KMV or domestic tourism in the North Caucasus in 2020

Where to relax in the Caucasus

The North Caucasus has everything: the sea coast and mountain ranges; popular crowded resorts and protected corners, where the foot of a mass tourist has not yet set foot; modern hotels and sanatoriums of Soviet construction. We have prepared for you a list (far from complete) of noteworthy places and tell you what you can do there.

Meet the sunrise in the Caspian

Dagestanis open the sea season in June. And if the water temperature in the Caspian Sea is slightly below 25 degrees, they whine that it is cold, and wait for it to warm up to 27. And also capricious Makhachkala residents consider their beaches not clean enough and prefer to relax on the beaches in Kaspiysk, Manas, Izberbash, where the coast is built up hotels and sanatoriums.

But even if 24 degrees is really cold for you and the water does not seem as clear as in the Red or Mediterranean Sea, it is worth going to the Caspian, if only because there are incredibly beautiful sunrises. The sun rises over the sea, and in clear weather it is a truly magnificent sight. Please note that sunrise times differ in June and August. But you can always google it.

Rock the cradle in ancient Derbent

If you want antiquity, silence, narrow streets and fresh aromatic tea - you have to go to Derbent. The city, which celebrated its 2000th anniversary, welcomes guests all year round. The Naryn-Kala citadel is a must-see item on the program of your stay. But the very flavor of Derbent is in the magals. Walking through the old quarters, you can witness a wedding or a neighbor's quarrel, take pictures of the hostess hanging laundry across the street, or old people playing backgammon. Derbent people are very open and hospitable. Do not refuse if you are invited to relax in the shade of the vineyard in the courtyard and treated with homemade sweets.

People often come to Derbent with an important mission - to swing a stone cradle that stands among the sarcophagi in the Kirkhlyar cemetery. Women wishing to have a child come here not only from other cities, but also from neighboring republics, even from Azerbaijan. It is believed that if you shake the cradle in the holy cemetery, your wish will certainly come true.

Catch trout in Kezenoy-Am lake

The lake is located in the mountains on the border of Dagestan and Chechnya. Like most mountain lakes of the Caucasus, Kezenoy-Am is covered with secrets, myths and legends.

It is better to rest here from the middle of summer, when the sun warms up the water. True, the temperature on the water surface usually does not rise above 17-18 degrees.

Eisenamet trout lives here - small and large, weighing more than 1 kg. But keep in mind that you can fish not all over the lake, but in specially designated places.

If you are traveling "savage" with a tent, you need the Dagestan side of the lake. And for a family vacation in a hotel room, choose the Chechen side. If you are going here in the summer - then worry about the places in the hotel in advance.

Eat Ingush mulberry trees

Where to relax in the Caucasus

Caucasian hospitality is already a brand that does not need advertising. Caucasian Mineral Waters (KMV), namely the multinational cities and villages that are part of them, are no exception. The attitude towards vacationers was always at least respectful. But now the situation in sanatoriums and in general domestic tourism in the North Caucasus, even in comparison with the past, is beyond praise. All employees, doctors, specialists, service personnel are tuned in to one thing: to make the guests' rest as comfortable as possible. Although it must be admitted, to some extent it influenced the work of medical and recreational institutions, the notorious coronavirus will be remembered by nightfall. All unanimously declare that if the "second wave" happens, the resort towns will not survive it.

The situation is similar in other spheres of urban life. Many hotels and sanatoriums did not even open. Travel agencies almost forcibly lure vacationers on excursions. Shops and restaurants are not very insistent in the requirements to comply with the "mask mode", the number of buyers and visitors allows not to break the one and a half meter distance between them.

Sorry for the banality, but having arrived at the resort it is better, at least for a while, to forget about politics, the coronavirus, oh God forbid, its second wave and the activation of supporters of the "glove-and-mask mode".

Once I already offered site visitors an article about the history, sights, interesting places of Kislovodsk.

I think that the interested, and even more enlightened fellow tourists, agreed with me on something, but didn’t like something in this article. 5 years have passed and we decided to rest in Kislovodsk again.

Caucasian mineral waters - what's new in the resort town

There are many new things, although not everything is interesting, beautiful and harmonious. I think that people who have been here will show interest in the information offered.

Cascade staircase in the Kislovodsky park

Everyone who has vacationed in Kislovodsk at least once knows that this is the city's trademark, the most beautiful entrance to the Kislovodsk resort park. The staircase is located on the slope of the mountain, at the end of Dzerzhinsky Avenue. Established in 1935, the complex has undergone several major restoration activities (last 2015-2018). This decoration of the city looks very impressive. Although the fountains could be more powerful. Later it turned out that higher jets would interfere with the perception of this architectural masterpiece.

It is possible that the definition of "large" or "main" will soon be added to the name of the staircase. A small cascade staircase, located on the opposite descent along the avenue, is already at the completion stage.

Singing fountain in the shopping center "Passage"

Today it is difficult to surprise someone with this achievement of scientific and technological progress. The more important it is for the authors and the more interesting for the audience is even the insignificant features with which one fountain may differ from another. On the square in front of the shopping center "Passage", on the site of the once existing, later abandoned hydraulic structure, a new, largest fountain in the North Caucasus region was built in 2016.

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