.4%), including 9.4 million tourists (the rate is 8.0%), and the number of trips is one-day. ...

So, as for the European countries, for the most difficult tourist streams between the other countries, for Ukraine there is a part of the tourist exchange in Russia, Bilorus and Moldova are bound to stay 65% ...

The environment of the tsiy, susidnі land will not be able to prevent and straining streams of one-day visitors.

Trips to other countries and destinations will be important in the structure of international tourism.

Domestic tourism, which means continued active activity in 2001 rotsi tourist enterprises of such regions, like the AR of Crimea, metro Kiev, M. evastopol, Odessa, Donetsk, Lvivska, Kharkiv region.

Bilya 6.9 million of the population of Ukraine have become more expensive in their native land. Nearly 16.0 million people have been registered by museums in Ukraine and more than 1.8 million tourists have been registered for travel agencies.

Insurances based on the WTO methodology, a sukupny obsyag of the sale of goods and services of the young economy galuses, so that the satisfaction of the living needs of the earth and internal goods of Ukraine, $ 20.9 billion in 2001 ... USA.

Christmas tourism industry is proud of the active development of new directions. In parallel with the traditional types of tourism, there is an expanded increase in unconventional forms of growth and high prices. More and more influx into the sphere of tourism to hamper the broadening of ideas of ecology of life.

In a large region of Europe, busy with agricultural tourism, to hunt for the sovereign region. Not for that, in the cich regions, a part of the economic road of the warehouse has more than 20% of all tourist services, but the pace of growth reaches 30%.

Sylske tourism has changed, so wines is an important factor in solving social and economic problems of the village - the growth of employment in the countryside, the development of the Silk infrastructure, the rejection of stable settlements, the economy of rural areas. The development of Sylsk tourism in Ukraine is not far away, but the closest possible, in order to decide how to change your mind. Ukraine, yak niyaka іnsha kraina, is even more rich in versatile monuments of nature, history and culture, national traditions, the possibilities of rejecting ecologically pure products, as a result of the minds of beautiful nature.

Greens of the rural tourism - the center of recreation in the capital of the country as a reaction to the embossed and overpopulation in the towns. There is also one of the types of small business, such as the role of fandom, opening up life in the middle, close to nature.

Silskiy green tourism is a versatile phenomenon. One of the three aspects (the current state of the social and economic development of the country) is social. That is why rural green tourism is the next to be seen as one of the diversification of small towns and cities, as a component of the integrated development of the Silk territories and the Silk infrastructure, as well as one of the factors in the strategy of life. In addition, in the lands, where the country is developing, the green tourism is actively growing up and wanting to be a power, access to efficiency in the most spheres of forgiveness. Subs, as they give services in the whole spheres, receive the increased preferences, at the so-called. and taxes.

Another aspect is to be found in the rejected additional possibilities for the popularization of the Ukrainian culture, the dissemination of knowledge and information about the historical, natural, ethnographic peculiarities of Ukraine, for the whole life of tourism. pidtrimku from the side of the power.

Vyhodyachi from tsogo, as well as from the notice of the European lands, the classical form of the green tourism is not to stick around the mainstream in Ukraine - to provide hotel services. The central figure in the organization of the cause in the village of vistupaє silska homeland, yak sacka in the village, zdіysnyu will be the main activity, due to the knowledge of the special secular government : protection of people living with life, food, knowledge of the culture and traditions. Such a rank, by the head ruinous power of the boisterous development of the rural green tourism є the rapidly growing young one, will not enjoy the recreation in nature, but the increase in the inconsistency of the middle age of the life of the modern psychology and the psychology of the psychology begins. The older ones will have a meal on the Silk due to the increase in the working hour, the increase in the number of paid waste, the growth of the level of education, development of the transport measure, transport

For the development of green tourism in Ukraine, it is necessary to establish a legislative base. However, until the end of the day, the law on the development of Sylskoe tourism has not yet been adopted, and there have been two more fatefuls to that. Today, it is even more important to assign the role of the Ministry of National Economy and Industry of Ukraine to the welcoming legal center for the activity of the rural population, for making investments in infrastructure in the countryside. On the basis of this is an agro-tourist product, which will identify Ukrainian green tourism on the domestic and international markets.

One of the elements of the mechanism for the development of the function of the civilian green tourism may be the case in the large regions of Ukraine, the cluster of the civilian green tourism, in which representatives of the government of business, the society, and the public Anyway, an hour in the beginning of a friendly middle for a community of performance, try to establish a number of times and procedures to the Silskoy ruler, who are aware of the development of the sphere of the secular green tourism.

It’s worthy of the road to the development of green tourism є a lot of other problems. The most significant transitions on the way to the development of tourism in the Silk city are traditionally taken into account transport distance in some cases, depending on the type of recreation (lack of availability). However, on the cob of the XXI century .. a large number of the Ukrainian regions of Europe have successfully poured in. Zusilli of regional and muscular organs of the state have been built up to the commune infrastructure; Massive distribution of private cars allows people to drive without folding to reach the big regions, to navigate quietly, so that they can be found in the great cities of the cob points of the mandate; stimulation of the development of recreational forms of small business in the Silk Mistsevosti "disastrous" the base and brought the standards of the Silk hospitality to the out-of-the-box "small" standards of the hotel service.

Look for specific rice, which is the culprit of the agritourism region, for the successful development of rural tourism.

Before such rice, zokrema, zarahovuєmo like this:

1. The center is purely natural. 2. Low level of urbanization and industrialization, for which characteristic: - low population density; - low backcountry of the working population in non-commercial professions. 3. The intensity of agricultural and consumer goods and timber products has been curtailed. 4. Friendly agrarian structure (middle-sized government). 5. Harmonious agricultural landscape. 6. Small reach people. 7. Vilna (nevikoristani) resources are a mess.

The rating of the most popular regions will be based on the international tourism organizations of the All-Russian Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


Paris, Strasbourg, Elsace and Lyon are the main places where tourists are welcome. Eiffel Vezha, Louvre, Seine, monuments of art and architecture, fashion boutiques, beaches, small Malovnichi villages, natural parks and foxes - that's all, abi, take the maximum amount of hostility during the trip.

At the pidrakhunks, the French people live in 11.2 milliard kelikhiv wines, and one person in the middle of the day for a price of up to 500 ravliks - one of the most popular French spices.


The most popular places - Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Sevilla. Spain will be alone in the comfort of European highways at once from the wonderful beaches on the Atlantic and Seredzemnomor, historical festivals and carnivals.

A friend for the size of the land ЄC can make one of the most popular tourist galuzei in the country, to bring money to the euro in the economy of the nation.

The land has 44 UNESCO All-Holy Recessions, which include the historical places, the prehistoric crypt of mystery, bridges and national parks.

Spain will be one of the most beautiful churches in the world, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​and it will be finished before 2026.


The most popular destinations are New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Mayama and Honolulu, as well as the Grand Canyon Natural Reserves, Yellowstone National Park, Alaska Icebergs and Beach.

Nіagarskiy waterfall - one of the most beautiful waterfalls near the sights, 14 milion dropping by 14 mils, and entering up to the number of most recent tourist memorials near the sights.

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