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Altai ski resorts: when the season begins, a list of the best complexes

Altai Territory plans to spend 7 million rubles for participation in the international tourism exhibition "Intourmarket-2019", which will be held in Moscow from 9 to 11 March. For this amount, the region will be provided with an area of ​​10 by 20 meters with a green carpet, chairs, cabinets for printed materials.

And the Altai Republic will receive 2.1 billion rubles in three years under the state program "Development of Culture and Tourism". The corresponding decree was published on the website of the Russian government.

For comparison, in Alaska, every dollar spent on tourism advertising brings the state economy about $ 70, and five dollars in direct budget revenues.

Millions on lakes

More than 2.1 billion rubles will be allocated to the Altai Republic by 2022 for the development of the Karakol Lakes tourism cluster. Federal money will go to the construction and development of the supporting infrastructure of the tourist cluster. In 2019, 703.7 million rubles of subsidies will be sent to the region.

According to Vyacheslav Tupikin, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Tourism of the Altai Republic, 17 billion rubles are needed for the construction of the tourist cluster. The site is supposed to create a ski resort, accommodation facilities for 1.5 thousand people, the construction of transport infrastructure - roads to lakes, power grid facilities and others. According to the Deputy Minister, the creation of a tourist cluster will streamline the so-called "wild" tourism, which is still flourishing there - people go to the lakes in cars in search of untouched nature, otherwise there is no way to get to them.

Not everyone shares the optimistic plans of the republican authorities on the development of the cluster. Thus, some deputies of El Kurultai of the Altai Republic believe that the construction of the cluster's infrastructure will not have serious economic significance for the region. People only go to the lakes with a "big wallet" who can rent horses or an all-terrain vehicle. And much more residents of the republic and tourists travel to the side of Lake Teletskoye - the road to it needs to be put in order, which will give the republic a greater economic effect. The new infrastructure should serve both tourists and residents of the region.

There are doubts about the development of the cluster and representatives of the tourism industry - whether the creation of a new ski resort will prevent the development of winter sports in the Chemal region, whether organized bus excursions to the Karakol lakes will frighten off tourists who are looking for unity there in the summer with nature?

Even representatives of large Russian banks criticize the approaches to the development of tourism in the republic. Bankers admit that the region has a huge potential for the development of the industry, but up to 80 percent of federal target programs are unsuccessful - poorly coordinated infrastructure is being created, there are no personnel and the industry for their training, the priorities are more utilization of funds than the actual development of tourism.

Probably, the approach “what they gave money for, we will develop it” is typical for many regions of the country. Based on the needs of a particular tourist, many regions have neither their own money nor a significant number of potential investors. And a beautifully thought-out project, for which it was possible to obtain federal funding, allows us to hope that, when implemented, they will be able to interest a significant part of tourists.

Today, tourism accounts for about 7 percent of the gross regional product of the Altai Republic. It allows the development of other spheres - transport, trade, agriculture. One way or another, about a thousand enterprises in the region are associated with tourism, including more than three hundred means of collective accommodation for vacationers - hotels, tourist centers, campings, "green houses".

The Altai Mountains are often compared to the Swiss Alps - it is just as beautiful here, the same mild climate and all conditions are created for ski lovers, who come to these lands more and more every year. For convenience, the Altai ski resorts include complexes from 2 regions at once - the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic.

Ski season in Altai

The skiing season in these places opens in mid-November and ends no earlier than April, and in some resorts the stable snow cover does not melt until mid-May. In some places, the pre-season can begin even in October.

At the foot of the mountains, frosts are rarely below -10 ... -15 ° С. The higher - the colder, there is a drop in temperature even to -30 ℃. The weather in Altai is notable for being capricious and unpredictable, and locals do not even advise relying on the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center - in a matter of minutes, thick clouds can come. Still, winter here can be called mild, clear and windless, which made Altai ski resorts so popular.

"Grace" in Belokurikha

The Grace Complex is the most popular local resort. It is located in Belokurikha, in the valley of the river of the same name in the mountains at an altitude of 250 m above sea level. There are 6 trails of any difficulty level (2 "blue", 3 "red", 1 "green" and 1 "black") and a tubing descent. You can get to the peaks by drag lifts or "church" - the local cable car, named after the mountain of the same name, to the top of which you can reach by this transport.

The slopes are prepared for riding with snow groomers, and in case of little snow, the system of artificial snowmaking of the tracks is switched on. Snow in the local mountains lies from the beginning of December and begins to melt only at the end of March, the thickness of its layer is rarely less than 1 m.In the evening, the slopes are illuminated, but there is no opportunity to ride at night - at 19:00 on weekdays and at 20:00 on weekends and holidays days the lifts stop working.

The resort provides ski equipment rental, experienced instructors, a restaurant and a cafe. In addition to skiing, visitors to the resort are popular for procedures at the local hydropathic establishment, excursions to neighboring peaks, paragliding and hot air ballooning. Guests of "Grace" stay in one of the comfortable hotels and boarding houses of Belokurikha.

The resort annually hosts international snowboarding and alpine skiing competitions and an ice sculpture competition.

Ski complex "Manzherok"

From December to the end of March "Manzherok" is open on the Malaya Sinyukha Mountain near Lake Manzherokskoye. There are 4 slopes for downhill slopes (1 "green" and "red", 2 "blue"), 1 track for tubing and 1 for flat skis.

There are 4-seater chairlifts ("lower") and drag ("upper") lifts, a baby lift and a special toboggan cable car to the top of the tubing slope. Otherwise, everything is traditional: snow groomers, if necessary, snow cannons, ski equipment rental, a school for beginners. Night skiing is not provided - the cable car ends its work in the early evening: at 17:00 "lower" lift and at 18:00 "upper".

Gorny Altai is one of the places in Russia that you must visit at least once in your life. The guide to the Altai Republic includes all sorts of attractions, from familiar museums to unique natural and ethnographic monuments included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The first thing that catches your eye when crossing these lands is the variety of landscapes outside the car window. Coniferous forests, snow-capped mountains, deserted steppes and small settlements replace each other day after day.

The Chuisky tract, the heir to the Great Silk Road, invariably leads through the entire Altai to the very border. Driving along it, you can see some of the most picturesque views of the region. It is not for nothing that it is included in the top 5 most beautiful roads on the planet.

Nature is one of the main reasons forcing tourists to visit Altai from year to year. Several biosphere reserves are concentrated in a relatively small area with representatives of flora and fauna that live only here.

In addition, forests and meadows abound in medicinal plants that are used in folk medicine. People come here for healing water and mud even from other countries.

Another reason is the historical heritage of Altai. Of course, the geographical position and proximity to Asian countries played a special influence on the ethnos and culture. This close proximity affected the local residents and their way of life.

In the middle of the steppe, you can still see yurts of shepherds and herds of hardy Altai horses walking unattended, which are not afraid of strong winds and deep snow.

Altai is interesting for tourists by the opportunity to touch ancient artifacts and visit remote places where the traces of primitive people are still perfectly preserved. What are the Altai Stonehenge near the village of Kosh-Agach and rock paintings scattered throughout the region?

When traveling in Altai, in no case should you miss the chance to taste national cuisine or bring home handmade souvenirs from local craftsmen.

And what is Gorny Altai without mountains. They are really magnificent here. Some are covered with green forests, while others stand with white caps on their peaks even in summer. The queen among all is Mount Belukha. Many Altai legends are associated with it. The locals will be happy to tell you about them.

How to get to Altai

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Mountaineering is considered one of the most dangerous types of tourism, but perhaps the most intriguing and romantic. Mountains beckon courageous people, so climbing in Altai is chosen by strong, hardy and self-confident people, ready for extreme.

Altai is a mountainous country and climbing any mountain in this region involves hard work, incredible efforts and stress, overcoming significant physical and psychological stress.

Located between several states, Gorny Altai has long become a popular region for active tourism. Climbers and rock climbers from all over the world come here to climb and conquer the highest peaks.

Climbing the Altai Mountains differs in that it is combined with hiking, which allows tourists to get in excellent physical shape. The training hikes are accompanied by experienced instructors who discover the secrets of mountaineering and rock climbing.

During trekking, tourists undergo compulsory acclimatization for climbing, adapting the body to the conditions of the highlands. Such preparation is necessary in order for a person to adequately assess his strength and health even before the group approaches the intended summit. Climbing in the presence of serious chronic diseases is unacceptable. The cost of frivolity in the mountains will be high.

Successful climbing any mountain is unthinkable without appropriate clothing, equipment and special climbing equipment, including carabiners of different sizes, punches, ropes with reinforced braids, a safety belt, various devices for descent and ascent. Instructors test the skillful use of special equipment by beginners.

Climbing in Altai: main directions

The main localizations where the climbing bases and camps are concentrated are the Severo-Chuisky, Yuzhno-Chuisky and Katunsky ridges.

Tourist programs offer experienced climbers to ascend the highest peaks of Siberia, which form the core of Altai mountaineering:

  • Belukha mountain - the crown of the Katunsky ridge, 4509 m;
  • Maashey-Bashi mountain, the highest point of the North Chuisky ridge, 4177 m;
  • Aktru mountain, North Chuisky ridge, 4044 m;
  • Iiktu mountain, South Chuisky ridge, 3941 m;
  • Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola massif, Ukok plateau 4082 m.

Another world where you will not only charge your internal batteries, but also see a lot of interesting things. Excursions in Altai in 2021 are different: hiking to natural unique places, places of power, visiting historical sites, extreme tours, rafting on mountain rivers, horseback riding. An active pastime awaits you, which charges with emotions and adrenaline.

We offer excursions to both popular sights in Altai and completely “wild” places. You can visit reserves, natural parks, museums, get acquainted with the life and life of the indigenous population, because Altai is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for its rich historical heritage.

We have chosen the most interesting excursions in Altai in 2021.

The best routes in Altai

In search of the white-eyed chud

Landing on Mars

Do you know that there is a branch of Mars in Altai? It is located in the Kyzyl-Chin valley of the Altai Republic. The name of the excursion "Altai Mars" speaks for itself. You will find yourself in a territory where the mountains have completely unusual colors: red, orange, yellow, blue-green, purple ... And all this in one place!

The miracle of nature has arisen due to the emergence of colored clays. Some of them formed over 300 million years ago. There are even preserved stones with petroglyphs - drawings of ancient people.

High mountains with snow caps surround the colorful Martian gorge. This is such an impressive contrast.

Our advice: it is better to admire the valley in the morning or afternoon. Towards evening, the mountains are covered with a shadow that hides the color effect. It is also better to go here in dry weather.

Time: all year round.

Excursion price: 3000-5000 rubles.

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