Karelia in winter 2021: what to see, how to relax and what to do

Karelia in winter 2021: what to see, how to relax and what to do

kilometers along Shuya

What is this

130 kilometers on rafts on the most famous river in Karelia

We will spend the night in tents, cook at the stake and arrange evening gatherings :)

Difficult rapids can be bypassed along the coast

True camping romance, adrenaline and outdoor activities!

daily program

Meeting, start of rafting

We will meet you in the main building of the Petrozavodsk railway station, by the time of arrival of train No. 18 Moscow - Petrozavodsk. Then we will go to the starting point of the route - to the village of Hautovaara, which is about 125 kilometers.

On the river bank we will have lunch and prepare equipment. And then we will go through a safety briefing and practice driving rafts on the water. And then we will start our rafting on Shuya! On this day, we will go about 13 kilometers on rafts, from the Gloomy Rapid to the Dog. Rapids of 2-3 categories of complexity.

In general, the river owes the Karelian "suo", which translates as swamp. Because at the beginning of the current the river has low banks. But to the starting point of rafting, the coastal areas are already steep and densely covered with pine forest. There are rapids and rifts all along the river and alternate with stretches. We will pass such places on the motor, so as not to look forward to rowing ? ...

Sobachiy Rapid - HPP - Kumio Rapid

After breakfast we will continue rafting down Shuya. Let's go through the following obstacles:

Rafting in Karelia

Active Week

What is this

Active travel to the most interesting places

Travel 80 kilometers on a bike lightweight

See lakes, rivers, forests and old villages

Let's go 20 kilometers on kayaks on lakes and rivers

We will explore Ladoga on motorboats for two days, and spend the night on the islands in the Ladoga skerries

We will visit the Ruskeala Mountain Park

Let's climb Mount Aino on the island

And in the evenings there will be cozy gatherings by the fire

Rafting in Karelia in 2021 - 130 kilometers of rapids and rapids on the Shuya River. We will spend a whole week in rafts on the most famous river in Karelia.

Operator of active recreation N1 in Karelia and on the Kola Peninsula ?

? 17 years of experience, on the market since 2002 ? Did a cool vacation for 63 345 tourists ? Own instructor training school ? Organization of outdoor activities throughout the year

Water trips, bike routes, snowmobile safaris, ski programs, rock climbing, rope courses, animation programs for corporate clients, accommodation in guest houses, cottages and recreation centers, hunting, fishing tours, holidays and excursions programs in Karelia and on the Kola Peninsula.

The young team of the "Stella" tour operator is positive about everything new and promising. We are interested in our republic becoming attractive for compatriots and foreign guests, in that the rest in Karelia received an international quality mark.

THIS is the kind of fish caught by the corporate parties on Syamozero.

On individual and corporate tours, we will arrange winter fishing for you. The process is entertaining even for those who are not keen. This is a kind of meditation and a certain passion. And when you are standing over the hole in a cheerful company, it’s also fun!

Pike, pike perch, burbot, perch, vendace, bream, ruff are found in Syamozero. render completely.

You can determine what kind of fish is in the hands of the tourist in the second photo. ishi below)

Hint is one of those listed above)

We have prepared for you a great guide to the Republic of Karelia in winter. In it we tell you in detail:

  • how to get there
  • about the weather in winter
  • the pros and cons of winter holidays in Karelia
  • what to do in Karelia in winter, here about all the cool places and sights
  • where and how to relax: from gastronomic workshops to ice fishing for burbot
  • is it worth coming with children in winter
  • useful tips
  • and where to stay overnight, our proven places from budget hostels to expensive cottages

If you have already been to Karelia in the summer (or have read our summer guide), we recommend that you visit here in winter as well. Well, if you haven't been in summer yet - start with winter ? ...

Winter rest in Karelia is wonderful: fluffy spruce trees, white snowdrifts, bright sights, outdoor activities, fresh frost and even the northern lights if you are lucky - all this is Karelia in winter. Moreover, the level of service here is growing every year and new interesting routes appear. So let's go!


If we talk about traveling in Russia, then Karelia has a huge plus - convenient transport location to the two largest cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Therefore, the road to the place of rest will not be costly and tiring.

There are several ways to get to Karelia:

  • come by your own car
  • by daily trains
  • by plane
  • or by bus

It is most convenient to come to Petrozavodsk - the capital of the republic. A large number of excursions/routes start from here and there are many accommodation options, from budget hostels to spa hotels.

By car

If you prefer to travel by car, a winter vacation in Karelia is a great option, because this way you will be more mobile and you can plan an individual route in order to have time to see the maximum.

From Moscow to Petrozavodsk 1,000 kilometers, it takes at least 13 hours to go, since it is winter and there are more traffic jams. The most comfortable way is to go along the E-105 - Leningradka highway. An overnight stay in St. Petersburg will not be a tiring journey at all. And from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk 420 kilometers, it takes 5-6 hours to go. The track is just excellent and high-speed - there are almost no traffic lights and a good road surface.

Life hack. We highly recommend stopping by the Farmer cafe on the way, it is approximately halfway between St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk, just a little short of Lodeynoye Pole. We ourselves always go there when we go to Karelia in cars. The cafe is hard to miss, the signs will start several kilometers away. But the main thing here is not a cafe, but a shop where they make Karelian pies with lingonberries and blueberries. Believe me: it is difficult to find tastier pies, you will leave there taking a few more with you on the road!

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