Journey to the North

Journey to the North

Krasnoyarsk is the largest economic and cultural center of Central and Eastern Siberia, the administrative center of the second largest constituent entity of the Russian Federation - Krasnoyarsk Territory. There are only 7 cities in Russia, whose types were issued in the largest circulation - on banknotes. Krasnoyarsk - one of them, this honor was awarded to the chapel of Praskeva Pyatnitsa, printed on the front side of the bill, its silhouette is present in the form of a watermark on the wide coupon field of the banknote.

The city is divided by the Yenisei into two parts: its left bank is in Western Siberia, and its right bank is in Eastern. The industrial part of the right bank is very different from the left. Krasnoyarsk residents themselves sometimes say that the right and left banks are like two different cities, differing from each other not only in appearance, but even in human mentality.

At the same time, despite the abundance of industrial enterprises, Krasnoyarsk is a multiple winner of the annual competition "The Most Comfortable City of Russia".

An adventure for the bravest: the tour "Crossing Baikal" - a two-day sledding tour on the frozen ice of Lake Baikal 49,000 rubles.

Sledding from 10 minutes and from 2,500 rubles.

Explore Olkhon Island! Arrivals on any day from 38,500 rubles.

Yenisei cruise. Various program variations from 10 days.

How to get there

Krasnoyarsk is a large transport hub in Siberia, located at the intersection of the Trans-Siberian and the river route along the Yenisei River. The city has two airports - Yemelyanovo, the largest in Eastern Siberia, and the local airport Cheremshanka. The international airport is located 27 kilometers from the city, from it there are city buses №203 and 202, as well as 513. Also federal highways "Baikal" M53, "Yenisei" M54 and "Yeniseysky tract" P409 pass through Krasnoyarsk.

Car rental in Krasnoyarsk

Car rental can help out in many life situations. Car rental services have been successfully implemented in almost all major cities of the world for over a hundred years. The car rental market in Krasnoyarsk is represented by a number of companies, each of which strives to attract its client with more favorable conditions, including tariffs. In Krasnoyarsk, you can rent a car at a price of 900 RUB per day. To conclude a transaction, you will need a passport, driver's license and a bank card in your own name. The card must have a free amount (from 5000 RUB) to cover the insurance deposit. The deposit will be returned to you in full at the end of the transaction. The detailed nuances of the transaction are prescribed in the lease agreement, which serves as its legal confirmation.

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Active tourism in Krasnoyarsk

Mysterious fog over the non-freezing Yenisei, snow-covered taiga trees and the slopes of the Sayan Mountains ... Winter Krasnoyarsk is a fabulous place. The nature of the city and its surroundings seems to have been created in order to engage in active sports and admire the cold landscapes. The high-calorie Siberian cuisine, which includes dishes from local fish, game and taiga spices, warms both physically and spiritually.

So, what to do in Krasnoyarsk in winter:

downhill and cross-country skiing and ice skating;

listen to yourself alone with the fantastic winter nature;

to warm up with tea with taiga herbs and jam.

Where to spend time actively

Beaver Log

The complex is located within the city. Skiing and snowboarding is possible on its territory. There are trails for professionals and amateurs and reliable chair lifts with beautiful views.

Address: st. Siberian, 92.

Vetluzhanka Stadium

This is a great place where you can safely go cross-country skiing through the snow-covered forest and lie in the snowdrifts, remembering your childhood. Old school wooden skis, sledges and skates can be rented at the stadium.

Address: st. Elena Stasova, 65.

Waterfront Skating Rink

Krasnoyarsk: districts, recreation, excursions, museums and churches, cuisine and restaurants, shopping and shops, Krasnoyarsk sights.

These territories are practically closed for mass tourism. Rarely can anyone boast that he has seen the northern cities of the region with his own eyes, and even more so, the Putorana Plateau, which is famous for the incredible beauty of the pristine nature and the wild world. The correspondent of "AiF-Krasnoyarsk" has learned whether these territories will be able to become a zone of active tourism.

Appreciate the beauty of the North

The potential of the tourist cluster, which is called "Arctic", came to assess the international tour operators.

Representatives of the seven largest travel companies visited Norilsk, Dudinka and the Putorana plateau. The information tour was organized by the Norilsk Development Agency, the Regional Tourism Agency, the international travel agency TUI Group and the Krasnoyarsk Business Development Agency with the support of Norilsk Nickel.

The main goal of the educational journey is to get acquainted with the places where tourists can visit, explore the routes offered to them, and appreciate the beauty of the northern territories for themselves. It is a widespread international practice, when agency representatives independently study the route and then offer trips to clients. All the places visited by the participants are part of the tourist and recreational cluster "Arctic" - a joint work of the ARN, the administration of Norilsk and the Taimyr Dolgan-Nenets municipal district.

As conceived by the developers, the unification of the three territories will attract interest to Taimyr and make tourism more accessible here. An equally important task is to create a new direction of the tourism industry in Norilsk, which will undoubtedly attract investment and give impetus to the creation of new jobs.

There is something to see and taste

Dudinka, for example, offers an ethnographic direction. In the capital of Taimyr, the guests visited the Museum of Local Lore, the City Center of Folk Art and the Taimyr House of Folk Art. A small cruise along the Yenisei - the largest Siberian river, and a visit to an ethnic settlement became a real highlight for visitors. They got acquainted with the history, culture and organization of life of the indigenous and small-numbered peoples of the North.

Industrial and event tourism, as the ideologists of the cluster called it, will give travelers the opportunity to visit the underground training ground, which was created at the corporate university of Norilsk Nickel. And also see the features of the production process of the city-forming enterprise. At the Sever gastronomic festival, guests tasted the cuisine of indigenous peoples, which will certainly arouse the interest of those who go on a tour. In the end, the guests were given a detailed excursion around Norilsk.

Alena Kochanova, director of the Tourist Information Center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, shared her impressions of what she saw:

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