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The section "Last Minute Tours Kharkiv/Last Minute Tours Kharkiv" was created especially for those residents of Kharkiv who are easy-going, are not ready to overpay, and are ready to get ready for a trip right now! In our travel agency in Kharkov you will always find last minute tours and last minute tours to ancient Egypt, popular Turkey, luxurious Italy and many other countries. Have a nice trip!

The manager of the Top-10 travel agency in Arkov will tell you about the specifics of specific countries and hotels:

The prices for "Last Minute Tours from Kharkov" and "Last Minute Tours" are the lowest!

Sale of last minute tours - savings of 5-8%. and this is 500-700 UAH (with the most inexpensive ticket), 1100-1500 UAH (with an average tour price) and more! You can send an application for online purchase of a tour or last minute ticket as quickly and conveniently as possible through the appropriate services of our Kharkov travel agency:

Catalog of last minute tours (PRICES + photos) Here

Pick up a burning ticket Here

Last Minute ToursKharkov/Last Minute VouchersKharkov today is rightfully the leaders in sales, therefore one of the most popular activities of the travel agency "Top 10" in arkov is the sale of last minute tours and last minute tours. Currently, in Kharkov "Last Minute Tours Egypt" and "Last Minute Tours Turkey" are of greater interest than tours to other countries. At the same time, our travel agency offers travel only to comfortable hotels (catalog with Photos) with a high level of service, which means that "Last Minute Tours Kharkiv/Last Minute Tours Kharkiv" is a great vacation in a favorite destination for tourists!

Kharkiv: Hot tours and Hot tours from Kharkiv are the most economical solution for recreation at any time of the year: cozy hotels, clear sea and gentle sun are always ready to welcome tourists from Kharkiv into their arms. Last minute tours/Last minute tours allow residents of Kharkov to get tickets on extremely attractive terms. Our travel agency offers its clients a profitable vacation with a high level of comfort and quality of travel services. That is why on the Kharkiv market Hot tours/Hot tours become the most popular offer in every season.

Kharkiv "Last Minute Tours and Last Minute Vouchers": many tourists plan their vacation at sea in Europe or elsewhere in advance, think over the route and prepare for the vacation psychologically. But there is a category of tours - "hot tours", which gives the rest a certain sharpness and brightness, makes it memorable and a little bit adventurous. In addition, such a seaside vacation is a great opportunity to save money and buy last minute tours from Kharkov at a lower price. As already noted, the most popular among tourists are tours to Turkey, tours to Egypt and other popular countries. Last minute tours from arkov to beach resorts can have different functions, which we also tried to take into account.

Last minute tours from Kharkov are tours with departures for the coming dates (special offers), sold by tour operators at reduced prices. As a rule, the category of "hot vouchers" includes tours to hotels in which at the moment there are several vacant places:

Low prices for hot tours are valid in all branches of the Network of Travel Agencies "Top-10" in the city of Kharkov. However, each of our travel agency offices has the right to provide tourists with a personal discount, the amount of which depends on the loyalty system (the number of tours purchased or tourist trips from this office) and is determined directly by the Kharkov travel agency

** If you want to buy a "Last minute tour" or "Last minute ticket" - contact the nearest travel agency "Top 10" in Kharkov and you will be offered a quality rest and low prices for last minute tours to Turkey, Egypt, vouchers to the UAE, Thailand, Spain, Bulgaria and many other countries of the world!

Kharkiv Last Minute Tours / Last Minute Tours Kharkiv

Search last minute tours to Turkey

The best tours of the month to Turkey

Top tours according to our travelers and personally inspected by us:

Is your head spinning from the number of sentences? I have visited most of the countries and hotels we offer, so I will be happy to tell you about the specifics of the rest and help you choose a tour.

Once a week we select the best last-minute tours. If you don't want to miss the tour of your dreams, add to our Telegram channel or Viber chat:

Voucher price in Turkey from Kharkov

The cost of rest in Turkey directly depends on the category to which the hotel belongs. We offer you a huge selection of hotels of both 2 * and 3 * categories, and higher - 4 * and 5 *.

Hotels of category 2 * Hotels of category 3 * Hotels of category 4 * Hotels of category 5 * Cost of living in a hotel for 7 days From 320 $/person. t 380 $/person t 450 $/person t $ 770/person The availability and size of the surrounding areaNo Yes, small Yes, impressive size, well-groomed Yes, impressive size, well-groomed »With a wide variety of productsRoomsStandard, economy classStandard rooms with the most necessaryModern, comfortable roomsLuxe class Remoteness from the sea2-3 coastline2-3 coastline2-1 coastline1 coastlineAnimation availableNoYes, unobtrusiveIs, at a decent levelIs, animation and service of the highest quality Service at the highest level

The duration of the flight from Kharkov to Turkey is on average only 2 hours, which is quite convenient, especially if you are traveling with children or have a hard time carrying long flights. Another significant plus is that you don't need a visa to travel to Turkey either.

The choice of hotels in Turkey is just a huge! Here you can find accommodation absolutely for every taste and any budget - from hotels with standard rooms and the required minimum furniture and amenities to luxury hotels with many restaurants, animation, rooms equipped with the latest technology and thematic areas and even streets right on site. Hotel. Almost all hotels are constantly repaired and updated, so the level of service and amenities in Turkey is located on top. See also tours to Egypt.

Turkey has a rather large historical heritage, so besides clubs, outdoor activities (rafting, fishing, hydro and quad bikes, etc.) and all sorts of entertainment, you can visit vintage historical places, thermal sources, numerous mosques, famous worldwide and much more. Turkey is a place where recreation will have to taste absolutely everyone - both families with children and young people and people aged. Missing Turkey will simply have no time.

Beaches in Turkey, like hotels, there is absolutely for every taste. In Kemer, for example, small pebbles prevail on the beaches, and the same whites and side boast of amazing sandy coasts.

Kharkov Last minute tours / Last minute tours from Kharkov - travel agency Altea. The section Last Minute Tours-Kharkov-Last Minute Vouchers was created especially for those residents of Kharkov who are easy-going, are not ready to overpay, and are ready to get ready for a trip right now! select and buy last minute tours and last minute deals to ancient Egypt, popular Turkey, luxurious Italy and many other countries. Have a nice trip!

Egypt from June introduces paid visas

In the direction of the Prime Minister of the Country Mustafa Madbuli, the tourist visa will be introduced in the summer of 2020.

In Egypt, in the first of June 2020, new rules of entry and staying in the country for foreign tourists come into force.

On a new visa, the tourist will be able to repeatedly enter the country, but at the same time the maximum number of stays during a single entrance will not be able to exceed 90 days. On Wednesday, March 4, reporting news.

Documents themselves can be issued only through Egyptian consulates or on the portal for the design of electronic visas. The visa will be issued for a period of five years. Each check in will be able to last no more than 90 days.

Tourists flying to Luxor and Aswan airports in Summer are the hottest months, a discount on a virus visa in the amount of ten dollars will be provided.

Source: . Igmir. ET/WORLD/1984108-EGIPET-VVODIT-VIZY-DLJA-TURISTOV © News. Igmir. et <

in Egypt reconstructed the famous Pharaoh Road

After opening, the Pharaoh Road will become the longest open-air museum in the world.

Reconstruction of the road, along which 1 200 statues from sandstone are installed, should revive interest in the ancient temple in Luxor. Read the tike varnisacles of 50 popular tourist locations in the threat of disappearances.


The emergence of the Egyptian Minister of the Antiquities of Egypt, Chalated Al-Anani, said that 90% of work were completed, - reports Lenta. a with a link to Egypt today. Once opened, the Pharaohs Road will become the longest open-air museum in the world.

The alley where the most important ceremonies were held is dedicated to the supreme god Amon - it's not for nothing that each of the 1200 statues has the head of a ram (this is how Amon was sometimes depicted) and the body of a lion, which symbolized the reliable protection of the temple from robbers. At one time, the cult of Amun was considered leading in Egypt and spread far beyond the borders of the country. The Luxor temple, erected almost 3500 years ago, was called the "Sanctuary of Amun".

Modern people are very fond of traveling. Most of the working class of the population prefers to spend their holidays on tourist trips. Some travel on their own, but this is very difficult and dangerous, since it is problematic to choose a decent hotel in advance and book it, buy tickets, and nowadays there are a lot of scammers who can take money from you and, as a result, provide nothing. That is why the best choice for tourist travel is to contact the travel agency "Arcadia Tour".

Hot tours from travel agency Arcadia Tour

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The Arcadia Tour firm is located in the city of Kharkov. We have a very convenient location, which allows customers to easily get to us both by public transport and by their own cars. Travel agency "Arcadia Tour" also works remotely and provides its services to residents of other cities. Our travel agency practices booking tours online, this is a very convenient offer for busy people who cannot allocate even a minimum of time to organize their vacation.

A seaside vacation is the most common type of vacation for most people.

Beach holidays abroad - where to go in 2021, prices, arrange a tour.

Holidays are coming and you don’t know how to spend them? Would you like the holiday to leave the warmest and most joyful memories in your soul?

Choose your Ski Resort for an unforgettable holiday in 2021!

Bus tours 2021 - prices, tour search and booking.

A wide range of travel services from the "Arcadia Tour" company

✈ Winter 2021. Turechchina ta Egypt z Harkova!

Air Tour Istanbul from Kharkov

When staying at the hotel 198 €/person

Schedule of additional excursions

Entrance fees to the harem in the palace grounds

Unlimited soft drinks

Unlimited soft and alcoholic drinks

Cable car ride

We advise you to book excursions in advance in Ukraine (before departure)

When booking excursions in Istanbul, we do not guarantee the availability of places in the group

Tour program "Istanbul" from Kharkov

  • Departure from Kharkiv
  • Arrival in Istanbul
  • Meeting at the airport, acquaintance with the group. The group leader will give all tourists a travel kit (a map of what to visit in their free time, etc.)
  • Transfer to the hotel, check-in (after 14.0)
  • By the way, all our hotels are located in very cool and picturesque places of Istanbul
  • We invite you to a sightseeing tour of the main attractions of the Turkish city (Mosques, Churches, parks. And the highlight of our excursion will be a visit to the Grand Bazaar) - an excursion in the cost of the tour
  • Free time
  • In the evening we invite you to the excursion "Turkish Night on the Bosphorus" - we will look at Istanbul from the water and have dinner with delicious Turkish cuisine with a performance of folklore (additional payment 45 euros/person)
  • Transfer to the hotel

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