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Summer holidays 2020; make the most of your time

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The best resorts of the CIS: top five destinations

Tourism in the CIS countries is gaining momentum every year, the infrastructure of the resorts is undergoing changes, and the openness of borders, the absence of visa restrictions and the absence of a link to currency makes a vacation in the CIS countries desirable for many tourists.

Today, in our selection of 5 destinations of the CIS countries, which are gaining more and more popularity due to their special climatic and natural conditions, which are ideal for recreation in the summer. Since in the summer, recreation by the reservoirs becomes most in demand, in our selection we have collected 5 wonderful lakes in the vastness of the CIS, where you can relax in nature.

Among the resorts of the CIS, Armenia enjoys a consistently high demand, which has even increased in recent years. Tourists come here all year round to see ancient architecture, cultural and historical monuments and natural monuments. In summer, Lake Sevan, located in the Caucasus Mountains, becomes especially popular.

Sevan is considered the largest lake in the Caucasus, surrounded on all sides by mountains. The lake is freshwater with many springs, due to the high degree of mineralization, it has a beautiful azure hue. Since Sevan is located in the mountains, here, in contrast to most of Armenia, in the summertime, the temperature is quite comfortable, without the sweltering heat. The water in the lake is cool most of the time (the proximity of the mountains affects), but in summer, local residents and guests of Armenia swim here, the water temperature is at +20 C, sometimes higher.

In addition, you can easily go fishing, ride catamarans or even water skiing on Lake Sevan. On the coast of the lake there are several ancient cultural monuments, incl. active monasteries of Sevanavank and Ayrivank, so recreation on Lake Sevan is also interesting from the point of view of visiting local attractions.

Tourism on Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan is popular both in summer and winter. And if in summer travelers come here to swim and sunbathe, in winter a ski base opens its doors here.

Lake Issyk-Kul is considered saline, it is located between the ridges of the Northern Tien Shan. The favorable location provided the resort with the opportunity to combine beach holidays with mountain tourism. The climate in the resort also contributes to the influx of tourists, since precipitation is quite rare here, and there are more sunny days per year than in the Black Sea resorts.

Among the resorts of the CIS countries, rest on Issyk-Kul is considered one of the most popular and demanded. The settlements of Cholpon-Ata and Karakol are considered to be the focus of tourists, and Lake Issyk-Kul itself is one of the deepest and largest lakes in the world with a coastline stretching for nearly 700 km. By the way, the lake has a high degree of mineralization, so its mud is considered curative.

Lake Ritsa is a unique glacial formation located on the territory of the Ritsa relict national park. Swimming here is unlikely to work, the lake usually does not warm up more than +10 C, and this is not surprising, because the Gagra mountains are all around. But tourists come here not for a traditional beach vacation, but for exploring natural and man-made sights.

Summer! Vivid impressions, smells, colors, relaxation! Well, or a TV, a sofa, a rare trip to the cinema. Let's not let the dull flow of life in the summer season? You can sit in the cinema or at home before the series in another season. Today our attention was awarded to a budget summer vacation, and not simple, but active and interesting!

Putting together a company, and forgetting about our favorite sofa, we start to be active! PHOTO: 2019god. e

Catch, the fish is big and very big

Someone has a preconceived notion about fishing. Someone's wives are sure that this is generally a terrible occupation, in which husbands disappear for several days. And in vain, just in vain. The main thing is to properly organize such a vacation. As a result, there will be a delicious dish, and people will look at each other differently, and something new will open in their souls.

A fishing trip needs to be thought out: where to get fishing rods, buy or borrow, what kind of fish is found in the selected reservoir, do you need a boat, do you need boots, or can you fish from the pier?

What are the advantages of such a pastime? This process requires concentration of attention, and at the same time stress is reduced. Around is usually quiet, beautiful. The body and brain relax, the desire to contemplate overtakes the person, the soul calms down.

If the fish is going well, you can also catch a fair amount of excitement and adrenaline, the hunter's instincts will cheer!

Catching, catching, enjoying the moment! PHOTO: videos. exels. om

This type of recreation is quite popular. Probably, there are paid ponds in your area: there you can rent fishing rods and all sorts of other tackle on the spot for a not so big fee.

Bicycle as a way to see more

Spring brings awe and anticipation of something new to the souls of people, and confusion in the minds. What is the threat of spring travel? Everything is simple: from trips in the spring you can expect only happiness and many new discoveries that will change life for the better and breathe freshness and beauty into it. If you have not yet decided where to travel this spring, why not learn about the most interesting places on our planet?

As a basis, we took the recommendations of the British The Telegraph, which this year pointed out the best places for recreation not only to Amsterdam and Paris, but also to Oslo, as well as the beloved Russian city of St. Petersburg.

What to see in Amsterdam in spring

If you want brightness and magical colors, then you need to buy a ticket to Amsterdam. The April bloom of 7 million tulips in the Keukenhof Garden will impress even the most demanding nature: Russians miss bright colors by the beginning of April, and such a palette literally plunges the traveler into a fabulous colorful atmosphere and a sea of ​​aroma.

In addition to the paradise spring garden, the curious is advised to look into the museum of the tropics. Of course, you could imagine the dominance of crocodiles and parrots among tropical plants, but here a surprise awaits the guest: this museum has dedicated its work to anthropology. I arrived in Amsterdam, and inside the museum I immediately got acquainted with many nations and cultures!

Spring days also make it a pleasure to walk along the canals, especially Singel and Grachtengordel. The gaze will slide not only along the water surface, but also along the magnificent Dutch city streets with old houses. People with artistic talents will want to take an easel and draw a sketch of the evening channel. This is a magical and completely free walk!

Warm embrace in spring Paris

Many people buy tickets to Paris in the spring: this city seems to be calling people with ardent hearts and rebellious souls. We will not say how Ilya Ehrenburg “see Paris and die” - we say “See Paris and learn to breathe”.

In addition to walking along the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, in the city of love there is where to walk and what to see. Oddly enough, but experienced travelers do not advise visiting the Louvre on their first visit: judge for yourself, 5 floors filled with 35,000 exhibits await you, you can simply forget about getting to know the city!

In addition to the Eiffel Tower, Paris has another symbol that gave the name to the novel of the same name by Erich Maria Remarque - the Arc de Triomphe. This beautiful structure will provide the traveler with a breathtaking view of the city at a pleasant price of € 9. 0, and, by the way, there are much fewer tourists here.

On warm spring days, travelers are attracted to the Luxembourg Gardens, which is located in the 6th arrondissement. The tranquil atmosphere of the palace and park ensemble is charming in French, and you can enjoy it on an easy chair that is found throughout the park.

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