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Work in tourism without experience - how and where to find a job for a beginner

Everyone wants to have a decent high-paying position. One of these professions is the position of a travel manager. To get this vacancy, you need to have a solid baggage of special knowledge - it's great if this knowledge is supported by an appropriate diploma. For most employers, working in tourism requires employees not only to have knowledge, but also experience.

We suggest finding out: is it realistic for a person with no experience to become a tourism manager? Where and how can a beginner look for a vacancy?

Is it realistic to find a job in tourism without experience

On specialized Internet forums, you can often find letters from users with the following content:

“I'm in my early thirties. I have a higher philological education. I worked at school, but this is not mine. My dream is to get a job in the tourism industry. But, unfortunately, I have no experience. I would like to know who was able to change their lives by going to work in tourism "from scratch". Real advice, opinions, recommendations are very much required ”.

Looking through periodicals with vacancies in the field of tourism, it is easy to notice that in 99% of cases, applicants for the position of "work in tourism" are required to have real work experience, for a period of at least a year.

There are approximately 1% of travel agencies willing to accept an employee with zero experience. But these firms, as a rule, are not large, reliable. There is a danger of stumbling upon swindlers.

There are many such testimonies on the Internet:

“I was looking for a job as a tourism manager with no experience for a long time - they refused everywhere. Once, I was lucky: I passed an interview, began an internship in a small company. Most often used as a courier: traveling all day. Then they fired, saying that I was not suitable. Now I have started a six-month course: now I will get a job only in a large company. "

The opportunity to get a job in a large company for the position of a tourism manager without work experience exists, but it is very illusory.

There are only two solutions to this question:

Attention! The most important thing is to try, offering your services to a wide variety of companies in the tourism industry. If you have a clear target setting, then luck will come: you can not only make a career, but also open your own travel company.

Pros and cons of working in tourism

Work in tourism without experience - how and where to find a job for a beginner

Good afternoon, dear reader!

Everyone dreams of finding an ideal job for him. And, as you know, there are a lot of selection criteria. Some are looking for a quiet job in the office, while others are interested in work related to travel. And there is, perhaps, no job more closely related to travel than working in tourism.

A lot of people who want to work in the travel industry are concerned about how to find a job in tourism, especially without work experience. We will talk about this today. If you are looking for a job in tourism, then be sure to read this article.

Is it realistic to find a job in tourism?

This is the most important question that interests many applicants, not only with work experience, but also without. I will answer right away: even without work experience and without appropriate education, it is quite possible to get a job as a tourism manager. And it's not a joke. I am convinced from my own experience that neither education nor work experience is required to work as a tourism manager.

Of course, both education and experience will be a significant plus when considering your candidacy. But it is quite obvious that a person who has just graduated from college cannot physically have 5 years of experience in active sales in tourism. My way of looking for a job is suitable for everyone, i.e. it's pretty versatile.

What are the vacancies in tourism?

In fact, in addition to the well-known vacancy of "tourism manager", there are several more not so well-known positions, which are also realizable. It is a ticket sales and booking specialist and an assistant tourism manager.

Specialist in the sale and booking of tickets, judging by the name, deals exclusively with issues related to air and railway tickets. For this job, it is not necessary to know the geography, it is necessary to understand the ticket sales services. But they are not so difficult, it is quite possible to quickly master them.

Assistant Tourism Manager runs various assignments and hopes to get a manager's position in the future.

Everyone wants a decent high-paying job. One of these professions is the position of a travel manager. To get this vacancy, you need to have a solid baggage of special knowledge -

Work as a vacancy guide - vacancies abroad with a job guarantee!

We have something to offer you!

Free accommodation

Free flight

Working abroad - guiding vacancies and other specialties in many tourist countries

Working abroad for Russians and immigrants from the CIS countries is an ideal way to change your life for the better. Even minimal language knowledge will give you the opportunity to fulfill your cherished dream.

We can also find work abroad without a language. Although we are sure that modern people (especially the younger generation) are very trainable and sociable.

Vacancy in Cyprus

Vacancy in Turkey

Vacancy in Egypt

Today people have the opportunity to travel both within their country and abroad. However, self-organization of trips for many citizens has some difficulties. Often, tourists turn to specialized agencies, where they can help organize a trip. In this regard, there is a great demand in the labor market for qualified employees in the tourism sector.

Profession specifics

Working in tourism is an interesting field of activity. Specialists in this field help citizens to solve all issues related to the organization of recreation. In this area, there is an opportunity to work in several areas, from social and cultural services and tourism to the management of organizations.

As a rule, working in tourism not only brings a decent income, but also provides other benefits - new knowledge, as well as moral satisfaction. Employees in this area must have communication skills and a good memory, because close communication with clients is expected. Knowledge of English is a plus. Working in the field of tourism, a person must love and understand his profession, only in this case he will become one of the best.

Pros and cons of working in tourism

Profession advantages:

  • a promising industry, there are opportunities for career growth;
  • you can earn a lot, especially during the tourist season;
  • an interesting profession;
  • the opportunity to visit different countries.

Cons of the profession:

  • in the tourist business, great responsibility is imposed on employees;
  • due to workload, it is rarely possible to fully see new countries;
  • "nervous" work, because the travel agent must be aware of the affairs of tourists;
  • income depends on the season;
  • staff turnover.

Tourism professionals note that the pros outweigh the cons of the profession.

Traveling abroad

List of common employment options for tourism workers abroad:

  • hotel guide. The duties of this employee are to conduct oral demonstrations of the attractions of the recreation area for tourists, and to distribute travel guides. This vacancy is found in almost all international resorts. Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are willingly accepted for it;
  • transfer guide. Such a specialist is responsible for meeting tourists at the airport of arrival and assistance in escorting to the place of check-in, sometimes acting as an interpreter;
  • tour guides. These are the workers who are responsible for conducting the excursions. Such guides can conduct excursion programs around the city, museums, architectural monuments and other attractions.

Travel Manager for Social Networking for Remote Work

11 February 2021 -. Simply, without reading the machine, we responded, we ask you to send your resume to the email address specified in the contacts. A tourism manager is required to maintain social networks for remote work. Tourism agent, tourist manager, tourism manager.

Tourism Manager/Tour Sales Manager

February 9, 2021 - Attention Only candidates with EXPERIENCE as a tourism manager are considered. Dear applicants. A tourism manager with the opportunity for career growth is required in the offices of the travel agency "TOURS FROM PROFI" LLC. Sunmar franchising office, VEGAS Kashirskoe shopping mall.

Tourism Manager (Custom Tours)

February 9, 2021 - PRESIDENT TRAVEL is a travel company that specializes in organizing group, individual and VIP tours around the world, created as a concierge service for hotel reservations, chartering of yachts and business jets, renting villas and chalet. Thanks.

Tourism Manager

February 9, 2021 - Responsibilities: Tour selection Business correspondence Calculation and booking Visa for travel Work with a permanent office base Control of issuing documents to the client Cold calls Requirements: 1 year experience in sales as a tourism manager Conditions: ...

Tourism Manager (Sales)

February 6, 2021 - Pegas Touristik TOP Office (Tourism Product Sales) is looking for a Tourism Manager. Work in a top office in the center of Moscow (3 minutes walk from Taganskaya metro station); Own leading (Google play, App store) mobile application; Maximum.

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