Jeeping, trekking, yoga - all about fitness tourism

Jeeping, trekking, yoga - all about fitness tourism

Jeep Tours

A logical option for outdoor activities for lovers of extreme recreation, real men and adventurers - cross-country jeeping. Sitting behind the wheel of a UAZ Hunter or UAZ Patriot, rushing to meet difficulties, feeling a friend's shoulder in a difficult situation when it is raining, the car is stuck and it is unbearably difficult to get it out of the mud, overcome all trials and get a lot of impressions incomparable with the impressions of a beach holiday - this is the reason why today such tours are more and more recognized among those who like to tickle their nerves.

Jeeping differs in travel duration and difficulty categories. Distinguish between easy, medium and difficult tracks:

  • An easy track runs along forest or dirt roads, does not involve heavy mud, frequent jamming, fords, destroyed bridges and timber tracks on the way.
  • The middle track is different from the first with an increased number of mud and water "baths".
  • A difficult trail can only be handled by physically strong, well-trained travelers. Such a raid involves the use of special off-road equipment, often representing some kind of competition between teams in absolute off-road with the construction of bridges on their own and pulling cars out of the mud.

The geography of jeep tours in Russia is very extensive: Karelia, Krasnodar Territory, Baikal, Altai and Adygea. Which, in general, is not surprising - something, but we have enough complex roads (or rather, their practical absence). Today, jeeping is actually just developing in many regions of our homeland, although abroad it is a widespread type of tourism. Note, by the way, that for foreigners, jeep tours in Russia are an absolute extreme, next to which some Australian zorbs have not even ridden.

It is very convenient that jeep tours can be absolutely of any duration: from one day to 2 weeks and even longer. Those who choose a multi-day route can propose to combine a cultural program with an active one.

Conquer the highest mountain in Africa for an unforgettable safari trip! Our office is located in Tanzania and works without intermediaries, all briefings are conducted in Russian, we have our own fleet of safari cars, as well as a warehouse of modern mountain equipment from brands such as RedFox, The North Face and Mountain Hardwear.

Winter: pristine nature, downhill skiing.

We are glad to see you! Training from trial dive to instructor level. Diving trips around the world: schedule of club trips, individual diving and educational tours. Exotic destinations: Antarctica, Greenland, North Pole, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Cocos Island, Galapagos, swimming with sharks, whales and dolphins. We are waiting for you!


When choosing a suitable “yacht” destination, be sure to remember about Croatia: there are great chances that this particular destination will be the ideal option. Nature itself took care there to remove all the negative aspects of sea travel associated with the waves of the open sea, winds and motion sickness. Off the coast of the country, you can choose a parking spot anywhere and anytime. Finally, the Croatian coast is the most beautiful on the Adriatic. And maybe all over the Mediterranean.

In addition to the magnificent nature and clean sea, Croatia is distinguished by the best yachting infrastructure in the Mediterranean. These are, first of all, more than 40 superbly equipped marinas. There are no other such convenient anchorages and berths anywhere else - neither on the French Riviera, nor in Ibiza, nor in Mallorca. All types of services are provided in the marinas: electricity, any repairs, comfortable lifts, lifts for the installation of masts, hot water in summer and winter, modern toilets, beautiful showers, skipper bars, in the evening - mandatory lighting on the berths.

The clear water and wild bays of the Croatian coast attract both experienced divers and snorkelling enthusiasts. Octopuses, starfish, not frightened fish - there are plenty of animals.

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