More than tourism: what you did not know about the Sverdlovsk region

More than tourism: what you did not know about the Sverdlovsk region

As part of the Day of the Sverdlovsk Region at the online exhibition "Know Ours!" experts spoke about the tourist attractiveness of the region and the current offers in the new season. This summer, tourists in the Sverdlovsk region will find unusual routes, unique display objects, as well as bright events. Top 10 main events of the region and a detailed calendar for the summer - in our material.

We know where and when the most interesting events await tourists and residents of the Sverdlovsk Region - when we will listen to music and dance all night long, when we can travel back in time, and when we can take part in a massive rafting down Chusovaya! Together with the RTC of the Sverdlovsk Region, we tell you about the most striking events and share the full schedule of all events for the summer, so that you know when, where and what, and easily organize event tours for tourists or recommend how to diversify your vacation.

Event tourism in the Sverdlovsk region was discussed in detail at the webinar by Elmira Tukanova, director of the Center for Tourism Development of the Sverdlovsk Region:

“Summer in the Urals will be hot: a rich event program, new routes, MICE tourism and the international tourism forum“ Big Ural - 2017 ”.

Top-summer events in the Sverdlovsk region

There are a lot of interesting events planned for the summer in the Sverdlovsk region. Which of them are the best? We chose the Top 10 events throughout the region for every taste: gastronomic events, sports, cultural, historical, musical and, of course, business.

The ranking is chronological.

International BBQ Festival

In June, the main park of Yekaterinburg will turn into one large area for a fun picnic for two days! Every visitor and resident of the city will be able to find here food and entertainment to their liking: barbecue and meat delicacies from the best cafes and restaurants of the city, real farm products, delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes and a lot of exciting activities for both young and old!

When? June 3-4. Where? Yekaterinburg, Historical square.

A guide to summer events in the Sverdlovsk region from the Tourism Development Center at Know Nashe!

Interview with the Minister of Investments and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region Victoria Kazakova

It is known that growth points can be found in every crisis. Now, the coronavirus pandemic, which has halted overseas travel, could be one of the most powerful incentives for domestic tourism. We talked with the Minister of Investments and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region Viktoria Kazakova in the heading "Know ours" about how this opportunity is used in the Sverdlovsk region, what instruments and tourism products are betting on.


Victoria, what is the flow of tourists to the Sverdlovsk region? What do you think it is?

Before the pandemic, the flow of tourists to the Sverdlovsk region was growing every year. To be honest, we were worried about the numbers for 2019, because the 2018 FIFA World Cup significantly increased the numbers. However, last year 1.6 million tourists came to us, which is 6% more than in the year of the World Cup. This means that interest in the region is steadily growing!

For counting, we use a standard approach: the number of overnight stays in hotels, recreation centers, sanatoriums. Of course, this is how some tourists fall out of sight, but so far we do not have a more objective indicator. With colleagues from the regions, we have repeatedly discussed options for registering guests. For example, we consider the use of information from mobile operators, the banking sector, and transport companies. I am sure that the active development of information technology will subsequently optimize and change the approaches to accounting for tourist traffic.

Do most of the tourists come from neighboring regions? And are there any guests of the border?

Of course, Yekaterinburg, as the capital of the Urals, primarily attracts tourists from neighboring regions. At the same time, the structure of tourist traffic is heterogeneous. For example, among business tourists, whose share prevails in the internal flow, there are a large number of guests from Moscow and. And their number will continue to grow. So, according to the travel audience Amadeus Company system, the largest volume of search queries was observed for flights to Yekaterinburg from Moscow, large cities such as Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, as well as from Tyumen, Ufa, Surgut.

Regardless of the purpose of the visit, short trips to Yekaterinburg are more often chosen - for 1–4 days. In the structure of the domestic tourist flow, business tourists are expected to prevail: the Sverdlovsk region is an industrial region and it is natural that businessmen, managers and specialists from all over the world come to us on business trips, to business meetings, to participate in international business events.

We have about 6% of foreign tourists, that is, 100 thousand people annually. Mostly they come from Europe - the Czech Republic, Germany, neighboring countries. We have a lot of direct international flights, and the planes are steadily filled.

You have a well-developed event tourism. Do you plan to further increase this flow?

Guide to the summer events of the Sverdlovsk region from the Tourism Development Center on

Domestic tourism has become more popular in Russia this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. In Sochi and Kaliningrad, there is an explosive growth in the number of tourists from other regions, but the Sverdlovsk region did not take advantage of the unique opportunity for the growth of this sector of the economy, since in the past 10 years the formation of infrastructure - a network of hotels, toilets, trails, trash cans - was actually abandoned by the authorities. say those surveyed by Znak. om experts. On the other hand, the number of "wild" tourists going on rafting and hiking has increased, which can greatly damage nature due to the lack of infrastructure.

"The crisis has highlighted the problems that have been accumulating for years"

“We are now seeing a serious growth in interest in domestic tourism, especially weekend tours,” said Viktoria Kazakova, Minister of Investment and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region, through a press release from the Information Policy Department. “Since May 19, 2020, natural parks have been opened in the Sverdlovsk Region. They are more popular than in previous years. All accommodation facilities in the 100-kilometer zone from Yekaterinburg are busy for the weekend. There is also a great interest in cities with developed tourist infrastructure - Nevyansk, Nizhny Tagil, Verkhoturya, ”says Elmira Tukanova, director of the Tourism Development Center of the Sverdlovsk Region.

This is the official position of the Sverdlovsk authorities, but one of the main experts on the Ural tourism industry, executive director of the Ural Tourism Association Mikhail Maltsev, strongly disagrees with it. In his opinion, domestic tourism in the Sverdlovsk region is not only not developing, but degrading.

All the failed steps or the lack of normal steps that should have been aimed at the development of domestic tourism: the creation of an investment climate that would allow the development of suburban accommodation facilities, the promotion of the Sverdlovsk region as an attractive place for tourism and recreation, trust from the outside investors, consolidation with the professional community - all these points were completely failed. The coronavirus did not reveal the problem of those coming to the region - this was not enough, it was transit passengers or business tourists, but it demonstrated that we cannot provide rest and health improvement for citizens within the region, ”Maltsev says emotionally.

In his opinion, now the only way to comfortably relax in the Sverdlovsk region is to fly to Yekaterinburg and visit excursions around it, because Nizhny Tagil is the last point in the region where you can count on accommodation in a world-class hotel. The rest of the proposals, according to Maltsev, are mini-hotels with a very small number of rooms, high cost and often not very good service. Complicating the situation is the fact that the most popular sanatoriums in the region, for example Obukhovsky, are closed due to the coronavirus or turned into observators.

“This year is a tremendous chance for the tourism economy of all regions. And for the Sverdlovsk region it would be a huge chance. It would be logical to make the flow of [passengers transferring to] Koltsovo into [Sverdlovsk Oblast]. But this was not done, for us this historic chance was missed, ”sums up Maltsev.

"The first tour group arrived this week"

Dmitry Moskvin, head of the Center for Author's Tours, also speaks about the lack of normal infrastructure for tourists in the Sverdlovsk Region. “There is a great direction towards Alapaevsk. Not only are there no hotels, but you can't find a toilet, especially when the museums are closed. These are the most primitive things, I'm not talking about parking lots, gazebos, paths with frayed wood or bark. Now everyone should have seen clearly that ours is beautiful and beautiful, but access to this is terrible. It's difficult for people, ”the expert says.

Even hotels in Yekaterinburg, where tourists from other regions usually stayed in the summer, are not filled.

As told by Znak. om Director of OOO Hotelburg (the management company of the Emerald Hotel) Sergei Derendyaev, the first small group of tourists from Moscow this week arrived at the hotel this week, and they booked their places back in February.

In terms of attractiveness for tourists, Yekaterinburg ranks fourth among Russian cities according to the ratings of reputable sources. The first belongs to St. Petersburg, the second to Moscow, and the third to Kazan.

And according to the calculations of online booking specialists, it turned out that the city ranks fifth in terms of attractiveness for tourists. Only St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi and Kazan are ahead, t. Yekaterinburg has “moved” Moscow and the “Golden Ring” in this rating!

Once it was a district town in the Perm province, now it is one of the most important cities in Russia, the heart and unofficial capital of the Urals, where there is something to see a tourist, and not be disappointed.

There are 2 tourist offices in Yekaterinburg, regional and city, in many places there is free Wi-Fi.

There are many theaters, museums, cathedrals and monuments in the city, beautiful and not so beautiful, causing a warm smile, including strange for this region, such as the monument to Michael Jackson. There are about 600 various historical and cultural monuments in the city, and 43 of them have become monuments of federal significance.

There are many carefully preserved architectural monuments of a bygone era to the delight of a tourist, buildings of 3-4 epochs may be nearby at the same time, it looks rather unusual.

In the city itself, the infrastructure is well developed, but in the region it is still catastrophically lagging behind, although there are a lot of objects and landscapes that are attractive to tourists.

How to get to Yekaterinburg

The airport is located 25 km from Yekaterinburg, it is connected by direct flights with Moscow from the Domodedovo airport, from St. Petersburg-Pulkovo, as well as with Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey. From Moscow the flight lasts 2 hours, from St. Petersburg - 2.5.

Tickets to Yekaterinburg can be picked up using this SEARCH. Type in the point of arrival, the city of departure, and see the desired flights for the desired dates.

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