Leisure activities: ideas for free time

Hunting and fishing tourism: what is it, types and directions

Active rest is a great opportunity to gain vivid emotions, adrenaline, the experience of overcoming oneself, gaining new knowledge and feelings. You can have an active rest at any time of the year, in any season.

It may well be that you don't know all kinds of outdoor activities in another time. For example, in winter, how many kinds of skiing entertainment do you know? Think there is only snowboarding? Discover alpine or cross country skiing! With little experience of skiing or lack of natural conditions for downhill skiing, you will surely enjoy regular skiing trips. For them, no special conditions are needed, only snow.

Diversify your leisure time with fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding. This is a versatile vacation for any season.

Forget the opportunities to actively spend your holidays not only for holidays, but also:

  • during the holidays;
  • during the weekend;
  • during the Christmas holidays etc. ...

The benefits of being active

Active rest is not just a pleasant pastime:

  • active rest helps to increase physical activity, it helps to maintain the performance of muscles and organ systems, gives excellent health and vigor;
  • such rest contributes to a healthy lifestyle;
  • gives a lot of positive;
  • gives a huge boost of adrenaline;
  • this is a good distraction from problems; fresh air, sun, water, nature; unloading for the brain
  • relaxation is available at any age;
  • not expensive;
  • an experience that will be remembered for a long time;
  • a great opportunity to explore and knowledge;
  • a reason for new amazing photos and videos;
  • the opportunity to play sports with family, friends, team.

Tourism & Travel

Tourism as a vacation has become popular not so long ago, with the appearance of paid vacation. People were able to make trips lasting several weeks or months. Today trips have become both cognitive and useful. The health benefits of the various resorts have caused a peak in their popularity.

Leisure activities: ideas for free time

It's no secret that modern people move a little. During the day - work at the computer, in the evening - watching TV or video on the Internet, and in between these - scrolling through the news feed in social networks.

You can, of course, object that "everyone lives like this", or complain that "it was generally better in the past." But neither health nor mood will get any better from this. But from active rest - it will definitely be!

What is considered an active holiday?

This means that a person is always actively resting when two conditions are combined:

• The person is physically active. Walks, runs, jumps, climbs, swims, etc.

• This is really a change of activity. Obviously, for a loader, pulling boxes is unlikely to be active recreation - despite the fact that he is physically active. It is important that the head rests from the usual, boring activities.

Pros and cons of outdoor activities

Since school, we all know about the benefits of outdoor activities. But what exactly is useful in it?

The main advantages are:

  • Active rest activates the brain. This is especially true for those people who are engaged in intellectual activity at work, since active rest allows them to "switch", relieve nervous and mental stress. And this, in turn, helps to look at common work tasks from a new perspective and, perhaps, find a more efficient way to solve them.

2. The blood is saturated with oxygen. This is well reflected in the work of all organs of the body, without exception.

List of winter and summer outdoor activities. Main directions. Tourism as a form of active recreation. The health-improving value of various types of outdoor activities. Examples.

Hunting and fishing tourism is temporary trips (travel) to the territory of hunting and fishing grounds for hunting or fishing, organized by specialized enterprises that provide a range of specific paid services.

Hunters and fishermen can be divided into amateurs and tourists. Amateurs travel for the purpose of hunting or fishing on their own, without resorting to the services of travel agents and tour operators.

This type of tourism has a high cost, and in many cases it can be classified as an elite holiday.

Specific features of hunting and fishing tours:

· the need to obtain various licenses (for hunting, fishing, import of weapons, export of trophies). This type of tourism is associated with a certain risk, therefore, highly qualified specialists are needed to ensure the safety of the tours.

adversarial nature of relations between tourists, which makes it possible to classify this type of travel as sports tourism

· high social responsibility for the use, protection and reproduction of natural resources.

· seasonality. Cycles often do not coincide with traditional types of tourism. Seasonality has an important effect on the degree of utilization of the material and technical base and the use of personnel.

The timing of hunting is strictly regulated by the state, and specific dates for the opening and closing of hunting seasons are set annually by regional authorities.

The organization of hunting tourism is regulated by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the laws of the Russian Federation "On Animal World", "On Environmental Protection", "On Land" and others.

Many tourists no longer want to lie under the scorching sun and swim in the warm sea. An unusual and exciting direction of tourism is actively developing - extreme tourism. In this publication we will tell you about this type of tourism, about its types and features.

Features of extreme tourism

Extreme tourism, not for everyone. It is associated with a certain risk to health and even life. Before engaging in any traumatic activity, it will not be superfluous to prepare.

Speaking of extreme tourism, it is difficult to single out any special characteristics. In general, this is an active activity in a territory with a particular landscape or climate. This type of recreation can include a complete rejection of improvised means and technologies, giving only a stick and a knife in hand. And other types of it involve the use of special equipment.

Adventure tourism - main types

Consider the main types of extreme tourism


Probably one of the most popular types of outdoor activities. Usually dives are made in the sea or ocean, where there is an opportunity to observe the underwater world of fish and corals. It is considered relatively safe if all safety precautions and instructor's rules are followed. Before the first dive, it is advisable to take special courses in advance. The favorite places of divers' pilgrimage are traditionally Egypt and Thailand.


Considered more extreme than the previous item, but no less popular. To conquer the peaks, you need not only strength of mind and endurance, but also physical fitness, as well as readiness for difficult weather conditions. Climbing can take place with or without special equipment.

Ski tourism

Overcoming obstacles, high speed, difficult tracks. You can enjoy the wild downhill skiing or snowboarding. Alpine skiing will never lose its relevance while it brings an unprecedented rise in adrenaline.

Equestrian tourism includes elements of active recreation and sports. Man gets pleasure from acquaintance with nature, communication with animals. The most picturesque routes are chosen for walks - equestrian tourism in Russia is developed in mountainous and steppe regions with a rich culture, history, and an unusual combination of natural landscapes. Horseback riding has become widespread in the Caucasus, the Urals and traditional horse breeding regions - Bashkiria, Kalmykia, Kuban. Equestrian tourism is a relatively diverse discipline, including horseback riding, sledding and other recreational and sports activities.

Basic concepts of equestrian tourism

Equestrian tourism is a type of active recreation, which consists in the passage of a tourist route on horseback or in a team outside the stable, overcoming local and long-distance obstacles [20].

In terms of duration, horse trails can be from one hour to several days. Horseback riding trips lasting from one hour to one day are called horseback riding trips. They assume the group will return to the stable. Routes from four days are called hikes. Horseback riding trips can be organized with the participation of an accompanying person who transports the necessary equipment and food for the group of travelers with or without him.

Based on the organization of horseback trips, there are: horseback riding, horseback riding with escort and sledding trips.

Horseback riding is a hike in which throughout the route the equipment and food necessary for the participants and horses are transported in packs or saddlebags attached to the rider's saddle, while the number of horses must be equal to the number participants of the campaign.

Escorted horse riding is a hike that involves the transportation of equipment and food on individual additional pack or draft horses, as well as using vehicles.

Horse-drawn carriage - this route is traversed without the use of riding horses, while tourists, equipment and food are in the cart, carriage, wagon, etc. [21].

Equestrian tourism is a type of tourism without restrictions. You don't have to be an experienced rider to travel on horseback

Most of the routes are designed for people who do not have any riding skills. At the camp sites in front of the hearth, experienced instructors conduct the necessary initial training according to specially designed programs. After completing this training, the tourist acquires the skill of caring for horses, learns to harness and saddle it, and manage it on trips. For more experienced equestrian tourists, more difficult routes are being developed for passing and, as a rule, designed for several days [22].

Horse routes pass along mountain paths, along the steppes, along the shores of lakes and rivers. During horseback riding, tourists must take care of their wards and prepare their own food. Tourists sleep, as a rule, in tents, choosing a comfortable place to sleep. In some cases, accommodation is provided at special camp sites. Only well-trained riders are allowed to participate in long-distance routes.

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