Named TOP-5 Asian countries with high interest in tours to Russia

5 life hacks for budget travel in Asia

Russia as a tourist market is of increasing interest among Asian tourists and participants in the tourism industry of Asian countries. This opinion was shared by tour operators who took part in the largest regional tourism exhibition ITB Asia-2019.


From October 16 to October 18, Singapore hosted one of the largest annual international tourism exhibitions in the Asian region - ITB Asia, which was attended by 110 countries, including Russia.

The Russian tourist product at ITB Asia was represented by Rosturizm and the leading tour operators of the entry market included in ATOR: Intourist, Academservice and UTS. ussia.

According to the press service of Rostourism, among the promising markets for Russia, the exhibition focused primarily on China, Korea, Japan, as well as other Asian countries in which tourism plays an important economic role.


According to tour operators, they are satisfied with the results of their participation in ITB Asia. Thus, the specialists of the Intourist tour operator held dozens of meetings with tour operators from China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, India, and Macedonia. Contacts were also made with potential partners from Singapore and Myanmar.

Nuria Yermidi, deputy director for marketing of the tour operator "Academservice", also speaks about the large number of meetings. According to her, the exhibition was held in an active mode, she managed to communicate with many partners.

As noted by Alexey Krylov, Head of Asia Department of UTS. ussia, ITB Asia exhibition - "these are always positive plans and good results."

“The Asian market is growing by leaps and bounds. This year was no exception. More than 30 meetings were held, 80% of which were with new clients, ”he says.

Rest on Lake Baikal in summer

Traveling to Asian countries allows you to immerse yourself in another culture and experience many new emotions, supplement the baggage of memory with vivid experiences. Traveling in Asia can also significantly affect your budget, but here you can use simple tips that will allow you to easily save money.

Shopping for groceries

The basic needs in travel, and indeed everywhere, includes the need for food. The rule here is the same as in many other countries - it is best to buy in the markets and cook it yourself, or just eat fresh food. In addition, in some Asian markets there are food stalls and a lot of delicious and simple dishes.

Please note. Market stalls should not be confused with street food on carts and kiosks. Street food is more expensive.

Water will also need to be taken care of, as water is most often bought in Asia. In order not to spend too much, you need to look for vending machines far from tourist areas (where a bottle of water is much cheaper) or boil water, for example, in a rice cooker and bottle it.

Originals and Forgeries

There are a lot of fakes in Asia. Of course, there are large retail chains and supermarkets and, in general, they sell only licensed and original goods everywhere. But if you talk a little with the merchant or do some research, you will realize that there is an opportunity to buy cheaper locally produced goods everywhere.

This fact applies to everyday goods (for example, cigarettes or hygiene products) and to something more substantial. Knowing this can also come in handy on a trip.

Take your medicine with you

A pack of activated carbon in Asia is an integral part of a tourist's kit. Specific food, as well as not always clean water, can cause diarrhea. In addition, you need to carry with you a standard set of medicines, both for colds and pain relievers, and the rest.

How to get to Baikal and what to do to make your vacation as varied as possible. Everything about the best resorts in the region - Listvyanka, Maloe More, Olkhon Island, Goryachinsk and Baikalsk. What is the weather in Pribaikail in summer and is it possible to swim in the lake. Read the complete guide to rest on Lake Baikal on the Unitiket blog. at.

The most famous places in Asia where you can reboot yourself - both physically and mentally.

People of the East have always sought to heal not only the body, but also the soul. Therefore, the methods of modern and traditional medicine are often intertwined here with spiritual practices - what is needed for lovers of moderate exoticism.

Bangkok, Thailand

In fact, there are first-class healing spas in almost every part of the kingdom. If you want to add a quiet, measured rest to the wellness program - go to Koh Samui, socializing and parties - in Phuket, visits to hot springs - in Chiang Mai. And we will tell you about the medical centers of the capital.

Bangkok has many reputable medical centers that offer comprehensive diagnostics and a range of treatments, as well as meditation, nutrition and exercise courses. One of these places is the medical center. St. Carlos, the largest treatment center in the suburbs of Bangkok. It is famous for its unique weight loss and anti-stress programs that have been developed by local experts. They strive to find an individual approach to each patient, plan a special daily regimen, select procedures and a diet.

If we talk about health tourism in a more medical sense, it is worth noting the Bumrungrad hospital, where foreigners come to treat specific diseases. Bangkok is also famous for its ophthalmological and cardiological clinics, as well as rehabilitation therapy centers - today they are considered the best in Asia.

Kerala, India

This warm, green state stretches along the coast of the Arabian Sea in the south of the country. The calm, measured life of Kerala attracts families with children, elderly tourists and seekers of peace of mind who find popular Goa too partying.

There are many Ayurvedic medicine centers in Kerala that offer Panchakarma cleansing programs, Abhyanga oil massage, vegetarian meals and yoga classes.

Kerala is a set of beautiful sandy beaches, each of which is in some sense an Ayurvedic resort, but there are two main recreational resources in the state. This is the picturesque Alapuzha beach with lagoons and lakes, popular as a place for relaxation. And Varkala beach, where healing mineral springs gush from high cliffs.

Wellness procedures can be diversified by outdoor activities such as kayaking and surfing. Or go to the famous city of Cochin - to study the cultural heritage of the Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese and other peoples who in turn dominated this territory. Or explore a bird sanctuary. Or visit the Krishna temple at Guruvayur. In general, you understand - there are a lot of activities here, there will be enough for three vacations.

If you want to enjoy more variety, then tourism in Asia is sure to interest you. It is really full of curiosities and unusual places. From Mongolia to India, from Israel to the Philippines, vast territories stretch, scorching the sun for tourists and locals.

What is interesting about tourism in Asia?

Many tourists travel to Asia, only here they learn that philosophy, writing and the wheel were invented in the East. It was in the east that religions were born and peoples experienced the most different periods of life. Bloodthirsty hordes of nomads, the birth of great civilizations, primitive cruelty and pearls of creativity, the birth of religions and multi-million dollar wars, fertility and devastation. Today there are popular destinations such as: Israel, UAE, Thailand, India, Maldives, Turkey, Oman, Vietnam, South Korea and other countries.

Before heading to the East, we advise you to make sure you have a guidebook. In Russia, for example, there is a Ural reference book, thanks to which you can easily familiarize yourself with the geography of a given area. Asia is very diverse in terms of culture and life, although it has common values. Most people prefer a measured lifestyle, so get a map or guide so that you can slowly plan your route on the spot. It is also best to take care of having a guide who will tell you interesting facts about the life of the country.

Why visit Asia?

First of all, it is worth noting that the climate in Asia is very diverse, ranging from severe winters to deserts with unbearable heat. Do you want the sea? Then welcome to Israel or the Persian Gulf in the UAE. If you are not well versed in geography, then you probably did not know that the famous Everest is located in the eastern part of the continent. And Irkutsk is the center of Asia and is proudly called "navel". Also, the East became famous for its spirituality and religion. It is difficult to find people in European countries who would treat religion in this way. But, unfortunately, this often served as a pretext for wars.

Recently, tourism and economy are actively developing in Asia. India and China are prime examples of this. Thanks to this, modern infrastructure, hotels and tourist centers are being built here. Tours to Turkey have been in incredible demand for a couple of decades, as they offer cheap vacations, bright sun and a lot of entertainment.

Search for tours to Asia

To find a suitable option for a tour to Asia, we recommend that you pay attention to the proposals of our partners. Based on your requests, you will find the best offers from tour operators. Group tours, offers with air travel, combined tours, all this and much more on the websites of our partners - Level. ravel Booking tours, Last minute tours, Onlinetours: search tours online. The prices for the tours should please, because we recommend - a smart way to travel. You can also arrange any tour in installments.

The age of technology has simplified the booking and purchase procedure as much as possible, making an online selection of a tourist tour as easy as shelling pears.

top resorts to travel from winter to summer

In Europe and Turkey it is good to have a rest only in the summer But if the vacation fell in the winter, and you want to escape from the cold - welcome to the resorts of Southeast Asia It is sunny and cool there

Southeast Asia includes popular tourist countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Their common features are tropical vegetation, clean beaches and an exotic atmosphere. And in every country there are dozens of resorts, of which we have selected the best for you.


Of all the Southeast Asian countries, Thailand is the most developed in terms of tourism. There are many hotels for every taste, there are plenty of bars and clubs for tourists, and many locals speak Russian.

Pattaya: for party-goers and fans of "adult" entertainment. The most popular tourist destination. It is better not to count on clean beaches here, but there are enough discos, bars, interesting shows and entertainment "for adults". And if you still want to swim, it is better to go to the vicinity of Pattaya - for example, to the island of Ko Lang.

Cost: from 30 thousand per person

Phuket: for family beach holidays. The second most popular resort and almost the exact opposite of Pattaya. This quiet island is famous for its pristine beaches and water, picturesque coves and cliffs ... yes, a heavenly place.

Cost: from 33 thousand per person

Samui: for lovers and hang out, and be alone with nature. Koh Samui is famous for its tropical forests, coconut trees and a rich underwater world. Some beaches, such as Chaweng, have a very vibrant nightlife - there are no fewer clubs and discos than in Pattaya. So in the afternoon you can relax on the beach, and in the evening you can have a good time in a decent establishment.

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