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7 best excursions in Alushta and its surroundings

Alushta is surrounded by mountain peaks, so in summer the air at the resort is filled with invigorating coolness, and in late autumn and winter the weather is mild. The southern coast of Crimea is also famous for its delightful landscapes. At one time, it was Alushta who inspired Gaidai to film the "Prisoner of the Caucasus" in these places. The city is famous for its sights - there really is a lot to see. Therefore, excursions in Alushta and the surrounding area are always in demand. We have compiled a list of the most interesting options (individual and group) that can be ordered online.

Walk in Alushta

Inexpensive individual excursion in Alushta with brilliant reviews. On this walk, you will see the main attractions of the city. You will find out who founded the Byzantine fortress Aluston. Hear stories about secret treasures and main temples of Crimea. Find out how the resort has changed over the past century. You will walk along the streets of Alushta, which delighted two emperors, as well as Gorky, Griboyedov, Bunin and other great people. See Stalin's favorite places. And visit the famous professorial corner of Alushta.

You can view the details of the excursion at this link.

Trip to Dzhurla waterfall

Individual excursion from Alushta along the mountain range. A stormy waterfall Dzhurla, a relict beech forest, as well as viewing platforms, from which a panorama of the Crimea mountains opens, await you. On the way, you will see the filming locations of the "Caucasian Captive", the mysterious Ghost Valley with stone figures and the ruins of a Byzantine fortress. These are some of the most beautiful places on the southern coast of Crimea. Climbing the mountain will not be difficult, so the excursion is suitable for people with any physical fitness.

Read the full description and reviews about the excursion from Alushta to the waterfall here.

The Swallow's Nest and Southern Crimea

Inexpensive group excursion from Alushta to the Swallow's Nest castle and other sights of southern Crimea. The first stop is the Alupka resort at the foot of Mount Ai-Petri and the famous Vorontsov Palace. The guide will tell you who Count Vorontsov was and why he decided to build a residence in an inconspicuous Tatar village. You will walk through the chic halls and the park with the famous "Lion's Terrace", admire the luxurious decoration of the palace and learn a lot of new things. You will also visit the landscaped garden, where 2 hundred trees and shrubs from all over the world grow. The final part of the excursion from Alushta is the Swallow's Nest castle. This is a visiting card of the Crimea, standing on a steep cliff.

Details of the route and full description of the tour are available here. An individual excursion with a similar itinerary - follow this link.

Lavender fields and mountain peaks

Excursion from Alushta to the picturesque Chatyr-Dag plateau for lovers of active tourism. You will cover part of the way by off-road vehicle, the other - on foot. In the mountains, you can pick a bouquet of lavender and take colorful pictures if you are resting in Crimea from May to August. At any time of the year, you will see the majestic sequoias. And also a picturesque lake, where you will find out with whom Kutuzov fought. You will climb to the ancient mountain peaks at an altitude of over 1400 meters. And admire the Alushta Valley from a bird's eye view. These landscapes are always breathtaking for tourists.

7 best excursions in Alushta and its surroundings

Rest in Alushta 2021 - prices and attractions, types of beaches, mastered hiking trails and adventures for the determined, participation in public life and privacy - check out the opportunities!

What you need to know first about the resort

Surprisingly, this is not a complete list yet.

What to take with you

During the season you need beach clothes and shoes (pebbles get very hot), caps with visors and hats, basic safety equipment under the generous sun, umbrellas, comfortable clothes and shoes for traveling in the mountains, a first aid kit.

How to get there

By train or plane to Simferopol, and then about 40 km by trolleybus or bus.

When is the season

The climate is hot for the most part, with mild winters.

Spring refreshes the mountain valley, brings the joy of green decoration. There are rainy days at this time. Alushta residents gratefully accept this care of nature for their gardens, vineyards, fields.

Tourists come more often in summer and early autumn, when there is a lot of sun and not stuffy at all, thanks to the pleasant sea breezes. At night, winds blow from the land side to the sea.

In autumn, the heat ends and cozy warmth sets in - nature is most conducive to communication in September days, and often in the first half of October.

Winter rarely gives frosty days, snow. The warmth of the Black Sea, the southern slopes of the mountains is felt in winter. It rains more often than in summer.

At one time it was Alushta who inspired Gaidai to shoot the

Going on vacation to Alushta is always a great idea. This is one of the most popular resorts on the southern coast of Crimea - a popular year-round holiday destination among Russians. In addition to the sea and the sun, Alushta can offer guests a vibrant nature, many attractions, rich in beauty surroundings. All tourists, without exception, will like it here, because in Alushta there are all options for recreation for every taste and budget.

Active travelers, with a backpack on their backs, set off to explore the Demerdzhi mountain range and the mysterious Valley of Ghosts. Older guests will appreciate the beneficial climate of Alushta and the possibilities of health improvement in its sanatoriums, and young couples will relax in cozy hotels. Alushta has not forgotten about gourmets, fans of history, beach relaxation. What to see in the city in the first place, read our guide.

Walking route in the center of Alushta for a day

It is best to walk in historical Alushta. The city, which is at least 1500 years old, has a lot to offer travelers - historical monuments, entertainment, unique southern flavor. The ideal start to the walk is on the city embankment.

Alushta Embankment

As in any resort town, the embankment in Alushta is the center of attraction for tourists and townspeople. Almost around the clock you can find something to do here: have a snack, choose souvenirs and excursions, watch a concert and listen to street musicians. City festivities are often held here, and a beautiful Christmas tree is installed in winter.

Alushta embankment is the longest in Crimea, its length is 7 kilometers. Because of this length, it is even customary to divide it into three parts: East, Central, and Professor's Corner.

The eastern part of the promenade is considered the least tourist segment. Calm, suitable for a leisurely rest - the Professor's Corner, and the most cheerful and lively, of course, Central. It is here that guests of the resort prefer to walk: it is noisy, tasty, fun, smart. Without a photo with a snow-white rotunda arch - the symbol of Alushta, no real traveler leaves here!

Alushta Museum of History and Local Lore

From the rotunda it is convenient to get off to the central Lenin street. It will become a convenient landmark for you - there are many attractions here and in the vicinity. All fans of history, as well as those who want to learn more about the city, should look into the Alushta Museum of Local Lore.

It contains historical, cultural, archaeological artifacts that tell about all periods of the "life" of Alushta. The archaeological part of the exposition will tell about the peoples of ancient Taurida, about the role of Byzantium and the Aluston fortress, about the history of Christianity in these lands, trade relations and the culture of the ancient inhabitants of Crimea. The continuation of the collection is dedicated to the Crimean Khanate, the events of the Russian-Turkish wars, the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Empire. The resort history of Alushta, its famous residents and natives is covered.

Jeep excursions in Crimea: a great way to organize an unforgettable vacation

Jeep excursions in Crimea have become an incredibly popular way of spending leisure time in the last few years. After all, this is a unique opportunity to see the most impressive places on the peninsula and get an incomparable pleasure from the trip.

You can go on a trip either alone or in a large company.

Jeeping opens up new opportunities to enjoy the wonderful Crimean nature and get an unforgettable experience from the excursion. This option is much more convenient than traveling on a standard sightseeing bus with a company of 40 people. A convenient time is individually negotiated, comfortable transport is provided, and the driver is also a first-class guide.

Jeeping with the Highlanders company is reliable and interesting

Choosing jeeping with the Highlanders company, you can be sure that the trip will not only be exciting and exciting, but also absolutely safe. For off-road driving and rather difficult mountainous areas, UAZ vehicles are used. Every vehicle is certified daily and is therefore in excellent condition. Passenger life insurance is mandatory before travel. You can travel by jeep at any time of the year, even difficult weather conditions are not a hindrance. The routes are carefully thought out, thanks to which it was possible to avoid especially dangerous sections. On the way, drivers enthusiastically tell about everything they know about these places.

The Highlanders company is located in the city of Alushta and is the official tour operator on the territory of the Crimean peninsula. Over the years of work, more than 4 thousand trips have already been carried out. All drivers have extensive experience of driving in extreme conditions and do their best to make tourists feel completely safe.

There is a special offer for future newlyweds: order a wedding cortege consisting of massive SUVs.

Such a wedding will surely surprise all guests and will be remembered for a long time.

Popular routes

Every tourist has the opportunity to go on a jeep excursion in Crimea. There are 18 popular routes to choose from, which pass through places of unique beauty. The most vivid impressions can be obtained by going to the mountains. The following directions are especially popular:

Mount Demerdzhi near Alushta

The route is laid through the mysterious Valley of the Ghosts, where you can count more than 100 different stone formations that seem to grow out of the ground.

Alushta is a bright resort town on the southern coast of Crimea. With all the variety of natural and man-made beauties of the peninsula, Alushta has managed not only not to get lost in the list of resorts, but also to become one of the most popular travel destinations for travelers. Those who want to get medical treatment in sanatoriums and spas come here, fans of outdoor activities with a backpack on their shoulders, fans of the palaces of the South Coast, and of course tourists who go on a journey for the sake of the sea and the sun. All this motley company will find something to do in ancient Alushta.

The history of the city is at least 1500 years old, and there is a living witness to this fact - the citadel of Aluston. Nowadays, little has survived from the medieval fortification, but the ruins of the wall and the tower look very picturesque.

From the later historical periods, the era of tsarist Russia, for example, Old Alushta has survived to the present day in good condition. Mansions of the nobility, beautiful villas and castles, estates, parks - the historical center of Alushta is considered one of the most picturesque in Crimea.

If desired, it is easy to get from here both to the palace of Princess Gagarina in the Utes, and to the famous high-society palaces of Yalta. The distance between Alushta and the tourist capital of the peninsula is only 36 kilometers.

But Alushta is known not only for its villas, palaces and temples. In its vicinity is the Demerdzhi mountain range, one of the most picturesque natural wonders for hiking trails in our country. The mountains are surrounded by many routes of varying degrees of difficulty, you can choose an option for every taste and level of physical fitness.

Want to see the most-the-most, but not quite confident in your abilities? Take a walking tour of the mystical Ghost Valley.

The Valley of Ghosts is a unique natural park. Huge remnants of mountains of the most varied shapes and outlines were created over millions of years, through the efforts of wind and water. By the way, it was here that Leonid Gaidai filmed his legendary hit "Caucasian Captive".

The walk is not very difficult, but it will require a certain level of physical fitness. Comfortable shoes, a supply of water and a good mood are required!

Another natural attraction of Alushta from the must visit series is the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall. This is the most powerful and full-flowing waterfall in Crimea, its width is 5 meters, and its height is 15. If you want to see it as impressive and full-flowing as possible, come to Alushta in spring.

For whatever purpose you go on vacation, you will surely like Alushta. Here you can lazily relax by the pool or on the seashore, conquer mountains, walk in magnificent parks. The most beautiful palaces are located on the southern coast of Crimea - the cultural heritage of mankind. It is not at all difficult to reach them, both by car and using public transport.

Hotels in Alushta can also be found for every taste and budget, the resort welcomes guests all year round. Come to Alushta and you will surely join her fans!

How to get to Alushta

Alushta is an excellent example of recreation for every taste. Fans of beach holidays, fans of mountain hikes, lovers of history come here. Families with children, couples in love, older tourists - everyone will find their "place in the sun" here.

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