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Tourist Information Center of the Kostroma Region (State Autonomous Institution "Agency for Investments and Entrepreneurship Development of the Kostroma Region").

Main cities of the region

Kostroma combines the comfort of the pre-revolutionary Volga provincial center and all the amenities of a modern urban environment.

Pos. Krasnoe-on-Volga is the center of the jewelry industry in the Kostroma land.

Volgorechensk is an industrial center, a place where caviar is produced.

Nerekhta is an "open-air museum", many temples, unique classical architecture.

Galich is an ancient city on the shores of a picturesque lake, famous for its fishing traditions.

Active tourism in Kostroma

Are you planning to come to Kostroma, but do not know how best to build a route?

Would you like to see the maximum, but can't choose objects to visit? Show in full.

Confused by the abundance of scattered information about tours, excursions, museums and sights of the Kostroma region? - Then contact the Tourist Information Center of the Kostroma region, and your trip will be bright, and the impressions from it - unforgettable.

Our experts will tell you about upcoming events and holidays, familiarize you with the most interesting excursion routes and ready-made proposals for organizing cultural and entertainment activities, offer the services of a guide or guide.

Come to us with any question! We are located at: Kostroma, Krasnye Ryady

Victory Train in Kostroma - February 13. Additional information on the link in the profile header

The Victory Train is a unique traveling museum. In the space of the historical and artistic exposition, images of the past of our country are captured - an ordinary portrait of a great era in faces, gestures, moments, authentic objects and genuine feelings.

The project was implemented by the creative workshop "Nevsky battleist" together with the media group "Red Square" with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, JSC "Russian Railways" and the public organization "Victory Volunteers".

Romanovsky Museum (Kostroma Museum-Reserve) @kostromamuseum_official

At the exposition of the Romanov Museum, opened in 1913 in honor of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanovs, you can get acquainted with the rich art collection of the museum and appreciate paintings on historical themes, portraits and sculptures of representatives of the Romanov dynasty. render completely.

On February 9, 2021, the final conference on the results of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of research works of local lore "Fatherland" was held in the Kostroma region.

Organizations from 9 municipal districts of the Kostroma region participated in the competition. The 11 best works in different nominations of the competition became finalists. render completely.

At the online conference, students defended their works, where the experts identified the winners and prize-winners of the competition. The works of the winners will be sent to the Otechestvo All-Russian competition of regional studies.

The vocal ensemble "White Snow" of the Kostroma Sovereign and Grand Duke Mikhail Fedorovich of the cadet corps performed for the conference participants.

The winners and prize-winners of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of research works of local lore "Fatherland" will be awarded with diplomas of the Department of Education and Science of the Kostroma Region.

The results of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of research works "Fatherland" will be summed up in the Kostroma region

On February 9, 2021, the final conference of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of research works "Fatherland" will be held. the organizers of the event are the Department of Education and Science of the Kostroma Region and the Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity and Children and Youth Tourism "Istoki". render completely.

The conference starts at 11. 0. The conference will be held online. The main directions: the chronicle of native places, genealogy, military history, cultural heritage, ethnography and school museums.

The best works in all nominations will be defended at the conference. Finalists will demonstrate presentations accompanying the defense of the work.

Winners and winners will be awarded diplomas for the Department of Education and Science of the Kostroma region. Winners work will take part in the All-Russian Research Work Competition "Fatherland".

became known the names of the winners of the Cup of the Kostroma region for sports orientation <


Athletes took part in 4 stages: 1 -Kross-sprint 2 -Kross-Classic Show completely. 3 -Kross-selection 4-Light Race-marked track <

over the sum of all stages, the best indicative reversals of our area were determined.


Fabulous Kostroma with Snow Maiden - One of the most interesting destinations for the winter journey. An old city, founded by Yuri Dolgoruky, is especially charming in winter: snow-covered streets, fairs on squares, festively decorated at home. You can rent a cottage in Kostroma with living in winter to the entire New Year holidays or stay in a cozy hotel, stylized under the ancient Rus, for a couple of nights.

Kostroma in the winter is immersed in the ancient Russian atmosphere. You are waiting for skiing on the top of the horses, New Year's walkings, tea from samovar and many other entertainment. What to see in Kostroma in winter and where to go to cold weather - detailed material further.

Sights of Kostroma in winter

In winter, Kostroma, usually visited in the framework of the "Golden Ring" journey or come for a weekend to enjoy the New Year's atmosphere. The sights of the city can be quite possible to visit in a couple of days, the main thing is to allocate the most interesting places for yourself.

Susaninskaya Square

The architectural ensemble of Susaninskaya Square is the first attraction from which to get acquainted with Kostroma. The central square of the city, located on the high bank of the Volga River, has formed its appearance by the end of the XVIII century. Susaninskaya Square has the form of a fan - on three sides, 9 streets are diverged from the square. The harmonious area of ​​the square is complex from the buildings of the fire calant, Gaupvakta, Borschov Houses in the style of Russian classicism and trading rows. The monument to the most famous resident of Kostroma is established on the square - Ivan Susanin. The monument turned to the Volga - Ivan Susanin meets ships arriving in the city.

Terem Snow Maiden

Snow Maiden - one of the symbols of Kostroma. The ancient Slavs had a spring rite dedicated to the awakening of nature. The central character of the rite was the young Girl of Kostroma. It was she, a symbol of youth and fertility, became the prototype of Snow Maiden from Russian folk fairy tales. Based on these legends, Ostrovsky, another famous Kostromich, created the Snow Maiden play. Also in Kostroma, a fairy tale film "The Snow Maiden" was filmed, although the original scenery has not survived to this day.

Granddaughter of Santa Claus, together with the cat Bayun and brownies, receive guests every day in a cozy wooden tower. Terem Snegurochka is an interactive center where guided tours, master classes and quests are held. A standard excursion includes a puppet show about the Snow Maiden and the Berendey legends, an acquaintance with the granddaughter of Santa Claus, and treats. For an additional fee, you can visit the ice room - a hall lined with ice. The room is kept at a constant subzero temperature, and all furniture and dishes are made of ice. Drinks are served to guests in ice glasses. Children are treated to fruit drink made from melt water, and adults are served homemade mead.

On the territory of the complex you can also visit a restaurant of Russian cuisine, buy souvenirs in an authentic shop with goods from Kostroma craftsmen, play on the playground. The territory can be bypassed free of charge, while a visit to the Snegurochka's tower is possible only with a guided tour.

Warmth came to the city. Many townspeople want nature and love. Many people combine. KOSTROMA. ODAY, succumbing to the playful atmosphere, recalls its TOP-5 most convenient places where it is convenient to make love in the car in Kostroma.


A legendary place that has long been loved by lovers. Here you can often see couples kissing in cars even in daylight. For many, as soon as it gets dark, kisses flow into something more, and ... off we go.

“I was 19 then. I met Nastya on the Volga embankment. We took a walk with her and decided to go for a drive around the city, because the girl was in a car. I remember that she had an old Audi model. Then we went to a cafe - I drank, Nastya ate ice cream. In general, it became clear that we would like to spend time together. And nowhere! We decided to go to the car that was parked on the embankment. It was darker then than it is now. Nobody noticed us, as it seemed to us. And now I hear from many acquaintances that they have sex in a car on the embankment, ”said Ruslan Kostromich.


The park in Kostroma is considered one of the largest and most beautiful. This place pacifies, immerses you in an atmosphere of romance. Since the 1970s, lovers have come here in cars - they listen to the silence, look at the splendor of nature, then at each other, and ... off we go.

“At the time, I had a very tense relationship with my husband. We were in the process of divorce. There was not enough male affection and attention. Once we rode around the city with friends, and met young people on the embankment. We began to communicate with one of them, and one day Petya invited me on a date. We had a delicious dinner, had a nice conversation. It turned out that we have many common interests. Petya was constantly complimenting. After dinner, we went for a drive around the night Kostroma. I asked to take me to Berendeyevka. Nice music played in the car, and the atmosphere relaxed me so much that I kissed him first. We had sex in the car right at the entrance to the park. After that, we often practiced this pastime. For some reason, I liked making love in Berendeyevka most of all - there was a forest, nature and silence around there, ”said Vera from Kostroma.

Ipatiev Monastery

The place, as you know, is considered sacred for the majority of Kostroma residents and tourists. Cradle of the Romanovs, a place with a long history. However, for many Kostroma residents, this site is not only of historical interest. The beauty of the surroundings and the atmosphere prompts romantic thoughts, kisses, and then ... off we go.

“Several years ago my friends introduced me to a pretty girl Olga. Very wealthy, her family had some kind of jewelry business. First, we sat in a cafe with a common company, and then drove her BMW for a drive around the city. The next place was the site at the Ipatiev Monastery. We were sitting in a car overlooking the river. The water was illuminated by lanterns, the waves were splashing - in general, romance. We began to kiss ... Olya started the car and took us to the woods behind the museum of wooden architecture. Everything happened there. True, the romance ended in a week, ”said Nikolai Kostromich.

Railway Bridge

The place near the railway bridge on the left bank of the Volga is considered one of the favorite among couples who can't wait to enjoy each other. Near the Volga, greenery, passing steam locomotives hum rhythmically. In general, in vain people do not come here - they come and immediately ... Off we go.

“It all started with an ordinary picnic trip. The girl and I just wanted to fry the sausages. We arrived in nature - our favorite place in the area of ​​the railway bridge. We took sausages and vegetables with us - we wanted to sunbathe and have a small picnic. They lit a fire. And then the summer sun warmed us up so much that we got into the car and pounced on each other. Our first batch of sausages, of course, burned out, ”said Anton Kostromich.

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