My 105 Best Travel Tips for 2021 After 10 Years of Independent Travel

How people travel: 10 types of tourists

We are looking forward to another vacation so that we can pack our bags as quickly as possible and go on an unforgettable journey. We think over the smallest details of our trip, rejoice like little children that we will be able to forget, at least for a while, about everyday problems and vanity, from which there is no escape.

But why do we like traveling so much? What goals do we pursue when we once again go to a ski resort or to warm countries to bask in the sun and plunge into the salty sea? Is it a conscious choice of every sober-minded person or a habit developed over the years?

Why do people love to travel? Why do they step out of their comfort zone and strive to visit places they have never been before? Why do you like to go somewhere and change your usual way of life so much? We'll find out now!

You dream of taking a break from work and everyday worries

75% of all people plan their vacation with this goal. They will spend their vacation anywhere, just not to see their workplace, not to listen to another moral admonition from a boorish boss, not to communicate with smug colleagues who, for the hundred and thirty-seventh time, are discussing in which boutique it is best to buy a new blouse or lipstick.

If you are familiar with this, then a temporary change of habitat is the best option for you. When you are in another city or country, you start to think in a completely different way. Or you may not think at all, but just enjoy the beautiful view from the window, listen to interesting stories from the guide, meet interesting people and be glad that life is a wonderful thing!

Returning home from vacation, you will be surprised to notice that work has ceased to annoy you, and your employees are not so boring personalities. And a new blouse will not hurt you!

Do you like to plan or hate to do it

Some people love to make plans first and then follow them rigorously! If you want to demonstrate your excellent organizational skills to others, then feel free to go on a journey!

If you hate plans and love to improvise, then traveling will help you realize that sometimes you can't do without plans. In order for your vacation to be a success and give you only positive emotions, you need to think over a route, buy tickets, find a suitable hotel, choose those excursions that will be interesting to you, think about which friends or relatives you can call with you, organize evening entertainment, etc. ...

10 reasons why people love to travel

How do people travel? Very differently. Some like outdoor activities, others vegetative. Therefore, travel and impressions are very different for everyone. Let's figure out what tourists are like and what opportunities for recreation or travel they choose.

A real beach guy

The most common type of tourists. Usually they are delivered to the point by tour, in small groups of 400 people. What they do: lie beautifully by the sea, smear on sunscreen, bathe, smear, go to lunch and dinner, allow themselves to be taken on excursions, and do “all inclusive” with colleagues during the day. Suitable countries: Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Maldives

Backpacker Off-Road Vehicle

These travelers value value for money the most. The ideal trip in their mind is to visit 16 countries in 2 weeks, spending no more than $ 375 56 cents. Backpackers are picky, mobile and very positive. In addition to traveling, they tend to actively communicate with representatives of their clan. Explore the world with guide bibles. Where they stay: in proven and inexpensive hostels and guesthouses.

Which countries are suitable: Thailand, India, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia

Extreme Tourist

Travels the world in search of places where you can get another shot of adrenaline. Arriving at the point, he is actively engaged in something that is somehow connected with falls, self-harm or respiratory arrest: surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, kiting, diving, motocross, etc. During the breaks, she does not notice anything else. Ready to live anywhere.

Suitable Countries: Indonesia, Thailand, African Countries

Food Tourist

The true food tourist appreciates stomach travel. Appreciates the variety of food and the pleasantness of eating places. He is fond of finding and testing good wine and all kinds of food. Travel ideal: sit in a hotel restaurant with a gorgeous view, eat delicious food, watch the sights floating outside the window ... Suitable countries: Italy, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, China

Landmark Collectors

The main goal of such tourists is to visit all excursions, and everywhere it is spectacular and funny to be photographed with a landmark in the style of “Me and the Moulin Rouge ..”.

Why do people like to travel? Why do you like to go somewhere and change your usual way of life so much? We'll find out now!

In the summer season, it is customary to travel to other countries to visit the sea and see how other nations live, but tourism is actively developing in the territory of the CIS countries. And if you do not have big finances, then you can think about traveling to the beautiful places of your native country. Indeed, nature is so diverse, beautiful and colorful that sometimes it is better than expensive hotels and beaches.

Active tourism

Of course, tourism in the steppes, mountains and other places requires certain training and skills. For the first time, it is enough to take with you an experienced person who will tell you how to behave in an unfamiliar area and teach you survival skills. In such trips, of course, you need to go in a group of five people or more, it is also advisable not to go far from settlements. But this applies to hiking, but there are better options for entertainment. An ordinary picnic for a day or with an overnight stay will bring no less impressions and pleasures.

By purchasing a sleeping bag, you will provide yourself with a comfortable place to sleep and will be able to sleep well so that you can continue your active rest the next day. Many people probably think that there is nothing to do in the steppe or in the field, but this is absolutely not the case. Some people prefer to sit by the river to fish, and in their free time to swim and sunbathe. You can also play soccer or volleyball here. Cooking over a fire is a special treat. Moreover, the taste will be completely different. Usually on such trips they take a guitar, board games and other entertainment with them.

Recreation centers

If you do not like independent hiking, then you can think about visiting recreation centers. Here you can do all of the above, but this is supplemented by a lodge for the night, rental of additional equipment, in the form of bicycles, quads, fishing rods, motorcycles and other equipment. Here you can also relax in the winter season, sledding, skiing, skating and snowmobiling. Many bases offer spa services, have saunas, baths and swimming pools on their territory. In general, you and your children will have something to do here.

Rest in peace is useful and exciting. But more often than not, people do not know the country in which they live and simply don’t visit their hometowns. Before proceeding to the study of a foreign culture, it would not be bad to visit all the cities of your state in order to learn more about the culture and form your own opinion about your citizens. After all, even in the neighboring city, people adhere to other trends and orders.

I must say right away that easy walking is not mathematics, there are no hard laws and rules, but Wikipedia, for example, already has a pretty clear definition

The last three words manage to cut out and talk about easy walking, how about the science of running half-dressed in the forest with a sharpened spoon in his teeth. We will talk about this stereotype and many other things in the article.


The beginning of the mass culture of leisure is at the time of the release of Ray Jardine's book "Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook" in 1992, supplemented and republished in 2000 under the name "Beond Backpacking". The idea itself and the light-walkers themselves appeared long before that. Ray, in his book, systematized knowledge and set a general vector for the development of a new type of tourism, and also gave a lot of practical advice and recommendations.

To a large extent, it was in the United States that this culture was born thanks to the accessible environment. So, for example, one of the most famous super-long paths in the world - the Appalachian one - was laid already in 1923, it was elevated to the status of a national one, and it was considered a great achievement to go through the full route. But already in 1955, Grandmother Gatewood (Emma Gatewood) walked all 3,500 kilometers at the age of 67. And despite the fact that Granny was in good shape, a completely new approach to organizing traffic on the route allowed her to go such a distance. She did not carry anything extra with her, only a raincoat, duffel bag, blanket and a plastic shower curtain as protection from the rain. She practically did not carry water and food: sometimes people living along the trail helped her, sometimes she picked berries and sorrel, and when she could, she spent the night in hotels and replenished some supplies in stores. Due to the minimum weight, even at this age, she managed to walk 35 kilometers a day: the same amount as the “tough” hikers with the best at that time, but heavy and unnecessary equipment.

Our days

Today, walking is an independent form of tourism, hundreds of articles have been written about it, manufacturers are slowly releasing equipment for walking, and people around the world are uniting in communities and developing the ideas laid down by Ray in his book.

I strongly recommend that you, dear readers, try to do some light walking. No, you should not immediately follow the example of Grandma Gatewood and storm the nearby mountains in a shower curtain! The issue of switching to this type of tourism should be approached thoroughly and thought through everything thoroughly. Based on this, I would even give a capacious definition of what is happening:

You do not need to immediately throw out everything unnecessary, you need to take every thing that you took or plan to take, and more importantly, you are advised to take it, and think carefully about why all this is needed.

If you have read up to this point, it means that you are already interested, so let's start our journey into an easy-going life.

Travel tips for 2021 are still relevant. People are not born to be travelers. Useful and practical skills in this area come only with travel experience and advice from other tourists.

At first, when traveling, you make a lot of mistakes. But over time, you gain experience, exchange useful tips with other tourists and collect your own list of chips, which you use in the future.

The tourist experience appears after being late for transport, ignorance of the peculiarities of cultures of different countries, minor and major other mistakes. In this article, we not only share useful travel tips, but also talk about our mistakes that we made while traveling.

We hope that this information will help you avoid many unpleasant situations, and if something happens to you, you will know how to do the right thing.

We've compiled the best travel tips, what every tourist needs to know to get the most out of your adventure!

In the article you will find useful tips for tourists that we have learned from our own experience over the past 10 years. After reading, you will know how to save money and have a great time traveling.

We have turned our travels into a successful blog and continue to visit new places and countries on a regular basis. Being quite experienced and seasoned tourists, after another trip, we share fresh useful tips with other travelers.

Our tips for tourists will help:

  • Save money
  • Earn money on the road with paid online surveys
  • Rent the best and most suitable accommodation
  • Stay Safe
  • Explore Non-Pop Sights
  • Inspire Others to Explore the World
  • Just Be a Cool Traveler

The key to a bright and memorable trip is careful preparation and well-planned travel time. All the travel tips we write about for tourists have been verified through personal experience on numerous trips.

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